The gospel in America has been hijacked, replaced with another gospel, a gospel of greed.

When news broke regarding Creflo Dollar’s plea for Christians (namely those who follow him) to donate to the purchase of a 65-million dollar jet, it not only raised eyebrows, it settled within the hearts and minds of the faith’s leading accusers that Christianity has become nothing but an ends to gaining great wealth at the expense of its followers. And they would be right, to a degree.

The prosperity “gospel” doctrine that was birthed in the late 60’s by only a relative few such as the Rev. Ike, and the late Robert Schuller, gained a notable following within the Charismatic movement and eventually the leading founders of Christian Television, namely Trinity Broadcasting Network began to take up the cause, as well as the offering plate to the tune of millions by those who heard the promise that if one gave ’til it hurt’ God would reward that giving by hundreds, if not millions in return. The church was offering better odds than any house in Vegas. All because preachers took to the airwaves declaring that God wanted his people to be rich, not comfortable financially – but rich. Today, the prosperity “gospel” has become the single most learned doctrine second only to the doctrine of salvation by faith alone followed by the doctrines of water baptism and sanctification.

Yet, things are beginning to turn when it comes to the proponents of the gospel of greed, and one where many are beginning to question this creeping lie that many have not only bought into (literally) but has cost them their life savings as well. Several factors are coming into play as what I believe is the reason why many within the church are turning a deaf ear to this false gospel, namely two things – the persecution of Christians across the world where men, women and children are literally being slaughtered by radical Muslims (namely ISIS), and the state of the economy. These two combined are enough to bring about a radical change away from this doctrine of devils, and instead, bring about a more responsible attitude toward proper sound doctrine and the rejection of the false. But this gospel of greed is not going down without a fight.

Today, we can still see, even among the best of preachers who have the best of intentions the seduction of greed. I have always stated that a man can be used of God, reach the world for Christ and still be off in his theology all because he has bought into the lie which says ‘much is good’ as it relates to money and the attaining of wealth. I see that in popular television ministries now, preachers who, three or five years ago stood on sound doctrine and railed against the prosperity lie that has dominated the modern church in America and other parts of the world, that they too have become seduced by the desire for riches. The truth is, when a ministry becomes popular, the money always follows the popularity, this is why it must be understood that popularity nor the gaining of wealth is to always be attributed to the goodness of God, but instead it might very well be a tempting tactic by Satan himself to lure that preacher and his ministry away from the truth. This is what I believe is currently happening with several popular Pentecostal ministries who have consistently been preaching the cross, but because of their resurgence among the church world, they too are becoming seduced by the spirit of greed. And the fact is, it shows in their attitude and their pleas for financial help.

Let me dispel a myth that many within the church world has taken as fact; no where are we required to support someone’s calling to reach the world for Christ. Allow me to expand on that thought. If God has truly called someone to ministry, he himself will bring about the finances to support that particular minister and his call to wherever he is led. That is not to say Christians cannot, nor should not support the gospel and missionaries and preachers, what I’m saying is, the Christian is not called, nor required to support someone’s ego in their attempt to build an empire. Yet that is exactly what has happened with many a popular minister who gains a following, they have to ‘feed the machine’ to keep it going all under the guise of ‘reaching the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ’. Did the apostle Paul demand payment? He could have, he even states so in his own letters, but he chose to labor with his own hands. Yet what always occurs is the church relinquishes their responsibilities to go into all the world and preach the gospel, and instead, they elevate a man or woman who is charismatic in nature and then funnels large amounts of cash toward that person, and what happens is always the same, the man (or woman) sees the financial rewards of their good service and begins to build his personal empire to such a degree that now a child is now born, and that child needs to eat, and that child needs to grow, and eat, and grow, and eat. It’s a pattern every popular preacher has fallen into – every one of them. And whose to blame? We are. Because we funded it.

Let me clarify that God does use men and women to reach the world, the problem is, too many in the church think only one or two particular ministers have the ‘touch’ on their life and yet the reality is God has many who is being raised up in these last days who will not fall into the trap of empire building, and instead, they will work on a shoe string budget to reach the world, not building a global television ministry (which is actually a flawed concept which only truly works in the U.S., but will deny their own fleshly desires, the image of power, the mansions, the flashy cars, the quality of life that only those who have the financial means can bring, and instead, will trod with the poor, will reach into the villages and under-dwellings to reach the lost. This is why I believe that the day is coming where God is going to once again move the church back to its original purpose where everyone will play the part, not one or two popular people, but where the entire body will reach the globe for Christ before the end comes.

Unfortunately though this message of financial accountability is being resisted by the powers that be, why? Because the marketing and exploitation of the message of the cross makes money – lots of it. From merchandise found in the many conferences across the country, to the local campmeeting gathering, the commercialization of Christianity becomes the central focus and not the gospel, it’s the merger of the prosperity gospel and the gospel of the cross. The problem? It will never work.

The tactic Satan has desired to do, entice believers to satisfy their own lust instead of denying themselves, is when the cross is matched up against the almighty dollar, the cross will fade from view each and every time. This is why God desires us not to seek after wealth or riches, but instead, seek after those things he has for us which are far more valuable than gold.  In Revelation 3:14-22, we read of Johns account of seven churches, one in particular was named the church in Laodicea. The Laodicean church was one which as John described, was adorned with great wealth and much success when it came to stature. Many often read the passages which indicate that the Laodiceans who were materially wealthy, was focused on physical wealth, which was true, but what the word seems to indicate is that the Laeodiceans were actually spiritually wealthy in knowledge of the word. In other words, they had a vast spiritual wealth of knowledge of the gospel which made them complacent in not only their attitude toward the things of God, but in living. This is why the apostle Paul had great concern for the Laodiceans spiritual welfare.

In his the letter, Christ used a metaphor of himself standing at the door and knocking on the minds and hearts of the Laodiceans. The image of Christ standing outside and knocking may also imply that the Laodiceans have locked him out of their church! The Laodiceans were powerless, yet had the power of the gospel. The Laodiceans were wealthy but spiritually poor. The Laodiceans were boasting of their works, yet Jesus condemned them for being lukewarm. I believe that if there was ever a church which reflects the spiritual as well as physical nature of the Laodiceans it is in fact the American church today. We have made Christ and the cross a message that is no longer desired nor wanted. We relish in “things” which do not matter in the scope of things which point to eternity. We boast of our good works, actually, the church in America has adopted a works based theology instead of faith alone. All of this points to one thing – apostasy.

It’s interesting to note that in around 60 A.D., a great earthquake leveled Laodicea and all of its great vasts of wealth. The truth is, there is a crisis within the church in America, a crisis of ideologue. The exploitation of believers through manipulation by preachers continues, yet the church is going to have to challenge the current status and break away from the lie which many have bought into which says God wants us all rich and wealthy. The fact is, the ideologue that I speak of is the American Dream. This myth has caused more chaos within the American church than anything the Word of Faith proponents would or could ever present. This doctrine of devils, this gospel of greed and its continuing exploitation of the gospel where men beg for donations, manipulate believers into giving is a direct influence by this spirit, and this spirit is not of God, but a demonic spirit – a spirit of greed.

Until we wake up and realize that we’re being hoodwinked by clever con men in their designer suits, weak believers and gullible Christians will continue to be drawn in by the reward of wealth and great riches and the only thing which they will receive is a bounced check when they give their final first fruits to a player on T.V.




“I am astonished that you are so quickly deserting him who called you in the grace of Christ and are turning to a different gospel— not that there is another one, but there are some who trouble you and want to distort the gospel of Christ. But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach to you a gospel contrary to the one we preached to you, let him be accursed. (Galatians 1:6-8)

When God speaks to me, he does so in many different ways, a spoken word, the written word and finally either thru dreams and/or visions. For several weeks since my return from China where I have be begun working to return back to China at the end of this summer, I have had no clear and distinct word about anything or anyone. It seemed as though heaven itself had been shut up from me, which is difficult, not to say that God no longer dealt with me about anything – he did and does. Yet the one thing that has not been happening (for whatever reason) which is dreams, have been stopped – until last night.

The following account was a literal prophetic dream where I not only was taken up, but I was placed in a situation, along with a particular individual, whereby the Lord began to once again open up the prophetic to me in such a way that he was revealing what needed to be revealed. It was quite shocking to what I saw, heard and seen, but it must be understood by all that this is by no means an attack against Jonathan Cahn, but a warning of what can happen when we do not line up the teachings of others and instead, we embrace that which is another gospel. Here is that dream the Lord showed me last night:

I found myself standing in front of a large synagogue, it was unusual in that I had never been in such a place before, so I was questioning why I was even there as I made my way inside. I immediately began to walk down the dark pathway, it was darkly lit, which was very unsettling, as I questioned why this place of worship was so darkly lit. I walked slowly, looking at what I was seeing, it was as if the Lord wanted me to see everything, from the people worshiping in a different way, to their strange behavior. That’s when I realized what was going on – they were Christians who were acting Jewish. From believers imitating praying at the prayer wall in Jerusalem, to people blowing a shofar, they were all seemingly spellbound in their attempt to worship under this behavior. I kept walking, paying little attention to other strange behaviors surrounding me, it was as though the people were lost in another form of worship, and it plagued me so. Then, without missing a beat, I heard a voice – the Lord’s voice – began to speak to me. As I continued to walk down this long, dark pathway, the Lord said, “They are following another spirit, another gospel.” I was shocked. How could this be? I questioned the Lord over what he was saying, I mean, how could these people – Christians, be following another spirit? And the Lord spoke again, softly and gently to my spirit, “It’s another spirit, another gospel they are following.” Over and over again, God was speaking to me of what I was seeing, that even though the people were desirable of pleasing the Lord, they were following another spirit and another gospel. I then, for whatever reason, found myself at a door of exit, it was as if God himself supernaturally changed the path I was on and showed me all I needed to see and brought me to the exit, that’s when I met him – Jonathan Cahn. It was strange to say the least as he was going out, but he looked at me as he stopped just short of stepping out and looked at me, his eyes staring intently upon me. He gazed upon me for a few seconds, then suddenly snarled at me like a dog would growl and snarl to someone as a warning to “stay away” – and with that he was gone. That’s when I understood that the place where the Lord had shown me was in fact Cahn’s church. The dream ended.

There is no question in my mind that the Hebrew movement which is plaguing the church today is a Satanic attack upon the body of Christ. This insane desire to return back to law, the desire for the Christian to seek out his or her “Jewish” roots is by far one of the most stupidest things I’ve seen in recent years. Stupid in that it is drawing people away from the cross as the only means to please God (by faith) and instead, it is an attempt to undermine the finished work of the cross. As Paul rightfully states in Galatians 1:6 “I’m astonished you are so quickly deserting the grace of Christ…” [paraphrase mine]. The body of Christ spiritually is under attack from all sorts of myths, fables and lies. The church is inundated with books about Blood Moons, how to be Jewish, the power of the prayer shawl, and other foolish things – the church is drunk on stupid.

The whole movement that Jonathan Cahn and others like him are doing is not bringing people to the cross, but moving people away from the cross into things which are nothing but another spirit, another gospel and it is antichrist. That is what these men, either on purpose or through ignorance are doing – leading men from the only solution to the problems of the day – the cross. There is no question in my mind that God is about to shake the church, and when he does he will do so for a reason, to shake us from our sins so that we will once again be the full embodiment of who Jesus Christ is in these last days in which we live.



china kids

Many continue to ask how they can support and sponsor the work I and Ruth are doing within China. As of April 3rd, 2014 China Missions.org was formed. A non-profit Organization and soon to be 501c3 compliant, China Missions endeavors to do the work God has called us for, preaching the gospel throughout China, supporting the local churches with Bibles and training, and making Disciples of men. No other opportunity exists as it does right now in China with the preaching of the gospel. So how can you be apart of this work? By visiting us at our new website – www.chinamissions.org and support this work that God has called us to do.

Christopher Gregory


His name is synonymous with the conservative movement and one which liberals tend to want to stop when it comes to their progressive agenda. His books have sold over 5 million copies to date, and he has been on the New York’s Times best seller longer than most who have such a national platform. His name is Bill O’ Reilly and he is a standard by which conservative media measures success, as well as influence along with such names as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter. Yet, with all his success he has managed to attain, where O’Reilly falls flat is when it comes to faith, especially when it comes to Christianity and the gospel.

The apostle Paul warns us in Galatians 1:8 the following, “But even if we or an angel from heaven should preach to you a gospel contrary to the one we preached to you, let him be accursed.” Never have we seen the level of false teachings, false doctrines, false dreams, visions and prophetic words sweep into the church, as we are seeing now. The fact is, not only is Satan using men and women to deceive, he’s using popular voices laced with conservative (and sometimes patriotic) rhetoric to entice the conservative base (as well as the religious base) to affirm his agenda – and that agenda? To change how we think when it comes to the gospel.

O’Reilly, an Irish born Roman Catholic, grew up in Long Island New York and went to Catholic schools where his indoctrination to the Roman Catholic religion began to influence and shape his worldview, not only when it came to America and its political foundation, but also to the Christian faith. The fact that his entire premise of his book, ‘Killing Jesus’ deemed Jesus as just a man and not God, flies in the face of Christianity, not to mention even Catholic doctrine. The truth is, Bill O’ Reilly might be a conservative when it comes to his social/political views (although he claims he is a libertarian) the fact of the matter is, Bill O’Reilly’s  views when it comes to Jesus, is clearly another version of truth and one which needs to be rejected completely for it is based on another gospel, another Christ and another lie.

In O’Reilly’s account of the gospels, Jesus (portrayed by a Muslim) is an insurrectionist, someone whose obsessed with big Government and the plight of the people burdened down by taxes. This is a far cry from the biblical account where Jesus had absolutely no interest in this kingdom other than the kingdom of heaven. (John 18:36)  O’Reilly’s accounts depict someone who literally has an agenda, not to further the gospel, but to change it. Yet why? Why would O’Reilly, who by his own weight and popularity and whose core followers are made up of evangelical conservative Christians, why would O’Reilly want to change the image of Christ as well as the gospel which would see Jesus telling those who walked away from him (the 70) “The Kingdom of God is in you. Those that look within themselves will find it”. Why would Bill O’Reilly, popular author, political commentator for Fox News, make Christ a new age teacher? Because the truth is, Bill O’Reilly is a tool of the enemy slanted to deceive the masses in this final last hour.

Some of the other blatant twisting of the gospels in ‘Killing Jesus – the movie’ are:

1. Jesus catching the fish as his first miracle – wrong, it was turning water into wine (John 2:11)

2. John the Baptist had to tell (explain) to Jesus who he was and who he was designed to be – wrong, Jesus always knew who he was (Luke 2:49).

3. The claim by John the Baptist in the television film ‘Killing Jesus’ states that water (not the blood) saves one from sin, this is Catholic doctrine.

4. Jesus was not killed, Jesus gave his life freely (John 10:17-18)

This is the problem of much of what is being passed as gospel truth, and the worse thing about all of this is, the modern church is accepting it hook, line and sinker. Much like Roma Downey and her new age gospel (source). The tide of false teachings are sweeping into the church and it is all meant for one thing – destruction. Satan is clever, he never makes a mistake when it comes to that which is built upon a lie, he will use whomever he has to use, whether it be a famous actress, or a popular conservative commentator, Satan’s entire plan is to destroy the doctrine of Christ and especially the cross – he hates the cross. Why? Because the cross stands as the symbol that Satan lost his right to man’s soul, for the penalty for sin and death has been forever paid for on the cross. His victory is our victory.

Bill O’Reilly’s ‘Killing Jesus’ is just another long list of attempts by men and women who have become deceived, for they have allowed the enemy to ensnare them with another way, another truth, another light, when Christ is the only way, the only door, the only true light, everything else is false. I believe the reason why people such as Roma, and now O’Reilly are emerging is nothing short of a more greater plan by the enemy to bring about this ecumenical movement, and at the helm of all of this? The Roman Catholic church and the Vatican.

If the church is going to deal with these attempts by clever twisting of scripture, it will have to begin first a house cleaning, the complete separation from those who are in our midst who are maligning the written word for a greater deception. This is the only way we, the church of Jesus Christ can deal with the doctrines of demons and devils that have slowly crept into the church. Unless we do, we are setting ourselves up for what the apostle Paul said would eventually come, the great falling away. Until we face the fact that we’re being seduced by a demonic marketing game of bait and switch, we will never fully stop this growth of lies and deceit until it’s too late. The message of the cross must be the only message the church needs to be promoting (but isn’t) and we must first 1. repent and 2. cast out the Satan who is within our midst. That is the only way the church can deal with the spiritual mess we now find ourselves in.




It’s been said many times in the past that where the heart and desire of the people are, that’s where the spirit of the Lord will be. Today I believe I can say with assurance that the next, great move of God in these last days will not occur in America, but in China.

Since the upper room, where 120 dedicated believers gathered together in one accord and the greatest revival known to man broke out that started the church, believers have been desiring for, and praying in the hopes that the next great move of God not seen in our time since the Azusa street revival in 1906 would break out somewhere upon the earth that would revitalize the church and see potentially millions come to Christ as a result. Today that move is happening in one of the most hardline nations on earth – China.

Not since the days of Chairman Mao and his killing fields and the many dark prisons he created, could one imagine what’s happening right now within what used to be only a missionaries dream when it came to preaching the gospel to the people. Communist China is literally being transformed right before our very eyes, and it’s all because of the season in which we are living in – the last days.

To be sure, every generation has seen some move of God in some form or fashion. The revivals, the Cane Ridge revival (the Kentucky revival), the Brownsville revival, and the great Welsh revival, they were all significant revivals which literally changed the direction of the church at that particular time, paving the way for the outpouring of the Holy Ghost upon all who would receive.

Yet the church in America, as in other parts of the world, are not seeing significant moves due to many factors, in America that one factor seems to be a reoccurring theme which has hindered the church from seeing any true and genuine move of God – apathy. Never before have we witnessed a spirit of apathy as it relates to the Christian faith as we are seeing within the American church. Failure to rightly divide the word, failure to seek the spirit of God, failure to a transformed life which brings forth sanctification and holiness. These and many more, have become a significant stumbling block within the church in modern America. Not only has this led to falling into scriptural error, but it’s allowed for the growth of false doctrines and false teachers to seduce many within the American church, yet the people love it so. The fact is, we simply have no true hunger for God or his word or for the things of God, and it shows.

Yet within the nation of China there is a growing hunger, a thirst for the spirit of God like never before, and the wonderful news is, this hunger, this deep desire for God is yielding more than just a hunger for God, it’s producing the seeds of what I believe to be the beginning of the greatest move of God upon this earth, and it’s going to come from what for decades the western church considered to be as “untouchable”, and rightly so. For decades the Chinese church was under one of the most tightly controlled, oppressive countries in the world, where Christians had to gather in secret under threats of jail – or worse. Where pastors were routinely arrested and thrown into a Chinese prison cell, to suffer years in a Chinese labor camp. Until the early 1980’s, it was strictly forbidden for visiting foreigners to even bring in a Bible, those who dared to thwart the Government threats by bringing in suitcases of bibles and Christian tracts, were arrested, detained and then quickly deported. For nearly another decade the hope of the gospel seemed all but lost to the rest of the world, even the church when it came to the Chinese people, so the church world turned their focus to other efforts which were not as daunting, such as Africa, India, Russia and South and Central America. So while the rest of the church once again had to simply pray that one day the doors of opportunity to reach the Chinese mainland would have to wait until a more opportune time would arise, God had other plans.

By the 1990’s, the world was beginning to change, and China was right back in the forefront, but this time with a new purpose and a new direction. The China reform began to emerge and the people as well as leadership was beginning to understand that one cannot survive by methods of the wrongs of the past, and with new leadership and a new sense of idea, China began to change not just socially, but both politically as well as economically. Yet with this new change another change was spreading across the country – the gospel. As China began to focus more on its new opportunity to come out of its red past, the church within China was growing, expanding and coming out of their underground hiding – and to the astonishment of many within the outside world as news began to slowly leak out of this news, the church within China was finding itself at the threshold of a new dawn.

In the past 15 years much within China has significantly changed, the current political leader, the provincial Government and its ruling party have become liberal in much of their thinking and their new direction, which is beginning to include human rights. It’s no surprise to say that China today has changed more in the past decade than it has for the past 25 years, and it’s because not of the political structure per se’ but because of the spirit of God upon the hearts and lives of the Chinese people desiring Christ and the cross. The truth is this, the church within China is no longer underground, pastors are preaching openly and freely in much of mainland China, no longer are the fears of being arrested and/or thrown in a Chinese cell. Yes, in some provinces there are still rudiments of the past, but as time is changing past thinking, the overall sentiment within China is good for the church and the church within China is hungry now for the gospel. The problem? The western church world has not been told of this change.

Yet China is experiencing one of the greatest moves of God, where miracles are occurring, believers going into hospitals and laying hands on the sick and they are being made whole, where local churches are experiencing unprecedented growth in people desiring to hear about Christ and the cross, and less about Buddha. The reality is, China is where the next great move of God is about to occur, then the world.

So what do we do? Some of us are seeing this move occur and can see that now is the time to begin once again the push back into China while the harvest is clearly white and ready to pick. This next move of God will not occur within the United States, how prideful we are to think everything needs to start with America, this is a result of nationalism at best, but God is not moved by ones patriotic pride, he’s moved by ones hearts desire to be filled, and he’s answering that cry with the people of China. Then the rest of the world.




So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” (John 8:36)

Christ has come to set us free from the law.

Communism: Communism is an ideology of economic equality through the elimination of private property. Throughout my travels and years spent inside China, it became apparent that China was (and is) departing, to a large degree, from their former Communist beliefs. When the new reformation initially began to take place within China in 1978, a major shift began to occur within the Communist stronghold and a new ideology began to occur. Yet, even during this instrumental time of reform within China was birthing, that did not trickle down to the average citizen. Until 1994 people did not, nor could own a car. But in that same year, China reform began to fully be seen among the people, with the Government beginning to not only encourage its citizens to buy a car, but to begin the process of individual economic freedom. China was changing to the betterment of its people and its society. The fact is, nearly Fifteen years ago hardly anyone could afford a car, today everyone can – and a large percentage do.

There are many economic changes taking place within China which proves that the nation is changing from a strict Communist/Socialist country, to a more open (dare I say Capitalist) form of Government. The reason? The past never worked and instead, the people literally starved under Mao’s oppressive regime and ideology. Yet in other ways there are still Communist controlled pillars which have long been put into place, especially when it comes to religion.

China officially permits the three self church, a State run, State monitored religious institution which conforms and subjects itself to the State, including sermons, ideas, beliefs and so on. In China, the State run church impacts the Chinese Christians in such a way that those who attend these State run churches subject themselves to not only a controlled gospel, but a watered down version of the Bible. Yet things are indeed changing in this aspect within China when it comes to Christianity. As I have written about many times in the past month during my second trip into China (and even now preparing for my third and final trip to China where I will stay and live among the Chinese along with my wife) the great restrictions in China are becoming less restrictive and more tolerant, especially in the larger cities. Yet there is an element of religious control which seems to be playing out that not only reflects the Communist mantra, but it is hampering many in their walk. I call it Communist Christianity.

Within many of the travels I took across southern China, near Hong Kong, Thailand, and near Tibet, over 3,000 miles in 30 days, the one thing I noticed within many of the churches, house churches, three self churches and countless home bible studies is the control some are having over the people, very similar to the control the Government has currently over the people of China. There is a great element of influence by not just the Communist ideology within the Chinese church upon the people by men who seek to control the spiritual well being of the people, but there is a segment among the pastors and Seminaries at large who are adopting the western influence of spiritual authority (the Shepherding Movement) in such a way that the people are limited in their scriptural instruction and instead, the gospel is regulated to a “as needed” format. This is the sad aspect of the modern church in China, and while there are other segments within Christianity within China, especially the growing Pentecostal movement within China, the religious reformers are becoming worse than the Communist leaders of the past in that believers are spoon fed the word of God and then spiritually starved until they conform to leaderships demands.

This form of religious control is not just making inroads into the Chinese church, it’s equally made its way into the American church as well, and it has many names it hides behind such as the covering, shepherd, and pastoral authority. In 1974, a meeting took place between four Charismatic leaders that attempted to deal with what they deemed as an answer to moral failure which was occurring within the Charismatic/Pentecostal movement among its members, and the result was called the Shepherding Movement. The men in question, Bob Mumford, Derek Prince, Don Basham, and Charles Simpson felt a need for personal accountability among believers to spiritual authority and in the process developed a new movement within the evangelical segment of the Christian faith that would have lasting effects upon those who would find themselves apart of such an unscriptural aspect of the faith. The result? Only a mere decade later, and countless lives torn apart in the process, the Shepherding movement was a spiritual disaster. In the end, the Shepherding movement proved that man made attempts to do what only the Holy Spirit can do will always have the same result – failure.

But unfortunately the church has not seen this error and even today, although by coming in under another label, the modern church is once again finding itself being subjected to spiritual control by some whose entire desire is to control the personal lives of its members. From the error filled teaching which states the pastor is to be followed without question or even examined by what he preaches from the pulpit, to the unscriptural teaching of the “covering” whereby a Bishop or pastor or Apostle is to be the spiritual covering of their members, even to the point of controlling every aspect of the believers life – even personal life decisions (whom to marry, whom to date) are now under scrutiny by others as many are becoming disillusioned by the spiritual abuse taking place in many church leadership.

To be clear, at no time has Jesus ever given spiritual leaders power over another believer – ever. Matthew 20:25 makes it clear that we are to serve one another, not control one another. What one believer does in the privacy of their own home, their own life, even the very decisions that they make are to be just that – personal and not to be subjected to some spiritual dictator who touts himself as a pastor. The truth is, in Christ there are no greater servants over others, we are all the same, but power and influence, especially in the realm of the church has made some drunk on power and pride. The truth is this, anything which seeks to control, dictate, and rule over another person is not Christianity but a spirit of Satan, it is antichrist. This includes manipulation in financial giving (the tithe), the demands to return to the covenants of the old testament and the demand to submit to a spiritual authority such as a pastor. These are counter to the gospel and one which the believer must reject and if the demands do not change, one in which the believer must weigh heavily to reconsider whether that church and that leader is properly operating under the word and instead, operating under the spirit of control, which is witchcraft. If it does not change, then the believer needs to simply pack up and leave that church and go somewhere else.

The church does not need dictators and control freaks, the church is a place, or group of people who love others, who require no allegiance, no submission, no demands of loyalty, a true pastor who is truly called of God will never demand submission by others, but instead will submit himself to others and serve the lesser of the brethren. That is the true mark of a genuine servant of God, not a spiritual Communist thug.

In this hour of continued straying from the word, it is important that the believer continues to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in all matters pertaining to their life and seek to do God’s perfect will, not the will of others. If not, the believer will find themselves being subject to the demands of a mere man and not the will of the Father, the result will always be the same – bondage.




“Do you not say, ‘There are yet four months, then comes the harvest’? Look, I tell you, lift up your eyes, and see that the fields are white for harvest.” (John 4:35)

Never before has the opportunity to reach the nation of China with the gospel of Jesus Christ has been open as it is right now. Currently I am now back in the United States, preparing for my third and final trip back into China after living in China for a month. This next and final trip will be not only my last, but one that I will then remain in China to raise up a church that will not only grow in the kingdom of God, but equip the many of believers that they too will ‘go out and preach the gospel’.

After traveling over 2,000 miles in just 30 days, visiting church after church, sitting down with not only Pastors and leaders, but also Government authorities, the reality was clear, China is ready to receive the gospel. Yet while the doors into China are quickly opening, so are the daunting task of not only winning the Chinese to Christ, but also equipping them with the gospel itself that they too can understand just what the cross means. For years, the Chinese believer has been subjected to State controlled theology, it is this control which has greatly limited their ability to understand the gospel in such a way which would bring about true liberty from religious bondage. The fact is, the Chinese church is experiencing a shift in such a way that many are becoming tired of the powerless gospel message they have been presented with, and instead, they want more – much more. They want Pentecost. They want the full power and authority of the Holy Spirit in which they too can do exactly what Christ said we would do, lay hands on the sick and see them recover, cast out demons, raise the dead, prophesy, all of these the Chinese church desires and more. But who will tell them? Who will train them?

The sad thing is, many within the United States has long wrote China off as unreachable, unable to preach the gospel due to fears of Communist reprisals, the reality is, the Chinese Government itself is not persecuting Christians as they once did for several factors, one in particular is due to the overall economic expansion China is experiencing. The truth is, the more China grows economically, the less they desire to move militarily against what once was considered illegal. The reality is, with the current President – Xi, who has become very open minded in many areas of Western influence, the change taking place in China is rapidly making the gospel message to be taken into all of China without fear of reprisal. Not only do I see China becoming more and more tolerant of Christianity, the truth is that within the next 25 years, China will become more Christian, more open and more acceptable toward that which Mao once described as an “enemy of the State”.

But let me warn you, Satan is always recognizing this trend and he is equally sending his missionaries, his false prophets, false teachers and ministers of darkness deep into China. Why? Because Satan knows we are nearing the end. Already throughout China, the church of Mormon is spreading slowly but quickly in China, ours is to recognize this warning and make haste while we can, for while China is opening up her borders, allowing bibles into the nation, permitting unregistered churches to operate without persecution or fear of jail, the reality is sooner or later a greater threat will come which will turn the world into complete darkness under the man of sin – antichrist.

So what can YOU do? Go to China. Pray for China, pray that God will send more MIssionaries into Asia and pray that God will open more doors for churches to declare the gospel to. You say “I can’t go to China” then I can offer you this offer – support this ministry who IS going into China. For the next decade, me and my wife Liu (ruth) (who is Chinese) will be spending our lives working in China developing the people, raising up churches, planting churches and discipling believers so that they too can grow and reach others. So you can help and that help is greatly needed. Already I have seen in this last trip, souls come to Christ, many hearing the gospel for the first time, and it’s all fruit which is proving God is in this work. So how can you send me? By donating to HERE, then praying for me and my wife as we seek to do his will in proclaiming the cross to all those who would hear. That is the Macedonian call that is happening in China, let us seek after it while we can.