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“But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach to you a gospel contrary to the one we preached to you, let him be accursed.” Galatians 1:8


There is a simple fact that every believer must acknowledge in their walk with Christ, and that is this, you and I are not God. Nor are we little gods. Nor do we have the same power or ability to think and act and create like God. Even more so, neither do our words have the same power as Gods words. The simple fact is, man is a creation of God, made a little above the angels itself, without the ability nor power to imitate God in action or in deeds, or in this case – words. The truth is, our words are not on the same level as God almighty and have virtually no power within themselves. In other words, when we speak nothing happens, but when God speaks everything happens, because he’s God and we’re not.

Yet there is a teaching which has gained prominence within the Charismatic/Pentecostal circles by suggesting that not only are we little gods, not only can we duplicate what God can do, we can equally speak things as a god and see those words literally transform nothing into something. It is called Positive Affirmation, or what is generally referred to by some as the power within the tongue. The belief is very simple, and very dangerous, but it goes something like this; A believer has a special need (money, health, career change, relationship, etc.) and they desire this with great fervor, but they don’t know how to bring it to pass. The answer? Simply speak it into existence. Sounds far fetched right? Yet if the truth be told, there are millions of Christians within the Charismatic/Pentecostal circles who have bought into this lie that says if one desires to change their circumstances in life, all one has to do is simply speak it into being and it will come. The problem is that it never works.

Teachers such as Kenneth Copeland, Joel Osteen, Joyce Meyer, Jesse Duplantis and a boatload of others, have made millions of dollars in book sales all in trying to convince an unsuspecting Christian that they have the power within themselves to speak something out of nothing and gain whatever they want. The problem is, A) It’s not scriptural, and B) It’s not possible. To be clear, Jesus told us that if we followed him, that we too could (and would) perform miracles – but as the Spirit leads. The fact remains that while the gifts of the Holy Spirit are valid today (1 Corinthians chapter 12), the ability to just speak something is not only foolish, or unscriptural, it was never taught by the early church leaders, or Christ himself.

Believe it or not, the Positive Confession movement has no actual basis within the early church, nor was it rooted at all within modern or even past Christian teachings, it literally came from the occult world and went by another title, The Law of Attraction. This occult method is standard 101 information for anyone involved in the secret world of witchcraft and sorcery. The idea is simple, whatever you are attracted to, or desire, all you have to do is channel the strong desire within your mind to receive it, and by doing so, you can have it. This method has been utilized for hundreds, if not thousands of years by those who perform the dark arts of gaining whatever they desire. The problem with the confession, speaking it into existence, law of attraction is, it’s tapping into the spiritual realm, and certainly not what is of God.

It is amazing that when we examine the teachings and ideas promoted by a select few who claim to receive a revelation from God that is never based on the word of God, we begin to see its true source – Satan. Yet this is exactly the facts as it relates to the Positive Confession movement that has unfortunately polluted the church world today. From its roots from the early druids and pagans, the teaching of the Law of Attraction remains to this day the tool by which some within the modern church world has cleverly utilized which would deceive many by its false teachings. One would think that if they understood that ours is not to simply call forth everything into being that it would become true, nor by simply suggesting that if one merely spoke something by faith that it would happen. The truth is, God desires us to pray his will for whatever we need, not ours. This is the problem of self, it does not desire to submit to God’s perfect plan, but instead, rely on self and self desires (money, material things) to gain something simply by declaring it so. It’s all a clever ruse to blind the believer to a belief that he or she is able to do things on a thought, or word, and not rely on God’s word.

So how did this particular teaching come into the church today?

His name was E.W. Kenyon. Kenyon was born on April 25, 1867. He was introduced to the faith from the Methodist movement of that particular time. It was there he was introduced to the early teachings of the New Thought movement, and subsequently became aware of this new teaching which stated that if one speaks something, one will receive something, all by faith. Kenyon would go on to become affiliated with the growing Pentecostal movement which was happening in that time, the re-birth of the advent of the Pentecost in the book of Acts, and would find himself learning as well as teaching at the Emerson School. From the early writings of E.W. Kenyon, his works would include many gleanings from the occult world, new age spiritualism, and the Law of Attraction that would be taken and used by later generations, namely one Kenneth Hagin, who equally was influenced by Kenyon’s claims of Positive Affirmations.

Yet even though Kenyon was a contributor to what we now call “Positive Talk”, it has literally taken on a life of its own. But not just by the church world, even today, New Age teachers such as Oprah Winfrey, Eckhart Tolle, Rhonda Byrne (author of The Secret), as well as many more. This Law of Attraction, the ability to think and then say something into reality is not a product of man, far from it. The teaching itself dates back to one individual who said to himself “I shall be like the most high. I will place my throne above his.” – Satan. It was Satan who was the originator of Positive Confession, and it was Satan who went into the garden and said to Eve, “Did God actually say, ‘You shall not eat of any tree in the garden’?”(Genesis 3:1) For when Eve reminded Satan of what God said not to do, it as Satan who then presented a different way of thinking, “You surely will not die.”“For God knows that in the day you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” (Genesis 3:4-5)

Satan presented a positive affirmation, which was literally the foundation to Law of Attraction with Eve. Satan simply said, ignore what God says, confess that you shall have great wisdom and great understanding and I will not die. In other words, think it, say it and believe it and it will come to you. The reality is, Eve did receive understanding, but it was the understanding of what God strictly forbid, and thus, because of Adam, sin entered into the world. Thus, the Law of Attraction, power of the tongue to say something into existence is rooted directly from pride. It is sin.

If we could simply say things into reality, then why is there great trouble in the world? If we can simply speak something into being, then why is there hunger? Or war? Or death and disease? If there is power in our tongue, then why did Paul, the great Apostle who faced many a hardship pray three times that God would remove the thorn in his side, but God said “NO!”, but that his grace was sufficient for him? (2 Corinthians 12:8-9)

The fact is this, our authority is limited to what Christ has given to us in his word because of the cross, and nothing more. Yes, we have the power (authority) to claim some spiritual matters as it relates to our faith, but it must always be found consistent with the word of God, it can never go beyond God’s word. If we pray his will, then we will find our will and prayers will be aligned perfectly, even if some things we confess or pray for do not come, sometimes God simply says “No” and we must learn to trust him regardless, for he knows better than we.

Jesus only gives us authority to do what he commissioned us to do – preach the gospel, disciple the nations, heal the sick, cast out demons, etc. He does not give us ALL authority. Nor does he give us the power to speak things into being simply because we want it or desire it, that is the lure of the garden and the tree itself that Satan continues to tempt fallen man with, even Christians, that if we think it and say it, we can have it. But God says otherwise. Don’t fall for this trap, but instead trust God, pray with faith with what he has faithfully given to us, the cross, and believe for those things which he desires, that souls be saved. Everything else will come, or not come based on God’s determination and plan, not by our words.

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“So do not listen to the words of the prophets who speak to you, saying, ‘You will not serve the king of Babylon,’ for they prophesy a lie to you; 15for I have not sent them,” declares the LORD, “but they prophesy falsely in My name, in order that I may drive you out and that you may perish, you and the prophets who prophesy to you.” (Jeremiah 27:14-15)


I believe in prophecy. I believe in the prophetic gifting. I also believe in the office or role of the prophet in the new covenant. Yet I do not believe in what’s being passed off today as having anything to do with the true mark of those who truly walk in the gifting and calling of “prophet”.

I believe there has been a literal hi-jacking of the gift of prophecy by Satanic forces within the church to not only discredit the office and ministry of the prophetic movement, but also to produce a counterfeit that is so cleverly developed, that it is deceiving many to its seductive charm. The result? Thousands of believers are becoming hindered, harmed and destroyed spiritually by false prophets and their malicious ways. Yet the problem does not lie significantly with those who are actively deceiving the body, but I believe it’s due to two things, #1. a weak pulpit, and #2. gullible Christians. Yet the results are the same, believers getting conned by fast talking “prophets” by false words that never come to pass, and their bank accounts being emptied, all in the name of “the prophetic”. It’s not like you were not told of this though, Peter said it himself in 2 Peter 2:3 “And in their greed they will exploit you with false words. Their condemnation from long ago is not idle, and their destruction is not asleep.” Even Peter knew this day would eventually come.

Everyone wants a word.

I heard and seen that all the time in my ministry back in the States, where people ran from one prophetic ministry to another, hoping to receive a “word” from the prophet who claimed that he (or she) had heard from God, but it was vague, confusing and so complex in understanding it, that it would take a theology book of Greek and Hebrew to figure it out. Yet the people were told to just trust the man of God and believe what was given to them without question, because they could never question the words of a prophet, regardless who it was. The people would then return home, once again flustered because they truly never received anything relevant from the Lord, it was all professionally created by a person whose intention was never to truly minister to the believer, but to gain something from them – power, as well as their money. That’s what it is all about in the end with this current “prophetic movement” – power and money. And God has warned and warned about this to his people not to venture into these areas simply because they would be harmed.

Today, one can travel and sit in any one of the current players in the prophetic movement and hear all sorts of crazy talk, all in the name of “prophecy”, but does it line up with the word? The fact is, if a man or woman who claims to walk in the role of a prophet as outlined in Ephesians 4:11, then their words should not be the criteria by which we judge them as genuine, no, the true test of a genuine prophet is not by how accurate they are, but where are they pointing people to? Is it to self? Or is it to the cross? Is it to call men to repent? Or is it to call men to get their blessing? Are their words flavored and coated with comfort, ease and financial reward? Or are they leveled to bring the believer into holiness before a righteous God?

Please understand, God does bless his people, I believe that. God does desire his children to walk in prosperity. I believe that as well. But not at the expense of the cross. Whenever the gift is manipulated to create within the believer a false way which leads the person to cast away the demands of Christ and his call to live right, act right and be right, then something is wrong with that prophet. I don’t care who it is, if the prophet is focused on money, prosperity, getting something from giving something, then that person has traded in their calling and gifting and has sold their soul for lucre.

Even now, a current prophet on the Christian scene was called into question when his prophetic words were exactly of those of a psychic – word for word. The result? Many have called this young man into question and once again, the church is finding itself having to deal with what’s been happening for years, false prophets masquerading as true, gifted servants of God, who were caught stealing from the hearts and wallets of the people. But will it change? Probably not. The truth is, most pastors (due to religious affiliation) have become tied down to Denominational or religious bureaucracy, whereby they are forced to remain silent while these players are given access to their congregation all because of fame due to either Christian television, which has garnered them fame and celebrity status within the modern church, or the powers that be within the religious hierarchy. Why? Because it’s about the money! Follow the money trail and you’ll find your answers.

Until the church wakes up from its spiritual drunkenness and actually starts to do something without fear of religious pushback from the church establishment, then it will continue to be business as usual. The prophets will continue to sweep into city after city, town after town, church after church, deceiving and being deceived all for the love of money, and the people will continue to ask why are things not changing in their lives? The answer is simple, until the people get tired of the false, God will continue to allow them to have it their way until they repent and come back to the cross. Then they will see the error of their ways, and actually begin to see the truth for what it really is – demonic.

God has genuine prophets today, and they are not far from being seen or even sought, the problem? They have become ostracized by the mainline church because the mainline church doesn’t want to hear what they have to say, simply because they have a genuine word from God, but it will demand obedience, a denial of self, nor will it promise wealth, or a new car. But it will call the believer back to the only true source for hope – the cross. Until the church wakes from its love for foolishness of being manipulated, the false prophets, modern psychics and fortune cookies that are being stated as prophecy, or “words”, will continue to run rampant in the modern church, and lead even more believers down a slippery slope where the end game is their spiritual ruin, and their money gone from them. That’s not the way of Christ, but the way of Satan. Snap out of it.





“The wicked go down to the realm of the dead, all the nations that forget God.” (Psalm 9:17)

There is no question that in the past, America was influenced greatly by the gospel, to be more precise – the church. Whether or not our leaders (past or present) were believers in Christ and had a personal relationship with the Lord is irrelevant, yet the fact remains that down through history, our foundation as a nation itself was guided upon the principles of the Christian faith. This, for the most part, due to the nature of America’s earliest beginnings, we were a “Christian nation”. That does not suggest that America was a nation which had a covenant with God – it didn’t. It simply means that there were believers in every aspect of society which influenced the early beginnings of the United States, from political to educational, Christians had great influence in early America. But over time that influence began to drift with each passing decade to such a degree that now our influence has become void in the direction of the nation, and worse, we have drifted away from the principles of the cross. In short, America is no more a ‘Christian’ nation.

The rise of immorality, perversion, violence, and social issues such as gay marriage and other issues which clearly have signaled a drastic change in the direction this nation is heading, is a clear signal that something has happened in America. I desire not to go into each and every reason for what I am about to post, the truth is, any bible believing believer who believes that there has been a significant change in the spirit of this land, can point to one thing and one thing only as to why things are progressively gotten worse in this country, and it’s because of what I have heard in my spirit 1 month ago, which I feel the time is now to release such a word. Here is what I heard in my spirit for both the church, as well as for the nation itself.

The glory has departed the nation.

There was a time where God greatly blessed America. Even when this nation did horrible things, the church still remained vital in the direction of the nation, and that glory rested, I believe for a period of time, and throughout history God’s glory shrouded the nation. But that glory has been lifted. As a result, the nation is now facing one of its greatest challenges, and it’s only getting worse.

The nation that forgets God shall come to ruin. It is the end of a Christian nation.

Any nation which has been given great spiritual light, which the United States has, from the past to the present, and ultimately turns to a spiritual whore, which this nation has ultimately done, then that nation, regardless of its past, will come to ruin. We are witnessing this now.

The hand of God has been removed.

For decades, America’s enemies have tried (and failed) to invade this nation. Throughout the past centuries since the founding of this nation, America has had a special protection upon it, but we can see from September 11th, 2001, that this nation has suffered great hostility from its enemies. We now live in a world of terror that threatens our very way of life, and there seems to be no end to those who would wreck havoc upon the land. The reason is simple, whatever protection we had, has been lifted.

Darkness has crept over the land.

When President Obama went on national television and declared his position which was in favor of same sex marriage, the first of any sitting U.S. to begin the shape of this nation by incorporating the idea of perversion. Since 2009, the rise of same sex marriage, followed by the U.S. Supreme Court in its declaration that gay marriage was indeed constitutional, changed the very fabric of this nation. Yet it’s not just gay marriage, spiritual darkness has crept over the land, from lawlessness, to rioting, to a spirit of apathy within the church, it is all a blinding spirit of darkness which has fallen over the nation.

The spirit of antichrist now reigns.

We can clearly see that the spirit of antichrist has appeared. Even now, spiritual leaders such as Pope Francis, and other spiritual leaders such as Rick Warren (among others) are pressing the issue of coming under the banner of a one world system, followed by a one world religion. This is the spirit of antichrist.

The nation shall not repent.

I know that many within the church has desired, and even declared that America shall be “saved”. But the reality is this – it won’t. It is going the way every other nation is going, the way of the beast. It shall not repent, but get worse.

It is the hour of selective judgments.

From water droughts in the west, to massive winter storms in the midwest and east coast, to warm/hot summer days, not to mention the rise of earthquakes in the midwest, there is a series of shakings which have captured the land. Even the past economic shakings have came to the land, all of which is due to God removing his hand from the land of plenty, turning it over to the spirit of the age.

The beginning of a beast kingdom is coming.

I don’t believe this needs any explanation, nor do I believe the Lord requires me to explain it in any great detail. We see this currently in our world.

They will do away with the Constitution and walk in agreement with the European nations.

This is one of the more surprising aspects of the word which came into my spirit. It is no question that the Constitution, which has been the central form of Government that gives men their freedom, is currently being shredded by past and present leaders. The reason is simple, the nation, like every other nation, must return back to a form of control and rule, maybe not as dramatic as past tyrannies such as Mao or Stalin, but suffice it to say, Satan is undermining the Constitution for one purpose, to bring about a world Government, which will be under his rule.

The nation shall not be used in such a way again.

No question that when we think about the United States, the image that comes to mind is the American flag waving, or the statue of Liberty shining brightly. This nation has fought wars, set many men free across the globe, and more importantly, God has used the modern church in America to reach the world for Christ. But that period of use is ending. It shall never come again. Whatever we once was in the past, and currently, to some degree, still are, it is coming to an end. Even countries such as China no longer fear us. That should tell us something has indeed changed.

The hope of the world lies in the cross through the move of the church – his remnant.

There is no question that there is a clear and growing separation in the modern church today, from that which is focused on self, money, materialism and spiritual encounters (such as angel feathers, gold dust and strange prophetic utterings) and less for the things of Christ. The teaching of the cross, the preaching of righteousness, the call to repent and the desire to crucify the flesh has all been forgotten in much of what is called the modern church. God is separating the wheat from the tare right before our eyes, and it is that group, the remnant, which will do great exploits for the kingdom of Christ. For it is the preaching of the cross which sets the sinner free, and brings freedom to those who are bound in religion.

That is what I heard in my spirit that I believe God would have me declare.




“Then David took hold of his clothes and tore them, and so also did all the men who were with him. They mourned and wept and fasted until evening for Saul and his son Jonathan and for the people of the LORD and the house of Israel,” 2 Samuel 1:11-12

When it came to TBN and what it has become, I’ve never changed my position one time when it came to how what once was an instrument of Biblical teaching and sound, Biblical preachers, to what it sadly has ended up being – a network that has tragically left the foundation of truth, which is Christ and him crucified. Yet, I believe God did raise Paul Crouch Sr. to start the ministry to reach the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ and God blessed that work. But why? How could a vision which no doubt God spoke into the life of Paul Crouch to begin to build a network to take the gospel across the world end up being so filled with heretical teachings? I believe we don’t have to look past the word to find our answer. In Galatians 3:1 says the following, “O foolish Galatians! Who has bewitched you? It was before your eyes that Jesus Christ was publicly portrayed as crucified.

Whenever someone takes their eyes off the cross, error is sure to come eventually. It was no different with Paul Crouch. It must be understood that no one is perfect, if every single person was perfect, NONE could be used, why? Because if a man or woman was perfect, without blemish, then they are of no use to the kingdom because they walk outside the realm of human frailty and weakness. But only one man could ever be “perfect” and that was the man Jesus Christ.

When God calls a man or woman into service, he does not conduct a background check before he calls them or anoints them, The fact is, God is actually taking a chance with that individual because he knows that person will step out in faith and do what God has called him or her to do. In this case it was to create a network to establish a medium to reach the entire world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. And I will give Paul Crouch his honor – he did that! To date, Trinity Broadcasting Network is the largest Christian network there is and it is clear that God’s hand was upon this ministry from day one. Again, we must understand, God is always working with flesh and weakness, not perfection. And God will use that individual even though there is always the possibility of failure, either morally or spiritually. God is more interested in his VISION than our weakness. All we have to do is look at the men (and some women) of the past whom God used: Samson was a judge over Israel yet loved his whores. Moses was a coward, a murderer and a doubter. Abraham slept with his wife’s servant Hagar and caused untold hardship upon his people. David, who would be KING, was a rogue, a murderer, a liar, an adulterer. Peter was a coward, a liar and a hot tempered preacher who used violence with the tip of the sword. Yet they were all counted as servants. Then there was Saul. How often we forget Israel’s first King. Saul stood head and shoulders over the people of Israel. He was ruthless and even, at times, demon possessed. Still, in his 38 years of being King and not operating under the favor of God, for 2 years, Saul was a Godly King who sought the will of the Lord. Saul even operated as a prophet! Yet his life was filled with turmoil and sin and ultimately his sin and wickedness cost him his life and possibly his soul. The point is, even in the life of Saul, God used this man, anointed this man and worked his will thru this man Saul. And when Saul died, how did David, who was the subject of Saul’s vengeance, respond? Did David call Saul a wicked and immoral King? Did David call Saul a wolf? Did David respond to Saul’s death by celebration? Not at all, David MOURNED Saul! He wept and cried bitterly at the loss of this once great and anointed King.

Yes, Paul Crouch had MANY faults, I won’t argue that. I won’t defend the abuses which have (and still do to a large degree) occurred at Trinity Broadcasting. There are many examples where they went into error, but I won’t touch them for one particular reason – God called them, he anointed them and I will not, not today, not tomorrow, not in the future, touch God’s anointed! Not in such a way which will bring condemnation. Yes, Paul Crouch did many things wrong, he brought in, or allowed heresies, he espoused to some degree, doctrines of devils, but let it be understood to all that the anointing of God rested upon this servant of the Lord and I for one shall not begrudge the fact that he is dead, far from it, I will weep and mourn for God’s servant is dead.




I have only shared this vision once and I have not since, but today I heard something similar to what I saw that I will once again share publicly, it was a vision of the end of Christian Television as we know it.

About 4 years ago I was in the middle of prayer, when suddenly my mind literally went blank from what I was praying, it was as if God had erased or shut down my prayers and I sat quiet, when suddenly an image appeared in my mind which I could clearly see, it was the image of a television set. I then watched the TV set turn on and suddenly I saw Jan Crouch on the television. She looked exactly as she does currently, same hair style, same facial features, same body type – it was Jan Crouch, but the difference is, there was something wrong, for 2 things were occurring. 1. There was no Paul Sr., he was no where to be seen, I believe in my spirit God was telling me that either Paul Crouch Sr. was dead or so ill and frail that he could no longer be apart of the daily broadcasts. 2. Jan was crying as her mascara streamed down her face. There was a real sense of worry on her facial appearance, it was a look of sincere terror or great worry. But what she was saying was even more disturbing.

I watched in this vision as Jan began to sob and cry and weep to the people as she kept saying over and over, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” And then – the network signed off. This is the image which I saw that followed:


It was very similar to the old standard image of sign off symbol. Then the channel flipped and suddenly I saw another Christian network appear, it was Daystar. I watched once again a preacher stand before me in the television screen and it was Marcus Lamb. His features was identical to his appearance today, however, his countenance had changed, he was weeping, tearfully before the audience. Marcus, like Jan Crouch, seemed to be fearful, as if something was coming or had occurred, as to what I do not know, I have a guess which I will relate at the end of this note, but for now, what was being said by Marcus Lamb was the same thing Jan Crouch, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry”. Then Marcus faded into darkness as the station went black, once again showing the sign off signal and then the television went dark and the vision ended.

I believe God was showing me the end of Christian television as we know it. There is coming such a grand deception that many will be deceived. But I believe what is being established in this nation and across the world is a hatred toward genuine Christianity. Say what you will about Christian television and it’s founders, that’s not my purpose for this writing, the point is, there is still truth, however small or remote, being preached on Christian television, Jesus is still being preached. That in itself gives some light. Yet something so sinister, so evil, so vast, will sweep the land, that at some point in the future, Christian television will not either be permitted to air its message of hope, or, the economics of the nation will not allow or permit Christian television to run as it previously did. I believe it will be a little of both.

2 Timothy 3:1 says, “But know this, in the last days, perilous times will come.” The genuine term or rendering of the word ‘perilous’ literally means difficult or dangerous. Whatever is coming, it will literally be so vast, so great that traditional Christianity will not be permitted in the future. What the Lord then spoke to me, which comes into my spirit is this, the day is coming when those who have television ministries will say, “If only we had more time.” None will escape this. The church is going to revert back to the early church in almost every way possible, and along with that reflection of the past, this current last days church – the remnant, will face great and unbelievable persecution like they have never seen. The church must prepare itself and plan for what is coming and realize that while it is day, they have light (freedom) to work, but the darkness is already sweeping the land, more today than ever before. That is the vision God gave me of the end of Christian television.



Recently (at the time of this writing – September 2014) The Lord gave me another portion of this vision that I originally saw in October of 2013. This dream occurred three nights ago. Here is what I was shown. I stood in a room, alone with a television set. I recall sitting down in front of the TV, when suddenly I began to hear music playing, not just any music – gospel music. Actually, what I began to hear in the dream was the music and singing of evangelist Jimmy Swaggart. It was a popular song, as I began to feel at peace as I listened to this welcoming melody.

Yet something began to alarm me within the dream, as I noticed that to the right of me sat a small remote control unit to the TV as I picked up the remote and began to search for the SBN network (Sonlife Broadcasting Network). I began to flip through the channels, trying to find the network where I normally watch SBN, but to no avail. Actually, that is what kept flooding my spirit, it was as if the Lord was trying to tell me thru symbolism what he wanted or desired me to know, that at some point in the future, Christian television as we know it today will be gone.

I flipped through the higher level numbers where normally SBN, TBN, and such would normally be at, but yet they were gone, actually, what I noticed in the dream was this, all of the channels that held these Christian networks – including SBN, were gone! They were removed. As I frantically searched each channel, I suddenly began to realize what the Lord was telling me, those channels I had desired to see, especially SBN, was removed – gone! It was then that all of a sudden, the music and singing of Jimmy Swaggart stopped and at the precise moment, the television went black and the dream ended.

The Lord was showing me yet once again, the day is coming where all of the Christian networks that we have today, be it TBN, Daystar, SBN, CBN, The Word Network, will be terminated. I do not claim to know how this will come about, but I do know this, at some point in our very near future, Christian television as we know it to exist today, will come to an end. Be it through Federal regulations, Government control through hate crime Legislation, however it will come, the end result will be the same – Christian television is coming to an end at some point in the near future.

Heed this warning.