A Christian man asked me, “Had Paul come into China…China would not be so hard to win for Christ.” My friend asked me over and over trying to find the answer as to why the apostle Paul did not come into Asia as he had wanted to, only that for whatever reason the Holy Spirit would not permit the great apostle to venture into China. We don’t have all the answers as to why God allows some places to have virtually no knowledge of the Bible, and why he will send others with the word into places to preach the gospel to other areas, those questions will never be answered until we stand before him and all questions will then be finally answered. Until then, all we know is that the gospel needs to be preached where ever possible.

Today I felt the leading of the Lord to go into certain districts as this evening I will be going to another church to edify my brothers and sisters in the Lord. But what occurred to me today was how that there were times where I wanted to share the gospel in tract as well as with giving someone a DVD of the movie “Jesus”, but the Lord began to speak to me and said “Not now – be patient.” It’s so difficult to know that one has the answers to lifes problems and yet one cannot fully express to those around them the gospel in such a way which would produce a response. The fact is, even though China is rapidly changing to tolerating Christianity, the reality is, one simply cannot stand on a street corner and just start preaching – it’s still illegal. So what do we do? I can only imagine Paul’s grief in knowing he could not venture into China and all of Asia as he desired to do, but I’ve come to learn one thing – trust. We have to learn the recognize God’s voice and his leading for even though we desire to reach many with the gospel, the truth is, in some situations, it’s best to learn when to speak and when to remain silent, especially in a Communist nation where every action and behavior is monitored. The truth is, we must trust that God knows best and that in time God will give us the avenue and opportunity we seek to preach the wonderful news of Jesus Christ. It might not be as we would have it, but sometimes we just have to learn to trust in that he knows what’s best when we do his service.



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Today, after my morning devotion and prayer, I headed out of my hotel and into the streets of Chengdu as today marks the beginning of back to work day for much of China since the long week holiday (New Year) is now passed. I walked for several blocks, when I passed a large building that people were gathered in, mainly eating and drinking. When all of a sudden I heard a pounding coming from the window, it was a man, yelling and pounding fiercely all while he was pointing directly at me! I attempted to walk on because my Chinese is very bad, even though I do have my iphone which has a voice translator app that I use from time to time, yet I knew that whatever he had in mind was I’m sure not going to be good. Then he came out of the building, a short, stalk of a man, old and loud – very loud, when he said to me in a very loud voice, “I’m police – you come with me!”. I tried very hard to say no, thinking what am I to do now? My mind didn’t even have time to think as he grabbed my arm, put it into his arm and off we went, he guiding me directly into the building. He sat me down without a blink of an eye and sat next to me….he looked directly at me…he was a Chinese police officer and there was no question he had the authority in this matter. I silently asked the Lord in my spirit to guide me with the right words to say, and I felt the Lord say “it’s ok”, then the policeman yelled out “America #1!” I smiled a half-hearted smile, then he put his arm around me and called to his other friend from Beijing, another official and he told me “I….believe….in JESU (JESUS)” I smile and I quickly wondered, is this a trick? What’s the deal? But in my spirit I knew that God was in control as this man began to tell me his love for Jesus. He opened up his pack of cigarettes and pulled out one and began to light it, I realized that I needed to trust him because he was Chinese and not everyone has the teaching or knowledge about life choices, so I didn’t judge him at all, as he began to tell me in his very broken english that he was a believer in God and Jesus and that he believed the Bible, but more importantly, he told me in his own words, “Mao is dead, judged before God and Jesus lives!” I smiled and he then got me a coca-cola as I began to share with him how Jesus did love him and that I would always be praying for him. After about 30 minutes, I thanked him for the kindness he showed me, especially when I did not know how this was going to go down, but it dawned on me that once again there is a hunger in China for the gospel of Jesus Christ among the Chinese people. How tragic it is for me, an American, to see such waste of hunger in my own nation, a nation which has been blessed abundantly by God with the gospel, lose all interest in the Christ, yet in China, a nation which was for decades, under the control of a brutal regime such as Mao and the Communist party. Yet now, after all this time, China is becoming more tolerant, more interested in the gospel than ever before. If that doesn’t say about the hour in which we live, I don’t know what would. I pray for more laborers to China, for God is doing something here among the people.



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We started our journey to ChongQing early Saturday morning before sunrise as we hurried to the train station to take the bullet train into ChongQing which is a 2 hour journey. Arriving into ChongQing, we traveled far into the remote mountain area to TongChing where we met a dear sister in the Lord who travels into the area (3 provinces) preaching the gospel, training the body of believers the word of God. The people met with me and my friend as they instantly began to rejoice someone had come to share with them the good news of Jesus Christ. The biggest issue right now in China with Chinese believers is they simply do not have enough understanding of the word of God, in simple terms, no one is teaching them the Bible nor how to LIVE for Christ. Some would ask “What about Pastors?” the problem is, in China, there is a major divide between those who are called “pastor” and those who desire to feed the people, the truth is, much of the spiritual leadership within the Chinese church is one which only a nugget of truth (and predetermined) is given to the people and only on Sunday, nothing about how to live for Christ, nothing about the cross, nothing about walking free from sin, nothing whatsoever about holiness, nothing about living a victorious life for Christ. Basically, the people get a spoon-fed gospel and nothing more. The other sad reality is that much of the Chinese do not want this gospel we speak of, and its due to years of socialistic indoctrination.

But there is a change, and while even though the people are limited in their knowledge of the word, there is a move of God which is shaking the Chinese nation. Christians are having dreams and visions, some have told me of their dreams they are having, unsure what is going on, so I relate to them that this is a fulfillment of the words of Joel, who stated that in the last days, men and women shall have dreams and visions, some will prophesy, but it’s all because we are living in the last days. Yet something else is occurring in China – miracles. Chinese believers are going into hospitals where the unsaved who are dying of cancer are prayed for and are being completely healed, thus they then give their life to Christ. That is the gospel in action.

What humbled me more was when several told me how they were praying for someone to come to them and teach them the word of God and they said that it was me, and even more so, what struck me was when I saw a bible I brought with me 2 years ago on my first trip, where I took into China nearly 1,000 bibles and one man was reading MY BIBLE that I had brought back then, he explained that it has helped him grow in Christ. That is a reward which is far better than gold.

Saturday night, as I shared the gospel, I was able to pray for a 15 yr old young man who did not know the Lord, he allowed me to pray for him, and I could tell he quickly became convicted of his sins, so I thank God for his mercies are reaching the young people. There were a night I slept on a flat table, times where I slept in a traveling bus going up into a high mountain area, but it all pales in comparison to seeing the hearts and lives of the Chinese people being changed. This surely is my home and one that when I return soon, will be where I will establish a church as God has called me into China to reach the lost and train up workers in this final hour.




“For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.” (Ephesians 6:12)

Today I had an “off” day for myself from the past 2 days of traveling and ministering in several churches throughout China. So I thought that I would pay a visit to a Buddhist temple to possibly give out some tracts – how little did I realize how things would change for me in which I would not only have to leave, but spiritually speaking, I came face to face with a spirit. The reality is this for those who come to China, if one is a foreigner, it best become realized immediately that you will quickly encounter what I call the “celebrity syndrome” whereby you, the visitor, will be the entertainment for every Chinese that you meet, with it comes the stares, the whispers, the interesting looks, but it’s all harmless. The truth is, Chinese people do not see foreigners that often, and when they do, you tend to be something very similar to our own celebrities back home.

Most of the time, if not all the time, the people here in China are both friendly and very welcoming. In both times I’ve been into China, from Beijing to Chengdu to near Hong Kong, I’ve never came across anyone who had a bad demeanor towards me, actually it’s always been the complete opposite. The truth is, the Chinese people are very polite people and you can make friends fast if you do the same. That being said, today was completely opposite of what I have experienced.

I went into the Buddhist temple and I felt the Lord simply impress me with one word “caution”. So as I neared this place of pagan worship, I was struck immediately by the temple greeter, an old woman who sat at the table just as you entered into the temple doors. There is no question in my mind that when a spirit filled Christian walks into a territory that is controlled by the enemy, one should expect some sort of intense push back. The moment I glanced toward the old woman, she was already looking at me. The young woman seated next to her was very friendly and said “Ni Hao” (hello) but the old woman never spoke one word, but she was strained straight on me as I walked inside, then the Lord quickened my spirit and spoke to me and said, “Son, you cannot be here, this is not the time for you, nor will you do any good, leave this place.” And so I turned, putting my tracts away and was about to leave, when the old woman met me, her face was as if she was completely surprised I was even here, I could immediately tell in the spiritual that what was happening was the SPIRIT in her was revealing itself to me, it was stunned that I walked into its territory. Although she was old, it was apparent that the SPIRIT within her did not know what to think. I’m reminded when Jesus met the two Gadarenes as the spirits were shocked Jesus was in their area, when they asked him ,””What do you want with us, Son of God?” they shouted. “Have you come here to torture us before the appointed time?” (Matt. 8:29)

The spiritual reality is this, there are times when demonic strongholds will be completely surprised by your appearance, just as it was with this old Buddhist woman, who was looking at me with her mouth open as if she (or the spirit in her) could not understand why is this guy here? Why is he in my area? This is the spiritual battles we must all face from time to time, and it’s best we know how to deal with them when they occur. That’s part of our Christian walk, challenging the enemy at his own doorstep. However, although the Lord told me to leave, he gave me a promise that not only would I return, but that over time, my work in this area would contend with that spiritual fortress that is leading many to hell, but it must be in God’s timing and not my own.



sister Wu

Not only did the people of this small church come to embrace me, but they have called me one of their own. The pastor (Sis. Wu- standing to my right) is an amazing woman. Sister Wu (woo) faced a past year of sickness, physically as well as spiritually. But God healed her completely, today she pastors the small Longquin China church called the “Starlight”. There, with a small handful of people, they gather in a house church the size of a large living room and have worship services. I didn’t know what I would expect when we arrived, but soon all the worry and concern over police issues and so forth were gone. For the next 5 hours we fellowshipped with one another, worshiped the Lord and broke bread, and finally Sister Wu said something that God had already spoke into my spirit and I began to preach the gospel of edification to this small tiny group of Chinese believers. Then, they all began to ask me to pray for them for healing, so many sicknesses, so many health issues, but once I started praying and laying on hands they began to rejoice as they each began to feel much better, from leg issues to throat issues, God moved mightily.

By the time it was all over and we began to say goodbye, they wept, even as I began to fight back the tears from my own eyes as I could see the love of Christ grow even more in these wonderful people whom have called me their ‘servant of God’. If there was any room left to question in my own mind my calling to China, it’s completely gone now as I see the needs of so many who desire to know Christ as I know him, as so many others around the world know him, yet I’m but one person, how much can one man do? Only time will tell, but with the grace of God, I will give it my best effort.




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“Why are you in China?” Is the most common question I get when I go into the Chinese country, and I try to explain the best possible way. Today has been a restful day as I prepare to go to church this evening and pray at the “big” church. I say “big” because it’s the largest one in Chengdu with over 3,000 believers who attend. This is the China new year and tonight I will be with literally thousands of other Christians praying until early in the morning, it seems as though the Chinese church is also growing as Christianity is taking a massive leap forward. The future of the Chinese church is a sure one, for the Chinese know firsthand of what true persecution means, and it has strengthened them for such a time as this. People ask me on the street about Jesus (yesu) and I speak to them about Christ as well as I give them a tract which tells them about salvation through Jesus Christ.

Tomorrow I begin a long trek into different provinces, already church people have raised concern over my safety as one region where I will be going does not accept foreigners, however, they have made an exception in my case and as a body have said “He is our brother in Christ” and for the first time ever, I will be speaking as well as entering a church that has never allowed a foreigner inside their church simply because of the past persecution by local authorities. But I think not of myself, but I think of the call God has put into my heart for the Chinese people. Yet the Lord has assured me that all will be well and he will protect. His will be done.

Until I post again –



“But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach to you a gospel contrary to the one we preached to you, let him be accursed.” (Galatians 1:8)

The church is changing, not just in doctrines which reflect a more socially accepted or tolerant gospel message, but equally what is changing within the structure of the modern church is a new face of Christianity. Today’s so called “Christian” image is less dogma whose foundation was on a strict adherence to the word, but a more liberal appeal which relies more on making people feel more accepted in their sins and less convicted of their sins. This is the new modern Christianity which is sweeping much of the church today in America – progressive Christianity.

When Carrie Underwood began to promote herself as a Christian, she took upon that role to potentially hundreds of thousands of followers, and do they pay attention to what she says and does. The statements recently by Underwood, where she surprised some of her more conservative Christian followers regarding her real feelings about same sex marriage and homosexuality, ruffled some feathers within the Christian community, but as time progressed, more and more believers have since seemed to have a more accepting view of Carrie’s position, especially among Christians 35 and under. During a 2012 interview, Underwood made the following revelation concerning gay marriage, ““As a married person myself, I don’t know what it’s like to be told I can’t marry somebody I love, and want to marry. I can’t imagine how that must feel. I definitely think we should all have the right to love, and love publicly, the people that we want to love.” (source)

Not only does Carrie believe and support gay rights and gay marriage, but she attends an evangelical Church which now openly embraces this new type of Christianity. But it’s deadly.

The reality which is coming into play in these last days is something which many (myself included) have been warning about – a new take on an old act is beginning to resurface, but unlike the past few decades, this particular movement is not only undermining the gospel, but it’s taking the form and shape of a more tolerable message in that it’s built upon personal beliefs, even if those beliefs run contrary to the word, and less when it comes to sound doctrine. This new (old) form is nothing more than Gnosticism. It is antichrist, and many are being led away from its proponents.

What is Gnosticism? In short: GNOSTICISM IS THE TEACHING based on Gnosis, the knowledge of transcendence arrived at by way of interior, intuitive means. Although Gnosticism thus rests on personal religious experience, it is a mistake to assume all such experience results in Gnostic recognitions. It is nearer the truth to say that Gnosticism expresses a specific religious experience, an experience that does not lend itself to the language of theology or philosophy, but which is instead closely affinitized to, and expresses itself through, the medium of myth. Indeed, one finds that most Gnostic scriptures take the forms of myths.

In other words, if it feels good to you, and you’re happy with your belief, then God is fine with you as well. It’s a lie from the pit of hell. The word speaks about searching another path – “Truly, truly, I say to you, he who does not enter the sheepfold by the door but climbs in by another way, that man is a thief and a robber.” (John 10:1) The reality is this, if someone says “this is a better way” or “This idea is better than your version of Christianity” run from such deceit.

Yet it’s not only Underwood whose presenting this new gospel, but others long before Carrie have taken the reigns to preach another gospel, another Jesus, another way. Oprah Winfrey, Joel Osteen, Rick Warren are just a few who are selectively guiding the people into a new version of Christianity, and it is antichrist. This is the result of Satan, knowing that his time is getting shorter as the years progress toward that fateful climax, is producing prophets who are determined to lead an entire generation of people – including Christians, away from the cross. The facts remain the same, if it accepts homosexuality, if it points to another door, if it leads to another way – it is false! It must still be the cross, the cross is the end to the law and the beginning of faith. Unless people turn from sin and corruption, it is another gospel, another message, another Christ. This is part of what I have been warning against, another version of a greater lie, and many are accepting it as fact, but it’s false.

It is important that the believer in this time and hour in which we live, begin to weigh the message of those in whom they are listening to, for if it embraces perversion, wickedness and sin over the words of God found in his word, then to embrace that message is giving it approval, which leads to one thing – apostasy. These are the end times, Satan is preaching more of his twisted self-serving “gospel” message than ever before,and it’s only going to get worse. Carrie Underwood, Katy Perry, Beyonce’, and so many others who are projecting an angel of light message, are damning millions to this new gospel, but it’s a message of a sinister plot to only deceive. Unless the church stands up and opposes this form of message, I fear many will be lost in the wake of its message, and find themselves castaway in the eternal passages of that placed that was originally reserved for Satan and his minions – Hell.