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I tend to read quite a great deal of information pretty regularly, especially when it comes to politics, social issues, science, world affairs, and economic news. It’s a personal interest of mine to keep pace to what’s happening in our world and how (or if) it relates to some degree to the Bible and prophecy. That being said, today news came out that Mark Cuban has invested a significant amount of money into cryptocurrency through a new venture company called 1confirmation. Cuban will then raise over $20 million in more investments, and already, over 1 billion in capital investments have been raised for digital currency. This is very significant and let me explain why.
For those who are not familiar with what cryptocurrency is, it is digital currency, like bitcoin, that is set up as assets. One where wealth can be accrued, instantly transferred, and properly stored by anybody. It would provide an incentive to cultivate the more positive aspects of humanity. The idea, which is only now to really begin to take off globally, is to create a currency made up of digital algorithms that can be backed by something, versus fiat money which, unlike the dollar (fiat) was once backed by gold until 1970-73′.
The thing about cryptocurrencies is, ALL transactions are transparent AND stored indefinitely on a ledger that can be accessed by anyone, at any time. This is something that the tech industry has been wanting to do for a long time, create something digital which would eventually replace currency that we have today, thereby making things easier to trace, easier to transact, and thus, making life more simpler in the future. Even when it comes to corruption, digital currencies would make it harder to support behavior which is illegal. Prostitution? no cash, no act no worries, why? Digital currency would be traceable. Drug dealing? Forget about it. Again, traceable algorithms would make criminal activity mute at this point. Going cashless would potentially eliminate the possibility of corruption in all sectors of society.
The problem? Personal behavior in a free society would be greatly controlled, monitored and ultimately investigated to see if it meets the criteria of what would be approved or not approved. This presents a significant issue when we talk about beliefs and supporting those beliefs. Case in point, the recent actions by Paypal, who shut down numerous hate groups from raising money online. Not to mention Facebook, Google and other online resources that deemed such groups as incorrect (and they would be right). However, when a segment of a high-tech Corporation has the power to restrict or even silence speech, and thus even control how they raise or spend money online, then it sets a precedent that we cannot ignore. This is the problem of what I see coming as it relates to digital currency, personal (if not national) sovereignty.
I believe that the push toward digital currency is in fact the trigger that will bring about a global world economic system. Furthermore, I believe that cryptocurrency is in fact the sign or “a” sign that we are laying the foundation toward a cashless society. Again, pay attention to what men with money and power are doing as it relates to what is coming and how it will affect you or I in the future? People like Mark Cuban (among others) are not investing combined billions into a crap shoot to lose what they hope to gain, which is even more wealth, they know the field they are in, they see the signs of what’s coming and they are investing their fortunes into what I believe is the final step toward killing paper currency altogether, and make no mistake, this is in fact a war not just upon paper money, but personal sovereignty as well.
The word says in Revelation 13:16-17 “Also it causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead, so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name.”   So while digital currency is still in the near distant future, all of this speaks volumes as to where we are headed as a global society, and why, eventually, it will affect all of us, especially within the church. For just as those who use digital means to preach hate can be singled out, so can those who support the gospel. All of this should remind us that the world is getting smaller, knowledge is becoming more powerful and while we should not shun science and technology, it will in fact be that same technology to some degree that will usher the world into a time where all of our actions, behaviors and beliefs, including how we spend money, will be regulated. Again, because the bible already foretold of its arrival. And by this latest announcement, it’s already here.
From my desk in China,



“And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.” (Matthew 24:14) [emphasis mine]


I believe in what Jesus referred to what is coming in the future as the end times, better known today as the “last days”, a time when God shall shake the world and reveal his judgment upon all who rejected his son, while Satan attempts to plague the earth one last time in his attempt to rule all men by his offspring – the antichrist. Yet the question continues to remain upon the heart and mind of believers for centuries, who is actually the generation which will see all these things take place? That is what has continued to cause problems with so many within the modern church, as well as cause divisions among God’s people, not to mention the many teachings and beliefs the end times have birthed. So whose right? Whose wrong? And what should be our focus if we are not in that period of time where all these things come to fulfillment?

There is no doubt that the #1 question which has caused many an argument within the body of Christ is, when is Jesus coming back? The #2 question that equally can cause the ruin of any good Sunday afternoon church dinner is, will the church go through the Tribulation? Nothing, be it water baptism, speaking in tongues, church attendance, or the occasional argument about drinking a glass of wine for dinner, can cause more heated exchange of words than the rapture of the church, and/or if someone is pre, mid or post tribulation. The truth is, I believe we’ve allowed past theologians who had a eschatology world view based on private interpretation to guide the mainline church, and thus rejecting the scriptures itself. In other words, man’s wisdom and intellect has been sought over the literal scriptures itself.

When we read the commentaries of well known bible teachers, tv preachers and pastoral personalities, we’ve simply allowed personality and charisma to guide our way of thinking, and instead of trusting in the word itself for truth, when over and over again, the written word of God, without the need for commentaries, should have been our guide post when it comes to the subject of the last days. Yet today, all it takes to sway a believer toward another point of view, especially when it comes to eschatology, is something either new, different, extreme, or traditional that is comforting. Such is why, when we see the world today as it is, compared to what has been written by numerous religious leaders, past and present, we need to take into account one simple question; Is it time we rethink the Last Days?

Many years ago, when I was around 13 years old, I read a book by the late Dr. Lester Sumrall, it was suggesting that by the end of 1989 (it was 1980 at this time) there would be significant reason to believe that either the rapture would occur, or, the antichrist would occur, or, World War 3 would occur. 1989 came…and went, and while I admire and greatly respect all of the work Dr. Sumrall had accomplished in his life and ministry, still, he was wrong on many things as it related to the end times and these last days. But such can be said of many a preacher, known or relatively unknown, who had wrote a book, seen a vision, dreamed a dream, yet nothing to what they suggested had, or has yet come to pass. Such is the continuing state of the modern church when predicting the future. This is why the word of God must be the final authority on all things, and every other idea, belief, vision or dream must bow to the final written word.

The truth of the matter is this, the world currently as we see it, does not yet resemble the days that neither Jesus, nor Paul, or even Peter forewarned about. Hal Lindsey’s book, “The Late, Great Planet Earth” published in 1970, had Christians alarmed, bewildered and in a religious panic at what they thought of Hal’s notion that the “end” was near, that was over 40 years ago, and still, to this day, nothing as its related to prophecy, or what was reported in Lindsey’s book has even remotely come to pass. The concept, like so many others before Hal, is centered on Israel and 1948. Yet since that time when Israel became recognized as a nation, has anything relative concerning biblical prophecy has occurred. That’s not to suggest they won’t, I believe they will, but I do not share in the belief that this current generation is the one who will see it.

The many failed prophecies, be it the Blood Moons of John Hagee, the Shemitah from Jonathan Cahn, the daily “prophetic” warnings by Jim Bakker and Rick Joyner (which never comes to pass), all of these extra-biblical revelations being propagated by the current mix of end time Pentecostal/Charismatic preachers, have become such a confusing issue, it makes one reconsider just what is relevant to the end times discussion, and what is simply fodder? The real problem is, that, while well meaning these men might be, the facts remain that none of their end times visions, dreams, words, books, DVD’s and prophecy conferences, have revealed anything to even remotely suggest that we are truly in the time which Jesus warned about, worse, as of the time of this writing (2016) there is not one major end time prophecy found in the word which shows that we are even near that point in time yet. Still, ask any Christian if they think the antichrist is about to arrive on the scene, or the rapture could happen at any moment, and you’ll quickly see that they think it’s all about to end by lunchtime. That is the real problem, scriptural illiteracy among the body of Christ.

Jesus gave us one major hint, actually, a much deeper understanding of the end times, and it’s found in his own words in Matthew 24:14, “And this gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come.” The truth of the matter is this, as of this date (2016) nearly 4 billion people have yet to hear the gospel for the first time. China, which holds the world’s largest population (1.374 billion) 82% have never heard the gospel. Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Burma, and many other nations, including Islamic nations, have yet to either open their doors to evangelism, or they have altogether banned the gospel from being mentioned. North Korea one will get the death sentence for even owning a bible, and by large accounts, the Christians in this part of the Asian world has been all but reduced to a small few thousand. The point is, the world is still not yet positioned for the events yet to be fulfilled, and to be quite honest, nor is the church ready for it either.

Yes, there are indeed tremblings occurring that we can see happening in our world, but can we say without a doubt that we are about to witness the greatest wave of end time prophecy the world, or the church has planned on seeing? I don’t believe we are. Not at this time. Jesus referred to the world resembling much like the days of Noah when he returns, yet the world now does not resemble that time, and what was occurring during that period of time? Genesis 6:1-4 makes it clear what in fact was happening, fallen angels were mingling with humanity, causing wickedness to swarm the earth. The planet, as well as the entire human race was becoming a direct reflection of the darkness Satan was offering, yet only Noah was found righteous. Yet many believe we are seeing those times today, but that would be a misguided, not to mention misapplied theological jump when it comes to scripture. The fact is, currently the church has hindered that point in time – so far. But things are progressing toward that day which is indeed coming.

So many things, so many ideas floating out in the open, but the fact remains that as of current time and date, we are no where near the time of the actual “end”, and yet Jesus gives us still a clue, and so does Paul, of what to look for when that time does arrive; the gospel is preached across the entire world (currently it’s not), Israel has no new temple, nor is it divided. There is no great, or grand deception occurring in the world (yet). Nor has the antichrist, nor even a false prophet (not the Pope) has even remotely made an entrance. So when we take into account all these things, the question needs to be asked once again; Is it time we rethink the last days?

I believe so. But then again, I could be wrong….







calvin and hobbes

“So do not listen to the words of the prophets who speak to you, saying, ‘You will not serve the king of Babylon,’ for they prophesy a lie to you; 15for I have not sent them,” declares the LORD, “but they prophesy falsely in My name, in order that I may drive you out and that you may perish, you and the prophets who prophesy to you.” (Jeremiah 27:14-15)


I believe in prophecy. I believe in the prophetic gifting. I also believe in the office or role of the prophet in the new covenant. Yet I do not believe in what’s being passed off today as having anything to do with the true mark of those who truly walk in the gifting and calling of “prophet”.

I believe there has been a literal hi-jacking of the gift of prophecy by Satanic forces within the church to not only discredit the office and ministry of the prophetic movement, but also to produce a counterfeit that is so cleverly developed, that it is deceiving many to its seductive charm. The result? Thousands of believers are becoming hindered, harmed and destroyed spiritually by false prophets and their malicious ways. Yet the problem does not lie significantly with those who are actively deceiving the body, but I believe it’s due to two things, #1. a weak pulpit, and #2. gullible Christians. Yet the results are the same, believers getting conned by fast talking “prophets” by false words that never come to pass, and their bank accounts being emptied, all in the name of “the prophetic”. It’s not like you were not told of this though, Peter said it himself in 2 Peter 2:3 “And in their greed they will exploit you with false words. Their condemnation from long ago is not idle, and their destruction is not asleep.” Even Peter knew this day would eventually come.

Everyone wants a word.

I heard and seen that all the time in my ministry back in the States, where people ran from one prophetic ministry to another, hoping to receive a “word” from the prophet who claimed that he (or she) had heard from God, but it was vague, confusing and so complex in understanding it, that it would take a theology book of Greek and Hebrew to figure it out. Yet the people were told to just trust the man of God and believe what was given to them without question, because they could never question the words of a prophet, regardless who it was. The people would then return home, once again flustered because they truly never received anything relevant from the Lord, it was all professionally created by a person whose intention was never to truly minister to the believer, but to gain something from them – power, as well as their money. That’s what it is all about in the end with this current “prophetic movement” – power and money. And God has warned and warned about this to his people not to venture into these areas simply because they would be harmed.

Today, one can travel and sit in any one of the current players in the prophetic movement and hear all sorts of crazy talk, all in the name of “prophecy”, but does it line up with the word? The fact is, if a man or woman who claims to walk in the role of a prophet as outlined in Ephesians 4:11, then their words should not be the criteria by which we judge them as genuine, no, the true test of a genuine prophet is not by how accurate they are, but where are they pointing people to? Is it to self? Or is it to the cross? Is it to call men to repent? Or is it to call men to get their blessing? Are their words flavored and coated with comfort, ease and financial reward? Or are they leveled to bring the believer into holiness before a righteous God?

Please understand, God does bless his people, I believe that. God does desire his children to walk in prosperity. I believe that as well. But not at the expense of the cross. Whenever the gift is manipulated to create within the believer a false way which leads the person to cast away the demands of Christ and his call to live right, act right and be right, then something is wrong with that prophet. I don’t care who it is, if the prophet is focused on money, prosperity, getting something from giving something, then that person has traded in their calling and gifting and has sold their soul for lucre.

Even now, a current prophet on the Christian scene was called into question when his prophetic words were exactly of those of a psychic – word for word. The result? Many have called this young man into question and once again, the church is finding itself having to deal with what’s been happening for years, false prophets masquerading as true, gifted servants of God, who were caught stealing from the hearts and wallets of the people. But will it change? Probably not. The truth is, most pastors (due to religious affiliation) have become tied down to Denominational or religious bureaucracy, whereby they are forced to remain silent while these players are given access to their congregation all because of fame due to either Christian television, which has garnered them fame and celebrity status within the modern church, or the powers that be within the religious hierarchy. Why? Because it’s about the money! Follow the money trail and you’ll find your answers.

Until the church wakes up from its spiritual drunkenness and actually starts to do something without fear of religious pushback from the church establishment, then it will continue to be business as usual. The prophets will continue to sweep into city after city, town after town, church after church, deceiving and being deceived all for the love of money, and the people will continue to ask why are things not changing in their lives? The answer is simple, until the people get tired of the false, God will continue to allow them to have it their way until they repent and come back to the cross. Then they will see the error of their ways, and actually begin to see the truth for what it really is – demonic.

God has genuine prophets today, and they are not far from being seen or even sought, the problem? They have become ostracized by the mainline church because the mainline church doesn’t want to hear what they have to say, simply because they have a genuine word from God, but it will demand obedience, a denial of self, nor will it promise wealth, or a new car. But it will call the believer back to the only true source for hope – the cross. Until the church wakes from its love for foolishness of being manipulated, the false prophets, modern psychics and fortune cookies that are being stated as prophecy, or “words”, will continue to run rampant in the modern church, and lead even more believers down a slippery slope where the end game is their spiritual ruin, and their money gone from them. That’s not the way of Christ, but the way of Satan. Snap out of it.




church silence

September has come and gone, and so with it all of the so called “prophets” who declared in their books, on the talk show circut and guests on Christian television that something “big” would occur following the Shemitah and/or the blood moons. From WW3 to Obama taking over, even the rapture, all of these events were supposed to happen during or right after one of the so called “prophetic” events. Yet, at the time of this writing (Saturday October 10th, 2015) nothing even remotely that should have happened – did. So why are these individuals getting a free pass as if they had their own personal “get out of jail” card when it came to their so called “prophecies” and/of predictions? The answer is simple, they are protected by the church under the guise of political correctness.

Under the old covenant, God made it abundantly clear for those who would, or suggested that they not only walked in the office of a prophet, but claimed to speak for God, a clear warning, if that man claimed to be sent from God and whatever dream or prophetic word they uttered did not come to pass as stated, that man, no matter how genuine he might claimed to have been in his own eyes, if that person’s prophecy failed to come to pass, he was to be put to death. No second chances, no forgiveness.

Some might suggest that God was being too harsh on those who might have “missed” it, but when one examines the seriousness of the calling of the prophet during and under the old covenant, they fail to understand that one word, one utterance to a nation that was or was not from God would have serious consequences for an entire nation. The prophet was the only source for the people to hear directly from God, there was, at this particular time before Saul, a King, nor a priest, there was simply the prophet. It was the prophet who led the people. It was the prophet who guided and instructed the nation toward the things of God, simply because the prophet was in tune with God throughout his message, to even miss one word, to get something wrong could have serious repercussions on the nation of Israel. This is why God stated that IF a man’s words did not come to pass, OR that man’s dream did come to pass, but he desired to lead the people astray to worship other god’s, that person was to immediately put to death.

Yet that was under the old law, today we have grace. But what should our stance be (as Christians) toward those who miss the mark as a prophet, claiming one thing and it never coming to pass? Or what of those who trumped up fear and worry over mystic omens and astronomical events which never panned out as factual, yet they claimed it was from God? Should we call them out for it? Or do we remain silent? What does the word say?

There are many particulars when it comes to prophecy that many fail to realize, mainly being that the difference between God’s instruction to Israel and Christ’ instruction to the church thru either his words or those of others such as Paul or Peter or James was simple, if what they were saying did not measure out, nor line up with the word of God, we are to mark that person and leave them alone. (Romans 16:17)

The issue today (unlike Israel’s day) is not so much of dealing with those who are clearly false in both words and teachings, instead, the issue with the modern church as it is right now in this particular day and time is, they don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings to the point of falsely accuse someone of being wrong. The truth is. we’ve grown accustomed to being nice at the cost of the sheep. In other words, our feeble excuses of not calling out those who were clearly wrong, or holding them accountable not only sends the wrong message to those speaking falsely, it is allowing the sheep to be taken advantage of. This is the real problem for the church and why I believe most, if not all, are hard pressed not to rock the spiritual boat out of fear they will be seen as hurtful, or not understanding. When the fact is, if someone is claiming to be sent from God, not only do we as believers have a duty to test what they are saying with the word, but equally hold them accountable for when their specific words never come to pass.

Political correctness is not only an influence upon secular culture, but it is as well having a direct influence upon the church world in major areas of teachings, beliefs, doctrines and worship methods. It is this same liberal, antichrist spirit (political correctness) where Christians, good natured, bible believing people must endure week after week, revival after revival of men (and women) who fly in teaching and preaching falsehoods, uttering profane words all under the guise of “prophecy” and when they have collected their ill gotten gain (money) from the church, they fly back home and leaving behind a wake of spiritual casualties like an Oliver Stone movie. Yet the pastor remains silent.

How many times have I seen good pastors sat quietly in their seat, squirming inside with every crazy prophetic declaration, yet not being able to stand up in their own church, the very church God sent them to pastor, but because of political correctness within the body, they have to smile and struggle on simply because certain people like a particular preacher or prophet, or that particular person is the flavor of the month within the Christian media circus? Yet the silence continues.

There is one thing we can certainly learn from the whole Shemitah, blood moon craze and it is this, the church has proven, by allowing certain men who boldly stated with certainty that something was going to occur – but didn’t, that they (the church) have become more seduced by the spirit of this age than ever before. When we are no longer permitted to judge, or allowed to question the teachings of someone who claims to be of God, speaks for God, and writes their books declaring what God gave to them alone and never question it, or even line it up with the word, then we have reached a point in time where the church has become more sick than realized. The fact is, political correctness within the church is a doctrine of demons, it has cast a spell upon those who would otherwise be of sound mind, but because of outside, social influences, have become weak, tolerant, and even apathetic to the wolves who are swiftly making their way into the fold. Until the church gets back to calling out those who would divide the flock as Paul publicly did, then the body of Christ will continue to suffer violence. Yet I believe someone will begin the task of shaking themselves from the spirit of seduction that has come upon so many today, and begin to hold many accountable for their words said as from God. And I long for that day.


world order church

“We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.”

It’s happening more and more in America, where our history, our heritage, even our very faith is changing and being changed by not just those who are in power or authority, but equally, our very own society is orchestrating this change. This change I’m referring to is the end of American idealism, where we are seeing the end of our influence in the world, and the beginning of a new, global system where individual liberty and individual thought is being extinguished and a new thought is emerging. That new thought can only be explained in one simple term – New World Order.

Since the early foundation of this great nation, there has always been a consistent and echoing voice which desired a world order, not so much of an empire, the world has seen empires come and go from the past centuries. Instead, this specific desire for a world order has less to do with empirical rule, and more to do with a global cause, a global rule which everyone will participate and everyone will follow, with no exceptions. Of course with such a push for global unity, there must come a global form of rule which would eventually bring about a global leader. That is specifically what those who desire for such a world want – a leader who would be greater than any leader from the past to the future, this person would be established as not only the greatest global leader, but equally, that individual would rule over the world through an ability that could only be surmised as god like. It is that spirit which is currently working in our world right now which is doing exactly that, bringing about a sentiment within this world, including religion, politics, entertainment and education that would prepare the world for such a day. That spirit can only be described as one thing – Antichrist.

There have only been (3) moments within earth civilization which has seen world unity, again, I’m not referring to an Empire, I’m referring to a point in time where every living human being was in one mind, one spirit, one idea. We can see this in scripture as outlined in three (3) stages:

1. Noah’s day (Genesis 6:13)

2. Nimrod’s day (Genesis 11:6)

3. The end of days. (Rev. 17:13)

During the lifespan of Noah, the world was not only wicked and evil, who had polluted themselves through the mingling of men and fallen beings (fallen angels), they were of one mind and one spirit. The same event came again during Nimrod’s day, whereby the people were in one mind, one spirit, one desire – to set up their own world system and oust God thru its leader – Nimrod (the first Antichrist). The final period of time is future, where the last two events were in the past. In the future we can clearly see that at some point the world and its people will put aside its petty differences, its individual sovereignty, and instead, they will come together under a spirit of deception (which will be global) and once again, just as the world participated in this endeavor, will come together in a spirit of unity and hope, peace and safety, but then sudden destruction will follow.

Recently the Vatican announced the call for a world Government (source), once again that same spirit which is being released across the world, is directing the world’s nations, religions and even societies into accepting this new thought, which is actually nothing new, but one which has been around since the beginning of time when Satan rebelled against God. Which leads us back to what’s happening in the United States.

From flag sentiments by which the past is being ripped apart and forgotten, to Constitutional law being revoked and ultimately rejected, to the setting up of new concepts which have been completely opposed to the train of thought for decades in this nation, such as same sex marriage, there is a perverse, but yet clear directive voice which is changing this nation to no longer look like the nation of the past, instead, it is doing something which many have feared would occur, but under another form of threat. For years conservatives have worried about Communism reaching within our nation to undermine and destroy America and our principles. Yet, with the fall of Communism across the world, that sentiment is being lost and unfortunately Satan’s disguised attack is coming in another, more ruthless, yet subtle form of destruction and that method is coming under the guise of peace and tolerance.

Today, the #1 threat to American society and our way of life is not violence or even political agenda, it is the church. The church has become the enemy of the State. We can see that clearly in the recent ruling of the U.S. Supreme Court, where the justices took their own swipe at the modern church and our Christian heritage in this nation and established a new form of ideology which runs counter to God’s prescribed order of living. Our President (Barack Obama) has openly contested this nation as being “Christian”, even suggesting that the Bible is not to be trusted. Our education system, our entertainment system, and even the political system in this nation is changing to reject the tenants of the past (Christian principles) and begin to accept a more global mindset – becoming one in spirit and in unity.

I see the day arising by which the America I knew will no longer appear as it once was. This nation will quickly begin to be absorbed by the spirit of deception, which is the spirit of antichrist, and it will slowly become transformed right before our eyes to such a degree that the values, the morals, the hard work many have dedicated in bringing this nation to where it once was (and is currently) will no longer reflect those same values and morals. Instead, the United States will (and is) adopt a new way of thinking, a new global sentiment and a new way of life, where the past will become our present, and our present will become our future. It is all leading us to one point in time where the world will become seduced by something, be it a message from the universe, or from a spiritual source (false prophet), but regardless how it comes (and it will and is coming) it will change the very nature of all the world’s nations to such a degree that every person who is not living for Christ, will begin to adopt this new thought. When that occurs, then it will only be a matter of time that the deceiver will come and for a period of time, rule the world. That being is known as the man of sin – the antichrist.




This man will come to do the work of Satan with counterfeit power and signs and miracles.” (2 Thessalonians 2:9)


From the time of Adam and his wife Eve, Satan desired to bring about a great deception. This first recorded act of deception against mankind is found in Genesis 3:1, when Satan, desiring to tempt humanity in the form of a serpent,  asked a simple question, “Did God really say you must not eat the fruit from any of the trees in the garden?” With that came the world’s first act of disobedience by God’s creation – man.  Yet it also gives us a glimpse how determined Satan is to thwart the plan of God.

Throughout the word of God, in both the Old Testament into the New, we can see very clearly of Satan’s full desire to deceive mankind, which, by the very nature of man’s current rule of this planet, it seems Satan has clearly been successful in deceiving men from the garden to the current present. Still, even with all that Satan has played upon the world, from the first deception that resulted in man’s original sin, to the temptation in the wilderness with Christ, to our present world, one would think that Satan would not attempt yet another grand scale illusion upon the world. However, that is indeed what Satan will attempt to do, and for good reason, he desires to conquer the world not through fierce wickedness and evil, but through subtly and deceit. That subtle, appealing shroud that the world will fall prey to, will not come in the form of a world menace, but from one who will be “other worldly”, the false Messiah to the world.

For centuries, man has desired to gain eternal life thru the means of self efforts such as paganism, intellectualism and science. Man worships the god of science, the god of discovery, the god of self. If it points back to man, man will not only praise it, but he will lift it up and worship it, and Satan is the very one pulling the strings, never to let a good opportunity to pass by to bring sinner man under his domain. This includes the use of deception.

Jesus, in Matthew 24, warned his disciples three times to not be deceived. What Jesus was referring to was a glimpse of what was and is to come – deception on such a global scale that it will boggle the mind to even think that what I propose is coming will seem unthinkable, yet the facts remain that this deception has been well established since the beginning of time, and actually it was prophesied by God himself to Satan in Genesis 3:15 “I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and her offspring; he shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise his heel.  God spoke a prophetic utterance to Satan, that one day in the future, he (Satan) will produce an offspring which will attempt to strike at the heart of the lamb of God to his church, yet Christ shall conquer the man of sin – the antichrist. In other words, Satan, desiring to imitate God, will desire to produce his own likeness, his own “Messiah”, his own son – the Antichrist.

In Genesis 6:1-4, we have a glimpse of this first incursion of the attempt by Satan to destroy the bloodline by the means of genetic manipulation, this was brought about by the infusion between fallen angels and human beings sexually. Yet this did not just occur once in the past, but it occurred once before the flood and twice (possibly a third) after the flood. The agenda of Satan is to deceive the world into captivity in the last days, promising mankind that if he would but take a bite of this new “fruit” which will come in the form of a man, promising eternal life, wisdom of the universe, the promise of knowledge far superior than he has ever known, without the worry or need of God or Christ, then he will live forever.

That form of fruit which will promise the world answers to his inner most questions will come from a supernatural source – a demonic source. This source will be foreign to anything we have ever known before or ever again. It is the deception Christ was warning us about in his word and one we need to be watchful for. For this deception will be alien.

For over a century, man has been occupied with the notion that his answers are not found in the earth, but in space. Is it any interest that NASA as well as every other scientific endeavor spends more money and resources in space exploration than those venues working in land here on earth? Why? Why are every financial resource, educational development and teaching resources more focused on our solar system, planetary exploration, planned man explorations from the moon to Mars, the central focus? It’s because there has been a divine, but unholy allure to the realm of space than any other aspect of our world today.

From the dark pages of history, where men, who rejected the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, sought the forbidden arts of the occult world, were then guided by Satanic means, had been given information from the dark world of Satan’s spiritual kingdom, an understanding, and that understanding was that what, or whom, they were seeking for, the answers to the questions of who man is, why is man here, everything he has ever hoped for, would not be found on earth, but in space. All it takes is a simple trip into your local library and into the manuals of Archeology and Anthropology to see that at the core of man’s learning and understanding rests one common theme – the quest for truth. This quest however has consistently left man with a void for the truth found in God’s holy word. This in turn has left man blinded by his own lust for power and self achievement.

It is man’s attempt to seek after his “god” outside of his own surroundings, which brings us to my main point, that in man’s search for knowledge, that Satan will once again use to tempt mankind just as he did in the garden, nothing truly has changed with the enemy, just the players, but the plan remains the same – deceive by flattery and lies. The Prophet Daniel said concerning the end times and the one who would rise in that time of the end that, “Thus shall he (Antichrist) do in the most strong holds with a strange god, whom he shall acknowledge and increase with glory…(Dan.11:39). Now here is where we see something unique about what Daniel had to say concerning the term “strange god”. The phrase “strange god” is the Hebrew word “nekar ‘elowahh” which means “alien god!” The alien god Daniel is referring to is Satan, who is described in Scripture as an alien form as “the” Dragon, which is in fact an alien.

When Daniel and even John wrote down what they saw, they were in essence describing something with the mindset of someone living nearly 5,000 years ago. Today, we have to take the events as described by both of these prophets and interpret them in 21st century understanding. What seemed foreign to Daniel, would make more understanding today in the times we are living in now. What Daniel and John foresaw in their day, is only now being revealed in these last days.

The truth is, when revealed, is that there is coming a strong delusion beyond anything we have come to understand, it will come in the form of the one thing man has centered on, that which draws him continually – in space. This is part of what the apostle Paul was referring to as the strong delusion mentioned in (2 Thess. 2:11). Man’s desire to be as god, his desire to manipulate the sciences with other explanations than God himself designed and orchestrated, will condition his heart to one day believe the lie. That lie will be found in the image of a false god, promising false hopes, false dreams, false salvation, and worst of all, false signs and wonders. This deception comes from the very source man is currently exploring today, in the outer realms of our universe, the same universe where Satan is currently ruling from, so is it any wonder that man’s attempt to contact some form of life in hopes of gaining knowledge that will place man upon the throne of deity, be given in return for his complete devotion a message or discovery that man has been looking for? I believe so. Again, deception. It began in the garden and it will end with the nations in the form of the antichrist.

This “man” will be unnatural, unholy and conceived in the bowels of hell. This “man” will come with promises of hope and the offering of knowing the secrets to life – eternal life, he will make himself god and in return, will demand worship, the price for partaking of the forbidden fruit he has to offer. Yet the world will give in to his demands, his false hopes and false promises, and become seduced by this angelic messenger of Satan. He is the deception Christ warned us about, and why he will not come in a manger, but through a message. When that day comes, unless we have the word firmly planted in our hearts, then we too might become deceived, for this deception will sweep the world, and it will come in the most unusual way that the world will worship it, for he will come as a man of world peace, speaking great things, boasting of great lies, yet his heart will be filled with violence, darkness and hatred for the very ones kneeling to his image. For he is the coming Alien Antichrist.