Nothing can stir up great debate and/or emotion such as the topic of alcohol within the life of a believer. Yet the facts remain that alcohol in its purest form is something we, who are in Christ, need to abstain from. And contrary to some who would argue that moderation is ideal, nothing could be further from the truth.

I was raised in a Christian home, both my parents were believers, although my Father struggled at times in his walk yet in the years just prior to his early death at 43, he cemented his walk with the Lord completely. Still, in his younger days, my dad had bouts with alcohol – so did his Father – my grandfather. For most of my life, I have seen the results of alcohol in all its debilitating forms and none of it proved to me that alcohol, in any form, in any amount was productive to the human body. Actually, it’s a fact that hard liquor is not only harmful to the mind, it’s also destructive to the body.

Yet I see many within the body of Christ reaching for the bottle of Chivas Regal or Budweiser, or worse, Kentucky Bourbon and think it’s no big deal. The problem with alcohol in the life of a believer is, it is a big deal.

The #1 cause of highway deaths related to automobile accidents in the United States is in fact alcohol. The #1 cause for domestic violence in America is both the combination of alcohol and drugs. The #1 gateway drug in teenagers in the United States is alcohol. So far, the benefits (whatever they might be) of alcohol are not as beneficial as one might think, actually, any so called “benefit” are quickly diminished by the long list of health hazards when we look at the overall affects of alcohol on the human body. Here are the facts relating to alcohol and its affects to those who use it.

Alcohol is the #1 cause of liver dysfunction in the world. Alcohol interferes with the brain’s communication pathways, and can affect the way the brain looks and works. These disruptions can change mood and behavior, and make it harder to think clearly and move with coordination.  Alcohol can increase your risk of developing certain cancers, including cancers of the:

  • Mouth
  • Esophagus
  • Throat
  • Liver
  • Breast

Drinking alcohol, even on a single occasion can damage the heart, causing problems including:

  • Cardiomyopathy – Stretching and drooping of heart muscle
  • Arrhythmias – Irregular heart beat
  • Stroke
  • High blood pressure

Heavy drinking takes a toll on the liver, and can lead to a variety of problems and liver inflammations including:

  • Steatosis, or fatty liver
  • Alcoholic hepatitis
  • Fibrosis
  • Cirrhosis

Alcohol causes the pancreas to produce toxic substances that can eventually lead to pancreatitis, a dangerous inflammation and swelling of the blood vessels in the pancreas that prevents proper digestion. Drinking alcohol can weaken your immune system, making your body a much easier target for disease.  Chronic drinkers are more liable to contract diseases like pneumonia and tuberculosis than people who do not drink too much.  Drinking a lot on a single occasion slows your body’s ability to ward off infections – even up to 24 hours after getting drunk.

These are medical facts that can be researched by just taking the time and effort to find the truth about alcohol and its effects.

The problem with Christians who use alcohol in any form and then justify it by suggesting that the word of God does not truly deal with alcohol simply have never taken the time to understand what alcohol is, or the differences to alcohol and its abuse. The truth about alcohol and the believer is very simple,When we lose our testimony, we lose credibility as Christians.

Whenever we discuss the topic of alcohol and its many differences, we need to distinguish between two (2) things, two words which will help us understand the word of God when we discuss what God says and warns about concerning alcohol or wine. They are both Hebrew root words:

1. Yayin – which means fermented, that which makes DRUNK.

2.Tiyrowsh – which means freshly made juice BEFORE fermentation.

Whenever we draw conclusions about wine and its terminology when we read it in scripture, it is vital we separate what and which word is being used and how. Example, some Christians use the excuse to justify the drinking of wine by suggesting that when Jesus turned water into wine, it is proof that Jesus drank wine himself – not so. When we examine the wording, the terminology being used in John 2:2-10, the word wine is not indicative of fermented wine, which produces drunkenness, it’s referring to the word Tiyrowsh, which means grape juice.

The Bible says alcoholic drink is evil. It is not just the amount one drinks that makes drinking a sin. God condemns the drink itself. (Prov 20:1 KJV) “Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging: and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise.” God does not lead us into evil; He delivers us from it. He does not teach us to practice evil in moderation. Jesus did not make, use, approve, commend, or tell us to use intoxicating wine. The truth is, God made man to have fellowship with Him and yet alcohol goes directly against the Holy Spirit in the life of a believer. It interferes with God’s purpose for mankind and especially those who are in Christ Jesus.

So why would God warn us about the consumption of alcohol? The reasons are many, but let’s examine a few cases where men, servants of God, disobeyed and were consumed by alcohol and the ramifications of such cost them dearly. They are:

Genesis 9:20-26 – Noah became drunk; the result was immorality and family trouble.

Genesis 19:30-38 – Lot was so drunk he did not know what he was doing; this led to immorality

Leviticus 10:9-11 – God commanded priests not to drink so that they could tell the difference between the holy and the unholy.

1 Samuel 25:32-38 – Nabal died after a drunken spree.

Proverbs 23:21 – Drunkenness causes poverty.

Proverbs 23:29-30 – Drinking causes woe, sorrow, fighting, babbling, wounds without cause and red eyes.

Proverbs 23:31 – God instructs not to look at intoxicating drinks.

Proverbs 23:32 – Alcoholic drinks bite like a serpent, sting like an adder.

Proverbs 23:33 – Alcohol causes the drinker to have strange and adulterous thoughts, produces willfulness, and prevents reformation.

Proverbs 23:34 – Alcohol makes the drinker unstable

Proverbs 23:35 – Alcohol makes the drinker insensitive to pain so he does not perceive it as a warning. Alcohol is habit forming.

Proverb 31:4-5 – Kings, Princes, and others who rule and judge must not drink alcohol. Alcohol perverts good judgment.

Proverbs 31:6-7 – Strong drink could be given to those about to perish or those in pain. Better anesthetics are available today.

Numbers 6:3 – The Nazarites were told to eat or drink nothing from the grape vine.

1 Corinthians 6:10 – Drunkards will not inherit the kingdom of God

Galatians 5:21 – Acts of the sinful nature, such as drunkenness, will prohibit a person from inheriting the kingdom of God.

Ephesians 5:18 – In contrast to being drunk with wine, the believer is to be filled with the Spirit.

1 Thessalonians 5:6-7 – Christians are to be alert and self-controlled, belonging to the day. Drunkards belong to the night and darkness.

1 Timothy 3:2-3 – Bishops (elders) are to be temperate, sober, and not near any wine.

When we examine all the scriptures that it has to say about alcohol and wine, then we can clearly see that not only is wine and everything about strong drink (whiskey) is wrong, but it literally places the believer in a position where they are going against God and his word. Yet some would say that the word speaks only about drunkenness and not moderate usage, but here’s the problem with that argument, it does not hold up to the facts. It is a fact that 1 drink of beer, wine or a shot of whiskey makes one legally drunk. That’s just 1 drink. However, 1 drink has never produced anything of substance in the life of someone trying to live for Christ, actually the opposite.

If one (1) drink does no harm, then what does the word say? “A little leaven leavens the whole lump.” (Galatians 5:9) If alcohol, in any form, is not harmful, then can the argument about pot, cocaine, legalization of drugs be any worse? Where’s the defining line? I will tell you where the defining line is – the word. The word of God makes it clear to AVOID the very appearance of evil, and it’s a fact that alcohol in drinking form, has never produced anything of value, but evil. Wives are beaten because of alcohol. Children are tormented because of alcohol. Marriages are destroyed because of alcohol. If there is any redeeming value in alcohol that is available to drink for people, then I’ve missed it. The truth is, there is nothing good about drinking alcohol, nor should it be in the life of a believer – period.

In this modern day watering down of the word of God, where men are trying to justify the sins of the flesh, especially in the realm of alcohol usage, the truth remains the same, God never changes. People might change, cultures might change, society might change, but the reality is, God will never change his opinion when we are dealing with sin. Yet many are trying and many are falling for false teachings daily. However, some of us refuse to believe it and some of us choose to fight it, even if it means labeled as old fashioned, out of touch, legalist, and Bible thumper. Yet the facts are, the dangers of alcohol in the life of a believer should not occur, simply because the temptations, the seduction alcohol brings is many times the stumbling block which starts the road to ruin to them that don’t listen and obey what God says in his word. Noah fell victim to it, so did others- are you any different?

The answer is simple – abstain. Abstain from the dangers of the evil one and all he offers in this life which leads to destruction, this includes alcohol.




The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” (John 10:10)


God is not a God of the dead – but the living.

When Christ proclaimed that he had come to bring life to those who were dead in sin, he did so by giving himself as a perfect sacrifice – on the cross. Thus, the bridge between man and God had been restored, all paid for because of the work of Christ on the cross. Yet there is an element within our world which is devoted to undermining the life which God brings to each and every man through the atonement Christ paid for us at Calvary.

It comes in many forms, from false teachings to false prophets, this spirit which tries to undermine the simplicity of the gospel seeks to blind all those who would listen to its message, and/or messengers. Yet it attempts to glorify itself along with its message through other forms such as books, songs and even plays, but it takes exceptional undertakings through one of the more accepted mediums today – the horror macabre. It is this area which I intend to deal with when it comes to the popular cultural phenomena of Zombies.

Long before the introduction of George Romero’s 1968 The Night Of The Living Dead, there was the zombie. The word zombie actually is a West African word meaning Nzambi, which might surprise people to know that this African name is that of a deity god, Nzambi- the god of the dead. It is this particular deity, or “god” which is based on occult worship whereby Nzambi rules the living as well as the dead. Yet the term zombie goes even further back from the West African tribes, to a more darker reality – Satan. The origin for zombie is found in a spirit deity which took the form of a python, it is this character which influenced the West African tribes and Nzambi, and ultimately is how this whole phenomenon began. It is this occult practice which can be found in the jungles of Africa as well as Haiti, which gives us its true meaning.

The characteristics of zombies are simple to understand, in modern terminology the zombie is a dead human that either through a plague, virus, or other means, becomes reanimated and begins its quest to hunt other living beings – human beings. This action involves the dead human (zombie) to hunt, then eat (cannibalism) its victim alive, and what’s left, then becomes infected, such as a bite or graze to the flesh from the infected creature, which then “turns” the living person into a “walker”.

Here’s the trouble with zombies, the whole concept is not about entertainment to be lost in a world of fantasy, but it’s based on the past actions of the occult world found in remote places of society. The entire zombie history is traced back to ancient “gods” or spirit which in reality are nothing more than demonic spirits. It is these beings which induced people in ancient countries to partake in human sacrifice, the spilling of blood as an appeasement to their god. Voodoo and other rites, including witchcraft, are the founders of where we get the whole zombie concept. It’s based on occult ritual and nothing more.

Our response as Christians should be simple – remove ourselves from this whole genre and leave it alone. When someone watches something of this nature, its entire message is one of evil. The dead hunting the living, it is in fact a most sincerest form of demonic representation of the enemy (Satan) who desires to eat and devour those whom he can. Again, it all goes back to the occult. From the dead’s blood lust, to cannibalism, it takes its very roots from the dark demonic world of the occult, where people partook of this activity even though it was forbidden by God. That’s why the depictions of zombies chasing and devouring human beings are made to be gruesome – because it is, for it occurred in the past. Everything one would see in a zombie film, or on the hit tv show The Walking Dead, is a fulfillment of the occult, the viewer is actually seeing the occult ritual being played out right on screen. Although I certainly do not believe the creators of that show, nor even George Romero purposely placed that into their creations, I do believe however that they were indeed influenced by demonic spirits to make sure that those same spirits are praised and worshiped when people watch such behavior being depicted on screen.

God makes it clear of his views on all of this: “When thou art come into the land which the LORD thy God giveth thee, thou shalt not learn to do after the abominations of those nations. There shall not be found among you any one that maketh his son or his daughter to pass through the fire, or that useth divination, or an observer of times, or an enchanter, or a witch.  Or a charmer, or a consulter with familiar spirits, or a wizard, or a necromancer.  For all that do these things are an abomination unto the LORD: and because of these abominations the LORD thy God doth drive them out from before thee.”  (Deuteronomy 18:9-12)

There is no place for such entertainment in the life of a believer. The reality is, that while the zombie craze is enticing many young people in this particular horror genre, the reality is more darker and more alarming when we examine everything with scripture. Zombies, like vampires, like ghouls, like werewolves, and other popular horror icons, represent the darkness of Satan’s kingdom and one which those of us who are born again in Christ, need not have anything to do with, even if it seems harmless, the spirit behind it is not.  Remember the warning of Paul on these things – “Know ye not that your bodies are the members of Christ? shall I then take the members of Christ, and make them the members of an harlot? God forbid. What? know ye not that he which is joined to an harlot is one body? for two, saith he, shall be one flesh. But he that is joined unto the Lord is one spirit. Flee fornication. Every sin that a man doeth is without the body; but he that committeth fornication sinneth against his own body.”  (1 Corinthians 6:15-18)

The trouble with zombies is, it’s demonic. It is now more clear how dangerous opening oneself to demonic influence can be. There are no limits to the depravity of human behavior when someone is disconnected from any Godly influence. While the idea of a Zombie Apocalypse seems farfetched, a better question is examining your own spiritual state. The Bible says: “And you, being dead in your sins..hath he quickened [given life] together with him, having forgiven you all trespasses; 14 Blotting out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us, which was contrary to us, and took it out of the way, nailing it to his cross;” (Colossians 2:13-14)

Do not be deceived. If you are a Christian, remove the sinful influences in your life. And if you are not, pray to God for forgiveness of sins, believe in Jesus Christ and receive eternal life. Stay away from everything which does not glorify Christ, this includes the demonic and dark world of zombies.




pastor abuse


““Woe to the shepherds who destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture!” declares the LORD. Therefore, this is what the LORD, the God of Israel, says to these shepherds: “Instead of caring for my flock and leading them to safety, you have deserted them and driven them to destruction. Now I will pour out judgment on you for the evil you have done to them.” (Jeremiah 23:1-2)

At some point in time, a Christian will be hurt by a pastor.

Lately many have read of pastors committing acts which were vicious, and sometimes acts upon another individual which were even criminal. Yet they do happen. The sad reality is, sometimes good pastors do very bad things. But why? Why would a pastor hurt another member of his flock? Why would a good pastor who truly loves God stumble and fall into moral depravity? Or succumbing to the passions of the flesh, or worse, manipulate people who are in his care and betray their trust, sometimes to a point where the people become victimized by the actions of a pastors actions. The fact remains, that many times, for whatever reason, a pastor will lose sight of his duties and in the end people will get hurt.

Anytime a Christian becomes hurt or even betrayed by another believer, even a pastor, it’s always due to one thing and one thing only – sin. When God establishes a pastor into a pulpit, he does so with the idea that this man he has appointed will lead the people into truth – perfect truth – which can only come by the teaching and preaching of the cross. Yet when men, even good men, get away from the truth of the cross (the atonement) it will begin to lead him into subtle error to the point where he will begin to allow things to sway his emotions, even teachings. When a pastor allows himself to stray from the cross as his main focus not only in his pastoral duties, but also his personal life, then by doing so he subjects himself to becoming deceived, deceived by pride, and pride is one of the worst areas a pastor can fall into, because when pride steps in, it can only lead to one place – spiritual disaster. Yet pride in the life of a pastor will also breed a man who not only loses sight of his calling and mandate, it allows him to begin hurting those around him, which sometimes can lead to spiritual abuse.

Pastors fail because they have failed to allow their walk with the Lord to keep them in the one place which protects them from individual failure – the cross. Pastors commit acts of sin because they have allowed their flesh to become unchecked, they fail to submit themselves to the cross daily. Notice what Paul said in this matter of dying to the flesh, “I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me. And the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.” (Galatians 2:20)

Paul gives us, even those who serve in leadership and are called to shepherd, the prime example for the leader, to yield daily to the Lord, allowing them to be humble in their walk and life and duties as pastor. That is the reason, the #1 reason why men fail, why pastors, even good men of God fall into areas of sin, because they have failed to keep to the source where every one of us must be yielded to. As I have stated many times in the past, pride is the #1 enemy of a pastor or preacher and servant of God. And that pride, if not dealt with, will grow and become a beast within itself and become a stumbling block to that man or woman of God he is using.

Some might ask how God can still use a man or woman who has obviously fallen into this area of their life where they are hurting others? We must remember that God calls each and every person in this life, those who have accepted that call, he raises up, yet there are times where men, even good men who truly love the Lord and desire his will, fall into those areas of weakness as I’ve outlined previously in this article. We see examples of men doing bad things yet the spirit of God rested upon them, Samson, David, Gideon, Jonah, Moses, Lot, Noah, many prophets, Peter and Paul. The truth is we are flesh, we have faults and weaknesses, and men have feet of clay. Yet for a season it’s God’s desire to use certain men, even those who might error in their life and ministry, but it’s never a justification for bad behavior, for God will deal with each man or woman in due season if they do not repent.

We should examine ourselves in the faith and examine our walk with Christ every day, so that we might never step out of that place of safety and security – the cross. Yet, even then, bad things happen and our only response should be to forgive. Forgiveness never means accepting what has been done, but it allows the person who has been hurt by another person, especially a pastor, to reveal the love of Christ in their own life, just as God forgave them for their life before the cross. Yet that never justifies nor approves of someone who is hurting another person or flock, God holds those men accountable and will, if not repented of, bring them under judgment. Yet we never seek retaliation – God’s judgment is enough.

One of the things God revealed to me as to why some pastors fail to love their people and end up hurting them is because they have no one to be held accountable to. No one is an island, and no one, not even a pastor, is above correction. When a pastor or spiritual leader refuses to be corrected, it goes back to my original point – pride. Humility never allows a man of God to rectify the situation and instead, the pastor behaves as though he can do no wrong, and sadly I’ve seen this occur in my life with others who believed they were “untouchable” by correction and the results were tragic. In one particular case the pastor refused correction from the prophet and upon warning, that pastor had a massive heart attack and his health and abilities were greatly limited to such a degree he had to step down and his church has all but fallen into ruin. Make no mistake, when a man or woman of God refuses to be corrected after God sends warning after warning, that man (or woman) risks the ultimate correction – death. God uses his right to call men home who refuse to be corrected.

So what are the warning signs of a pastor who has fallen into areas where they are walking the line of creating a problem within the church? They are the following:

1. They become focused on power.

2. They are controlling.

3. They put demands upon people which are not scriptural.

4. They begin to try to meddle in the private life of a believer.

5. They are self-absorbed.

6. They create new teachings which manipulate people for control and even financial gain.

7. They refuse to submit to correction.

8. They see themselves above the people.

9. They cut ties from others who appear to be a threat to them in the church.

10. Their word is above the word.


If you are sitting under a man (or woman) who are demonstrating these attributes, even though they are otherwise good men (for not every pastor is perfect) then it’s time to re-consider attending that church and instead, find another place to worship. That is sadly the only solution. Especially when someone has violated the sanctity of their pastoral vow. If a pastor has abused a person, no question, you need to leave that situation immediately and leave no room for further abuse, God will judge that individual in due season. This is not an issue of loyalty. It’s an issue of integrity. Doing the right thing means leaving the wrong thing, thus maintaining your loyalty to God and not some man.

The fact is, none of us are perfect and we all stumble along the way, however, no matter of stumbling must ever approve of, or allow abuse of any kind in the pulpit. God’s grace is not a permission slip for abuse, nor is it an allowance for men to do bad things. For every good pastor who is trying and is still learning, it’s easy to deal with that individual while they are willing to submit to instruction. However, to those who would continue to ignore these warnings, God makes it clear that everything that is hidden will be revealed and his judgment is certain.

Paul reminds Timothy of the mandate of the pastor and everyone who is in leadership, who walks in one of the 5 fold ministries of their solemn duty; “I charge you in the presence of God and of Christ Jesus, who is to judge the living and the dead, and by his appearing and his kingdom: Preach the word; be ready in season and out of season; reprove, rebuke, and exhort, with complete patience and teaching.” (2 Timothy 4:1-2)






“After the death of Joshua, the people of Israel inquired of the LORD, “Who shall go up first for us against the Canaanites, to fight against them?” (Judges 1:1)

Our world, our very nation is changing. It is changing to represent exactly what the Bible has been warning was coming, a change to reflect the values of man and not of God. These changes can be seen all around us, from a cultural standpoint where television programs reflect values never seen before, to film and music, where immorality is glorified and virtuous ideas mocked and ridiculed. Even in the political arena, traditional values are now becoming a taboo subject as the winds of change are occurring within this nation, Politicians are finding themselves reluctantly embracing the ideas of this ever changing society. The facts are, we who are in Christ are finding ourselves awakening in a world where our values and morals are no longer considered the majority, while another point of view is emerging.

To be sure, the church, the body of Christ must begin to prepare themselves both emotionally, as well as spiritually, for the changes which are coming. The future will become very difficult for the believer. Not difficult necessarily as it regards in economic terms, but mentally as well as spiritually. For the reality is, the believer in the coming years are going to find themselves living in a world which will become very hostile to those who believe and advocate a position which adheres to traditional Christian doctrine in matters of social living, morality and adherence to scripture alone.

We are now seeing some of this being played out currently on the national scene as it regards Christians, particularly preachers, who are either being forced to provide sermons to the City of Houston (source) or the case of two preachers in Idaho who are being told to either perform gay weddings at their wedding chapel or face fines and/or jail time (source).

This is just the slow start of a gaining momentum where the church will be thrown into a world where they will find themselves confronted with the genuine truth, that their values and beliefs, based upon the teachings of Christ, will not be accepted nor tolerated. How this will play out is anyone’s guess for now, however, great difficulties lay ahead for those of us who believe in Biblical truth. The days are coming when we will have to decide where we stand on the issues of the day, for it will come to the point in which we will have to decide if we will be willing to be open with our faith and what is truth and then proclaim that truth, or cower back into silence, fearful to speak out against the darkness that is creeping across the land. Either way, there will be no middle ground in the years to come, one will either be open with their faith, or they will deny their faith and risk the chastisement of God the Father.

When Joshua died, it’s interesting to note that the generation which Joshua led into Canaan would be the generation that fell into spiritual depravity, and it would take Judges that God would raise up during this period of time to rule over the nation of Israel. Such is the state of the modern church today, except that today God no longer uses Judges, instead, he has the 5 fold ministry guided by the Holy Spirit. Apostles, Prophets, Bishops, Evangelists and Teachers, they are all equipped to guard against false doctrine and spiritual error. This is the connection I see in the last days from the days of Israel past and today’s modern church. The fact is, this younger generation will be the generations to come which will face great adversity and great trials, which seem to give reason as to why many will fall away from the truth – because of the influence of the social gospel being presented in many churches the nation today.

Yet God has a remnant which he will raise up in the spirit of Joshua, who will stand for truth, stand for righteousness and denounce sin, even if it means persecution, they will rise to the occasion and meet the challenges that they face, with the spirit of God. Yes, the coming decades will reveal the spirit of the age, yet in all of this, God has a people who will not back down nor retreat under the pressures of the day, but stand opposed by the power of Christ paid for his work on the cross.





Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.” (Romans 12:2)

The word matters.


Tyler Perry is not your typical or average man in the Christian circle. With a net worth of $400 million, a company which he currently is CEO of, Tyler Perry is the complete opposite of what we would call an “average” believer. Of course this has absolutely nothing to do with Perry’s ability to entertain, and entertain he does. From his role in David Fincher’s suspense drama “Gone Girl”, where he starred alongside Hollywood hitter Ben Affleck, to his Madea films, Perry has a lot of things going for him. From his instrumental work with the NAACP, multiple charities, to his own work not with his Tyler Perry Foundation. Tyler Perry is making his mark in the world, yet also in the church as well.

With spiritual leaders such as Joel Osteen and T.D. Jakes, Perry has aligned himself within the ranks of Christianities most notable personalities, yet he does not preach the word of God. So why is his influence within the church world become important? Because leadership as well as our culture within the church has took a man which only professes Christ in open confession, to portraying him as someone to follow. Make no mistake, Tyler Perry’s influence in certain aspects of Christianity, his associations with Osteen and Jakes, not to mention his personal friendship with Oprah, makes Tyler of extreme importance, even though he has never ventured into the role of spiritual leadership.

So why then is Tyler Perry important to the church world today? It’s obviously not because of his financial worth, or how he started out in extreme poverty, nor is it his years as a struggling writer, so why does he matter? The answer is found not so much what he has accomplished in life, as it’s more about what he is presenting that makes him relevant in our current culture of easy grace-ism.

In 2005, then indie-director Tyler Perry had just came off with his first major triumph with his comedy film, Diary of a Mad Black Woman, depicting Tyler’s past work with his off-Broadway plays, Perry stumbled upon success, he found a niche that was ripe for the picking. In an interview at that particular time, Perry stated concerning his faith, “It is extremely important. I am a Christian, I am a believer, and I know had I not been a person of faith, I couldn’t be here in this place, and I wouldn’t be walking the path that I’m on now. And I think the greater good of the path I’m on now is to teach people to learn to forgive and move on, in a way that’s done through the healing power of humor.” (source)

Being considered the #1 Christian film producer in Hollywood, it was obvious to many Perry was wanting to use his faith as a means to not only relate to a secular world his beliefs in a more comedic way through story telling, but he was telling the Christian world that he was a devote follower of Jesus Christ. So when news broke within the past week of his announcement that he and his girlfriend was expecting their first child, then it caused many to become confused with the news two individuals were having a child yet were not even married, nor have they even considered marriage. (source)

Which brings me to the core issue of transparency in the faith. The news made by someone famous (in this case Tyler Perry by his own admission) within Christianity yet not holding up the values of the Christian faith, even furthering the damage being done by his witness to the world, is more symptomatic of a more deeper problem found in much of the church today, a lack of genuine expression of the faith by those who claim to be genuine followers of that same faith.

The apostle Paul deals with this matter of those who claim genuine expression of the faith in 2 Corinthians 11:13-15 when he said that, “For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. So it is no surprise if his servants, also, disguise themselves as servants of righteousness. Their end will correspond to their deeds.

The Greek word for transform means metamorphoō  or to change, transfigure, transform. That reference in 2 Corinthians 11:13-15 is the same Greek word that we see in the above verses – “disguise”. We see that same Greek meaning of the word metamorphoo in Matthew 17:2 we read the following verse “And he was transfigured before them, and his face shone like the sun, and his clothes became white as light.” Here we have the expressive use of the word transfigured, it is the same Greek word which has two word meanings, one which implied of an outward expression, while the other word of the same Greek meaning refers the implication of a changed of activity. What Matthew was implying was simple, Jesus changed the expression of his deity on the mount of transfiguration to reveal who he really was – God. Not only God, but the son of God. So we have two functions of these words, one meaning to hide the real, while revealing the hidden, one (Jesus) was hiding his divine nature and Satan hiding his true nature.

This leads us back to Paul’s warning in Romans 12:2, not to assume an outward expression which aligns itself with the evil of the world. It is this warning by the apostle Paul not to conform to the patterns of this age, it’s fashion, its speech, its ideas, its desires and its beliefs. Ours is a way of Christ who, in his most expressed form of humanity, walked without sin, by doing so, he gave us clear instruction that his expressed path was the one to follow. Which leads us back to Mr. Perry and his announcement of his sexual sins.

When individuals claim to have a knowledge of Christ, but they by their own expression of outward action, reveals their inward expression of spiritual identity, then it becomes clear who they really are. It’s not about Perry living with his girlfriend as it’s more about his shrug of spiritual responsibility to walk in the most genuine expression of Christ likeness. When someone claims they are a believer – as Perry has done, yet by their own expressive action and behavior they walk counter to the teachings of the word of God, then we must conclude one thing – another metamorphoo, a deceit is at play. This is the reason why Paul warned in Galatians 1:8 and repeated in verse 9 to beware of another gospel. The truth is, and I fear is the only answer to why Tyler Perry, and many within the Christian faith sticking up for him is due in part of the sinister act of another gospel being presented, to which even Tyler has become victim to.

When many within the church world begins to praise and exhort individuals who claim to be a disciple of Christ, yet their lives express another statement, then the possibility is Perry and those like him have been seduced by another gospel, another Christ. Yet this is what we are told would begin to occur in the last days, that many would depart from the truth, leaving the faith to follow their own brand of spirituality without restriction, without guidance and without care. As more follow, the trail to deception will be great and many I fear will follow the same path Perry is walking. That’s why Tyler Perry matters.








This man will come to do the work of Satan with counterfeit power and signs and miracles.” (2 Thessalonians 2:9)


From the time of Adam and his wife Eve, Satan desired to bring about a great deception. This first recorded act of deception against mankind is found in Genesis 3:1, when Satan, desiring to tempt humanity in the form of a serpent,  asked a simple question, “Did God really say you must not eat the fruit from any of the trees in the garden?” With that came the world’s first act of disobedience by God’s creation – man.  Yet it also gives us a glimpse how determined Satan is to thwart the plan of God.

Throughout the word of God, in both the Old Testament into the New, we can see very clearly of Satan’s full desire to deceive mankind, which, by the very nature of man’s current rule of this planet, it seems Satan has clearly been successful in deceiving men from the garden to the current present. Still, even with all that Satan has played upon the world, from the first deception that resulted in man’s original sin, to the temptation in the wilderness with Christ, to our present world, one would think that Satan would not attempt yet another grand scale illusion upon the world. However, that is indeed what Satan will attempt to do, and for good reason, he desires to conquer the world not through fierce wickedness and evil, but through subtly and deceit. That subtle, appealing shroud that the world will fall prey to, will not come in the form of a world menace, but from one who will be “other worldly”, the false Messiah to the world.

For centuries, man has desired to gain eternal life thru the means of self efforts such as paganism, intellectualism and science. Man worships the god of science, the god of discovery, the god of self. If it points back to man, man will not only praise it, but he will lift it up and worship it, and Satan is the very one pulling the strings, never to let a good opportunity to pass by to bring sinner man under his domain. This includes the use of deception.

Jesus, in Matthew 24, warned his disciples three times to not be deceived. What Jesus was referring to was a glimpse of what was and is to come – deception on such a global scale that it will boggle the mind to even think that what I propose is coming will seem unthinkable, yet the facts remain that this deception has been well established since the beginning of time, and actually it was prophesied by God himself to Satan in Genesis 3:15 “I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and her offspring; he shall bruise your head, and you shall bruise his heel.  God spoke a prophetic utterance to Satan, that one day in the future, he (Satan) will produce an offspring which will attempt to strike at the heart of the lamb of God to his church, yet Christ shall conquer the man of sin – the antichrist. In other words, Satan, desiring to imitate God, will desire to produce his own likeness, his own “Messiah”, his own son – the Antichrist.

In Genesis 6:1-4, we have a glimpse of this first incursion of the attempt by Satan to destroy the bloodline by the means of genetic manipulation, this was brought about by the infusion between fallen angels and human beings sexually. Yet this did not just occur once in the past, but it occurred once before the flood and twice (possibly a third) after the flood. The agenda of Satan is to deceive the world into captivity in the last days, promising mankind that if he would but take a bite of this new “fruit” which will come in the form of a man, promising eternal life, wisdom of the universe, the promise of knowledge far superior than he has ever known, without the worry or need of God or Christ, then he will live forever.

That form of fruit which will promise the world answers to his inner most questions will come from a supernatural source – a demonic source. This source will be foreign to anything we have ever known before or ever again. It is the deception Christ was warning us about in his word and one we need to be watchful for. For this deception will be alien.

For over a century, man has been occupied with the notion that his answers are not found in the earth, but in space. Is it any interest that NASA as well as every other scientific endeavor spends more money and resources in space exploration than those venues working in land here on earth? Why? Why are every financial resource, educational development and teaching resources more focused on our solar system, planetary exploration, planned man explorations from the moon to Mars, the central focus? It’s because there has been a divine, but unholy allure to the realm of space than any other aspect of our world today.

From the dark pages of history, where men, who rejected the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, sought the forbidden arts of the occult world, were then guided by Satanic means, had been given information from the dark world of Satan’s spiritual kingdom, an understanding, and that understanding was that what, or whom, they were seeking for, the answers to the questions of who man is, why is man here, everything he has ever hoped for, would not be found on earth, but in space. All it takes is a simple trip into your local library and into the manuals of Archeology and Anthropology to see that at the core of man’s learning and understanding rests one common theme – the quest for truth. This quest however has consistently left man with a void for the truth found in God’s holy word. This in turn has left man blinded by his own lust for power and self achievement.

It is man’s attempt to seek after his “god” outside of his own surroundings, which brings us to my main point, that in man’s search for knowledge, that Satan will once again use to tempt mankind just as he did in the garden, nothing truly has changed with the enemy, just the players, but the plan remains the same – deceive by flattery and lies. The Prophet Daniel said concerning the end times and the one who would rise in that time of the end that, “Thus shall he (Antichrist) do in the most strong holds with a strange god, whom he shall acknowledge and increase with glory…(Dan.11:39). Now here is where we see something unique about what Daniel had to say concerning the term “strange god”. The phrase “strange god” is the Hebrew word “nekar ‘elowahh” which means “alien god!” The alien god Daniel is referring to is Satan, who is described in Scripture as an alien form as “the” Dragon, which is in fact an alien.

When Daniel and even John wrote down what they saw, they were in essence describing something with the mindset of someone living nearly 5,000 years ago. Today, we have to take the events as described by both of these prophets and interpret them in 21st century understanding. What seemed foreign to Daniel, would make more understanding today in the times we are living in now. What Daniel and John foresaw in their day, is only now being revealed in these last days.

The truth is, when revealed, is that there is coming a strong delusion beyond anything we have come to understand, it will come in the form of the one thing man has centered on, that which draws him continually – in space. This is part of what the apostle Paul was referring to as the strong delusion mentioned in (2 Thess. 2:11). Man’s desire to be as god, his desire to manipulate the sciences with other explanations than God himself designed and orchestrated, will condition his heart to one day believe the lie. That lie will be found in the image of a false god, promising false hopes, false dreams, false salvation, and worst of all, false signs and wonders. This deception comes from the very source man is currently exploring today, in the outer realms of our universe, the same universe where Satan is currently ruling from, so is it any wonder that man’s attempt to contact some form of life in hopes of gaining knowledge that will place man upon the throne of deity, be given in return for his complete devotion a message or discovery that man has been looking for? I believe so. Again, deception. It began in the garden and it will end with the nations in the form of the antichrist.

This “man” will be unnatural, unholy and conceived in the bowels of hell. This “man” will come with promises of hope and the offering of knowing the secrets to life – eternal life, he will make himself god and in return, will demand worship, the price for partaking of the forbidden fruit he has to offer. Yet the world will give in to his demands, his false hopes and false promises, and become seduced by this angelic messenger of Satan. He is the deception Christ warned us about, and why he will not come in a manger, but through a message. When that day comes, unless we have the word firmly planted in our hearts, then we too might become deceived, for this deception will sweep the world, and it will come in the most unusual way that the world will worship it, for he will come as a man of world peace, speaking great things, boasting of great lies, yet his heart will be filled with violence, darkness and hatred for the very ones kneeling to his image. For he is the coming Alien Antichrist.





“For as were the days of Noah, so will be the coming of the Son of Man.” (Matthew 24:37)


Noah set the example. He was a preacher of righteousness in a world gone mad. Yet Noah continued to build his ark for he and his family (contrary to some teachings, not one time did Noah ever suggest people come into the ark nor did God ask Noah to invite others in). There was a time where the church influenced the nation and its culture, today culture is influencing the church. The fact is, the church is changing and not in a good way.

Already I see the change taking place. Terms long held to distinguish the Christian mandate, such as “Christian” or “Sinner” or even the “Cross” or “the blood” are systematically being either removed altogether, or being replaced with a more tolerable, political correct term. Say what you will, but political correctness, I believe, is the #1 reason of many of these changes. The term “unchurched” is now the term many evangelical circles are beginning to use to refer to those who do not know Christ.

The concept of warning people about Hell is now, within many churches and pulpits, considered unpopular and unwanted. As one person stated on their Facebook page, ‘Christ would never tell someone to repent, or warn them if they did not follow him they would go to “Hell”. This was from a PREACHER. Yet this is what’s happening today in Christianity.

I have stated over and over that within the next 20 years, everything is going to change in how we present Christ and what we consider as traditional Christianity. Today, the term “Christian” means whatever you want it to mean. If a person is Mormon and they use the term “Christian” then it’s completely acceptable. Roman Catholics too, since they use the term “Christian” they too are now becoming tolerated in the faith. Recently I was listening to a particular preacher on tv, this man I have met personally and there’s no question I believe him to be a good man, but he openly labeled Catholics as Christian, which caused me to really question his wisdom. But it’s happening more and more these days.

The next 2 decades are going to be a challenge for convictional Christians and churches and their Denominations when it comes to social issues of the day. By the end of 2016, the issue of same sex marriage will have been settled, and the church will either have to re-adjust to this standing truth, or die by the sword of conviction. That is not to say we will accept this lifestyle, but the pressures of society will demand not that they change, but WE change. Then we’ll see whose really in this for the long haul and whose in it for superficial reasons.

As the culture begins to take on other forms of perversion and ideologies which will greatly counter the word of God, the church’s impact upon the world will wane in the process. The world will grow less and less tolerable of traditional Christianity and its gospel. And I stand by my words, Islam will be the first causality. Then the world will gradually turn its attention to the Christian faith, and while it won’t happen overnight, it will happen. This new concept of global individuality and humanism, mixed in with paganism, will all but assure that the church will find itself in the same position the early church did – in a corner.

Jesus wasn’t kidding, nor was he making a joke when he outlined the world in Matthew 24. Think of a world without mainstream Christianity and that’s what the generation living in that world will find themselves in. A world devoid of spiritual light. This will lead to a greater deception that we all know is coming. The facts are, if you are one of those still living in the decades to come, it’s going to cost you something to live for Christ in America, much less the world. Those who adhere to the convictions of the word of God, those who preach the truth, the cross and a demand to live right, will become the minority in the future.

This is why Jesus said that “He that endures to the end, the same shall be saved”. The coming cultural divide within the next 20 years, will do more to define those who are truly sold out to the Lord and those who are not. Yet in this coming tide of social change will come a remnant that will walk in power, great authority and great demonstration of both the love of God and the warning of God that we are near the end of this period of grace, then comes the judgment.

The next 20 years will determine much in our foundation called the “church”, and only those who have rooted themselves in the faith will make it, for I believe after we reach the 20 year mark, something the world has long been preparing for will come and change everything on this world – deception. But that is for my next article “Alien Antichrist”.