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After seven long years and nearly 2 million views, it’s come to a close for this website and blog. The truth is, I simply cannot continue at this pace writing articles that deal with the issues of the world around us and still find time to do other things that are beginning to open up for me and my wife.

In the past year, Ruth and I have started several churches here in China, with a new church being established in the city of Chengdu. With the start of a new church, as well as my regular teaching responsibilities, finding the time to devote to online writings have become time consuming to say the least. Yet a new opportunity has presented itself.

Over the past year, it’s been my ambition, being led by the Lord, to start my own publishing company – Gregory House Publishing. As much as I enjoy writing online (and still do on social media such as Facebook), writing books have been something that I have been very passionate about. To which is partly the reason why I have decided that now is the time to bring to an end one part of my online presence, and begin the transition to a new beginning in the publishing world.

I’ve enjoyed the many emails and comments since day 1 of this blog site, and to be clear, it has sparked much debate, controversy and discussion when it comes to issues that I felt was important to the church, as well as the hour in which we live. There is no question that we are living in dangerous times, and as the world continues to progress toward a point in time where God will judge the world, still, there is hope for those who desire it, through Jesus Christ and what he did on the cross.

With influences growing in science, technology, genetics, even in the financial market toward a cashless society, this all speaks to the hour in which we live, the soon return of Christ to this world. This is, in part, the reason for a shift in direction for me and where I believe I can do the most good.

I appreciate the kind words, the help those who have found it in my many works, and I hope that you continue to monitor news and updates in the near future of a more completed works which will be offered in the coming year. For those wondering, the site and all its articles will be still available online for viewing for 30 days. Yet on October 1st, this site and all of its information will be removed.

To those who might be interested in purchasing this domain http://www.thepropheticnews.com this site will be for sale, please contact me directly at christopher152@gmail.com for discussion.

For those who would like to stay in contact, I can be found on Facebook – christopher gregory. There you can receive daily updates of our continuing work here in China, as well as future information on the books which will be offered next year.

Thank you for supporting this site, for coming back time after time in reading and taking everything I’ve ever said with great interest. I hope we can do the same as we transition to a more publishing platform.

God bless,





  1. Anonymous says:

    Best of luck to you.

  2. Anonymous says:

    OH NO….I understand but I will miss your wisdom. I trust you snd what you write. You have helped me so much.

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