house of God

For it is time for judgment to begin at the household of God; and if it begins with us, what will be the outcome for those who do not obey the gospel of God? (1 Peter 4:17)

(A letter to the leaders of the body of Christ – and then a prophetic warning)

It’s been 24 hours now (at the time of this writing) since the landmark ruling came down from the U.S. Supreme Court which legalized same sex marriage, making it the law of the land, and yet I am stunned that we have drifted this far and this deep in not only perversion being accepted, but worse – ignored by most of the church. There have now been a total of four (4) Supreme Court rulings in this nation which has not only divided America, but also divided the church and they are:

1. Prayer removed from public schools (1962).

2. The Bible removed from public schools (1963).

3. Abortion became a legal right in the United States (1973).

4. Same sex marriage becomes the law of the land (2015).

In each of these court rulings the one common denominator which has connected them altogether was and is in fact the church itself remained silent. Some would accuse me of being too harsh, that the church as a whole has stood up to the progressive movement which has been swiftly been sweeping across the land since the late 60’s with the whole “sexual revolution” and into the beginning of the early 90’s when the liberal progressive movement started to take root into the heart of America. In each of these rulings, the church found itself dusting off the disbelief that these events not only took place, but questioned why they happened to begin with? The truth is, in each of these court rulings, it came about because the church refused to take part in the social movements of the times and in so doing, the church watched (almost apathetically at times) society give itself over to the spirit of lasciviousness as the culture drifted further and further away from the path which was laid before it. To say that nothing could have been done in each of these events is not simply disingenuous, but duplicitous as well. We, the body of Christ are to be blamed for what we are now seeing taking shape across this nation, much less the world, and we owe it all to the pulpits across America.

There was a time when the church prayed for America. From the early beginnings of this nation, to the start of the 20th century, saints prayed faithfully and often. In the efforts by the early saints God rewarded the early 20th century church with great moves of God, from Azusa street to the Appalachian revivals, God revealed and filled himself upon all those who diligently sought him and God blessed this nation. Yet as time progressed and society became more abundant with prosperous living, something began to happen to the early church, it began, not at once, but over time it found itself beginning to drift further and further away from the cross and by the time of the late 70’s, the church at that time was not the same as it was merely just 40 years previously.

Throughout the 1920s thru the 1960s, America as well as the church saw powerful moves of God. From the healing revivals of A.A. Allen to Oral Roberts and Jack Coe, to the prophetic tents of William Branham, the church was seeing great ministries and preachers such as Billy Sunday and Maria Woodworth Etter rise up and touch the heart of the nation. It was said that when Billy Sunday came into a particular city, that the bars would shutter their doors because of the impact of Billy’s message (which was the cross) had upon the lost. SInners got saved when Billy preached. Yet the church started to embrace things which would eventually not only change her directive (the harvest) to other things. By the 1980s the church had completely moved away from the message of the cross and in its place would come another gospel, another message, another cross. Let me quote to you A. W. Tozer, “There has come in modern times a new cross into popular evangelical circles. It is like the old cross, but different: the likenesses are superficial; the differences, fundamental. From this new cross has sprung a new philosophy of the Christian life, and from that new philosophy has come a new evangelical technique-a new type of meeting and a new kind of preaching. This new evangelism employs the same language as the old, but its content is not the same and its emphasis not as before. The old cross would have no truck with the world. For Adam’s proud flesh it meant the end of the journey. It carried into effect the sentence imposed by the law of Sinai. The new cross is not opposed to the human race; rather, it is a friendly pal and, if understood aright, it is the source of oceans of good clean fun and innocent enjoyment. It lets Adam live without interference. His life motivation is unchanged; he still lives for his own pleasure, only now he takes delight in singing choruses and watching religious movies instead of singing bawdy songs and drinking hard liquor. The accent is still on enjoyment, though the fun is now on a higher plane morally if not intellectually. The new cross encourages a new and entirely different evangelistic approach. The evangelist does not demand abnegation of the old life before a new life can be received. He preaches not contrasts but similarities. He seeks to key into public interest by showing that Christianity makes no unpleasant demands; rather, it offers the same thing the world does, only on a higher level. Whatever the sin-mad world happens to be clamoring after at the moment is cleverly shown to be the very thing the gospel offers, only the religious product is better. The new cross does not slay the sinner, it redirects him. It gears him into a cleaner and jollier way of living and saves his self-respect. To the self-assertive it says, “Come and assert yourself for Christ.” To the egotist it says, “Come and do your boasting in the Lord.” To the thrill seeker it says, “Come and enjoy the thrill of Christian fellowship.” The Christian message is slanted in the direction of the current vogue in order to make it acceptable to the public. The philosophy back of this kind of thing may be sincere but its sincerity does not save it from being false. It is false because it is blind. It misses completely the whole meaning of the cross. The old cross is a symbol of death. It stands for the abrupt, violent end of a human being. The man in Roman times who took up his cross and started down the road had already said good-by to his friends. He was not coming back. He was going out to have it ended. The cross made no compromise, modified nothing, spared nothing; it slew all of the man, completely and for good. It did not try to keep on good terms with its victim. It struck cruel and hard, and when it had finished its work, the man was no more. The race of Adam is under death sentence. There is no commutation and no escape. God cannot approve any of the fruits of sin, however innocent they may appear or beautiful to the eyes of men. God salvages the individual by liquidating him and then raising him again to newness of life. That evangelism which draws friendly parallels between the ways of God and the ways of men is false to the Bible and cruel to the souls of its hearers. The faith of Christ does not parallel the world, it intersects it. In coming to Christ we do not bring our old life up onto a higher plane; we leave it at the cross. The corn of wheat must fall into the ground and die. We who preach the gospel must not think of ourselves as public relations agents sent to establish good will between Christ and the world. We must not imagine ourselves commissioned to make Christ acceptable to big business, the press, the world of sports or modern education. We are not diplomats but prophets, and our message is not a compromise but an ultimatum. God offers life, but not an improved old life. The life He offers is life out of death. It stands always on the far side of the cross. Whoever would possess it must pass under the rod. He must repudiate himself and concur in God’s just sentence against him. What does this mean to the individual, the condemned man who would find life in Christ Jesus? How can this theology be translated into life? Simply, he must repent and believe. He must forsake his sins and then go on to forsake himself. Let him cover nothing, defend nothing, excuse nothing. Let him not seek to make terms with God, but let him bow his head before the stroke of God’s stern displeasure and acknowledge himself worthy to die. Having done this let him gaze with simple trust upon the risen Saviour, and from Him will come life and rebirth and cleansing and power. The cross that ended the earthly life of Jesus now puts an end to the sinner; and the power that raised Christ from the dead now raises him to a new life along with Christ. To any who may object to this or count it merely a narrow and private view of truth, let me say God has set His hallmark of approval upon this message from Paul’s day to the present. Whether stated in these exact words or not, this has been the content of all preaching that has brought life and power to the world through the centuries. The mystics, the reformers, the revivalists have put their emphasis here, and signs and wonders and mighty operations of the Holy Ghost gave witness to God’s approval. Dare we, the heirs of such a legacy of power, tamper with the truth? Dare we with our stubby pencils erase the lines of the blueprint or alter the pattern shown us in the Mount? May God forbid. Let us preach the old cross and we will know the old power. (A. W. Tozer, Man, the Dwelling Place of God, 1966)

As our nation grew further and further away from the truth, the church grew more and more silent. We see this in its current message, from the prosperity gospel, or a love gospel without judgment, to Psychology as a replacement to the gospel message, whereby man’s problem is not sin, but self. Today, we have popular preachers occupying the pulpits throughout much of nation and its churches which is preaching something other than the cross, be it money, to self help, to living a good life, instead of ‘Deny yourself’ we are now preaching tolerance. This is why most pastors today would rather ignore, reject and by all accounts refuse to touch these subjects, because the people themselves no longer wish to hear the truth. And when the church no longer is salt (Matthew 5:13) it loses its purpose and its influence upon the very society who needs the truth. Hence why we are to be blamed for the past (4) court rulings which have brought this nation into great peril before the Lord, for let me remind us all that any nation who rejects God will end up in ruin (Psalm 9:17).

Thus, here we are today once again where the United States highest court has changed the nation to an even greater sin, the perversion of what God has always deemed as the only method of marriage, and the church for the most part is taking it as business as usual. But soon that will change.

While in prayer last night (and today with the moving of the Holy Spirit) the Lord revealed to me something which is coming upon this nation, it is this; God is about to shake this nation in such a way that it will shake even the church up from its slumber, and that shaking will cause a stir in the heart of God’s people and once again bring her back to the cross. This shaking will show us that God is not pleased with where this nation is going, for it has departed the path the church once helped guided it on. I leave you this word found in Jeremiah 8:18-20 “My joy is gone; grief is upon me; my heart is sick within me. Behold, the cry of the daughter of my people from the length and breadth of the land: “Is the LORD not in Zion? Is her King not in her?” “Why have they provoked me to anger with their carved images and with their foreign idols? “The harvest is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved.


gay rights

Here’s the downfall of either tomorrow’s (Friday) or Monday’s Supreme Court ruling on same sex marriage:

1. It will establish a new equality rights for all homosexuals and force upon business or non-profit establishments such as charities and churches who operate under religious freedom Act, anti-discrimination laws which will not allow any business or organization to exemption protection.
2. It (same sex equality rights) will deem any religious institution as a legal challenge to tax exemption status which will, as I believe, will end up back in front of the court justices.
3. It will allow the creation of a new ethics set of laws which will eventually include religious speech which runs counter to the lifestyle of those who consider themselves as gay. In other words, if a preacher or pastor speaks publicly in a way which deems homosexuals being portrayed as “immoral” or “wrong” by a religious standard, that individual will not find refuge under the law for “religious” freedom of speech protection.
4. It will begin to force television ministries, Christian authors or anyone who writes, produces or proclaims a counter view of homosexuality to either refrain from speaking against homosexuality or risk being removed from all areas of media outlets.
5. It will begin to force change (under intense social and political pressure) toward all evangelical Denominations and their stand against homosexual acts. We will begin to see, due to massive pressure from outside sources, bi-laws being created which will adopt and even remotely embrace the idea which says Christians can be homosexual. Those organizations, regardless how large they might be, will succumb to political correctness on the position of same sex marriages.
6. New Bibles will be produced which will not only remove all references against homosexuality, but in its place will be added new language which will support the viewpoint of acceptance as well as tolerance toward homosexuals.
7. Same sex marriage will give rise to transgender protection which will bring about new curriculum within the public education system that will not only deem homosexuality a normal, alternative lifestyle, but encourage homosexual and transgender experiences to children as young as 5 years old.
8. Homosexual diversity will begin to change our entire society to such a degree that traditional Christian principles will be seen and viewed as “outdated” and harmful to social change.
9. Polygamy and to a degree, pedophilia, will become questionable in the years to come that introduction to a new movement for equality for personal choice, even among children, will become normalized to such an extent that people will have multiple marriage partners, and adult/teen sex/marriage will become acceptable or tolerable yet limited.
10. We will possibly see or witness the first openly gay Presidential candidate to run for office and possibly attain the White House.

That is what I see coming.


VATICAN CITY, VATICAN - MARCH 27:  Pope Francis waves to the crowd as he drives around St Peter's Square ahead of his first weekly general audience as pope on March 27, 2013 in Vatican City, Vatican. Pope Francis held his weekly general audience in St Peter's Square today  (Photo by Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves.” (Matthew 7:15)

Two years ago I spoke a prophetic word about the man whom would be selected by the Vatican as the new Pope, the words the Lord gave me then seemed strange and even odd to me at first as the current Pope (Francis) had not yet been selected as of yet. But I posted the prophet warning so that we who understand the last days and end time prophecy might realize just what is coming upon this world. Now, just a little over two years since that prophecy I gave (view here), it’s becoming clear that this man – Pope Francis – is doing exactly what the Lord showed me, and what’s more, many in the church are falling for his slick words of peace.

Yet what exactly is it about this particular Pope which is standing out that draws one to the conclusion that he is in fact a type and shadow of the coming false prophet? The easiest way to determine this Pope and the coming false prophet is to examine who the false prophet is and how he will operate in the last days. (Please note, I do not nor am implying that Pope is the false prophet – he’s not, yet he is a forerunner).

Jesus himself warned his people that the day would come that there would be some who would give rise in the last days which would come in his name and declare false truth, I believe we are now venturing into that hour Jesus was referring to. These men are so deceived that they too believe their own lies, but all throughout history, the church has seen the rise of men who manipulated others under the guise of Christ, but that did not make them the false prophet, it simply made them false. Yet we have a blueprint of what the traits of the coming false prophet will look like when we study the word out and then compare them to someone who might resemble that individual, such as Pope Francis.

When we look at the traits of the coming false prophet, we can see something that stands out – a political/religious mind that is able to capture the hearts of not only world leaders, but leaders within the church (not to mention other religions). These traits are as follows:

1. He will follow his own spirit rather than God.

2. He will deny the written word.

3. He will appear as a man of peace.

4. He will speak highly of other religions in an effort to unite all religions under one banner.

5. He will be be religious in form and appearance.

6. He will come from the pit (Revelation 13:11-15).

7. He will have supernatural powers and great wisdom.

8. He will entice world leaders by his subtleties.

9. He will prepare the world for the man of sin (Antichrist).

10. He will have divine knowledge of earthly things, secret and hidden things, and supernatural things.

Now that we have a small glimpse of what the coming false prophet will resemble or look like, let’s examine just how much this current Pope is making his mark in securing the world for that coming prophet who is by far a manipulative being that will unite all the world under the banner of evil. Within just 16 months, Pope Francis has done the following:

1. Pope Francis walks by his own spirit and not the Spirit of God.

2. Pope Francis denies the word. (He declares people cannot be saved outside the RCC)

3. Pope Francis is quickly becoming a man of global peace (quote).

4. Pope Francis is uniting all the world’s religions (proof).

5. Pope Francis is bringing together the world’s leaders (proof).

6. Pope Francis is helping to establish a world/global economy (proof).

We can go on and on with Pope Francis, but one thing is very clear about this particular Pope and those who have walked before him, none, including John Paul II could never come as close to a false prophet as Pope Francis resembles. Even though he is not the false prophet spoken of in Revelation, the fact is, this particular Pope is setting the stage for the greatest deception the world has never seen before or will ever again. This is why the believer needs to take stock in what it being preached or taught, for even Charismatic/Pentecostal and even baptist leaders are being seduced by this Pope, for what reason? I believe it is to condition the church to accept what we would have never accepted in the past – deception. Yet men such as Kenneth Copeland, Rick Joyner and women like Joyce Meyer and Beth Moore are lining up to shake the hand of this sitting Pope, which is nothing short a reflection of apostasy. We are being conditioned and prepared for a world shaking that only those who are rooted and grounded in the faith will discern, yet multitudes more will fall victim to his deception.

Pope Francis most certainly is not the final great false prophet foretold that is coming, but he most certainly is the forerunner.



“And he said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation.” (Mark 16:15)

There has never been more of an opportunity to reach the people of China than right now. Currently the nation of China is slowly but steadily becoming more and more tolerant and open to Christianity and the gospel. In recent weeks even the President of China has suggested that China can learn from the tenants of the Christian principle of “love one another”.

Since 2013 I have been traveling into China establishing a work that will not just bring new converts into the kingdom, but equally teach the older believers the foundation of the gospel – the message of the cross. Since 2013 God has brought into my life not just this current work, but my wife (Liu) who is a preacher within the City of Chongqing. Together we are establishing churches in Chongqing, Chengdu and now Wuhan. Already we have seen souls come to Christ, dedicating their life to Jesus by faith and walking in his teachings.

From bible distribution to daily and weekly teachings, China Missions was born to serve these needs, and why as of September (labor day) I will officially be moved to China to be with my wife and together we will begin this work together as God has called us to do. So how can YOU help? The need is great, and the laborers are very few. Yet God has always met the need, still he calls for us to allow others to donate and give their support to this work in China. With this I would suggest that if you ever wanted to help and/or support a ministry which has proven itself and is in fact reaching those whom were not able to reach due to Communism. You can reach them through this ministry. Pray and ask the Lord how you can help, either by sending us bibles, or, donating to this proven work.

We are not supported by any Denomination, nor are we supported by any Organization, I have built this work from scratch and my wife (whom is Chinese) is established within (3) large provinces. Whatever you can give, know that it will go to spreading the gospel throughout China, reaching the Chinese with the gospel of Jesus Christ. You can go to our official website (china missions) and know more about what we are doing and how you can give.

Christopher Gregory

China Missions

donations can be sent via direct mail:

Christopher Gregory

1918 E. 16th St. Muncie, Indiana 47302

cell: (765) 702-3072



“If people do not welcome you, leave their town and shake the dust off your feet as a testimony against them.” (Luke 9:5)



I work with sinners, all hardcore. From bikers to hustlers, God has put me into a place where I’m surrounded by darkness. Yet never once have I ever felt to preach to them in such a way that would be considered as “in your face” evangelism. Yet they know where I stand because they know I’m both an evangelist and missionary. But lately, in unique ways God brings certain ones to me and they ask me privately about my faith, “You speak in tongues?” or “What do you think about the end of the world?”, but lately some have been seeking real answers to real problems – gut wrenching real problems.

I’ve often wondered how could I make a difference in the job I do in the secular world until I move to China to be with my wife and our work God has for us, then a week ago one of the men was talking with me and began to relay family problems – and it was gut wrenching. I realized just how Satan is destroying people today and people have no where to turn. Yet as I explained to this man the only real answer – Jesus Christ, it revealed to me just how much the world has changed in just 3 decades.

I’m convinced more and more that our methods must change to reflect a more direct way to reach the world, especially in the U.S. than how we’ve done it 25 years ago. Some might take issue with what I’m about to say, and that’s fine, but I believe that due to the darkness of the hour in which we live certain methods simply cannot work today, and it’s because not only has the church changed, but so too has the world. When I see certain methods such as street preaching (which was one of my first real ministry methods when I was 18-19) times were different then, people were different then, the hostility level was not even remote as it is today.

When I see a preacher with a bull horn standing on the street corner my first reaction is, “Is that really working?” Sure, there will always be a few who will stop – listen – and ask questions, some might even reach out and allow one to pray for them, but is it a genuine form of Christian methodology that really works today? My opinion? I don’t see it. The days of Billy Sunday are over with and for good reason, people’s attitudes toward what they perceive as “organized religion” have changed, and most simply do not want to listen. Again, the motive can be right but the method outdated. Again, simply my opinion. But yet I can go into China and witness and even preach at times on the street and people will stop – listen- and seek more. Why? Because where one place the gospel is no longer tolerated, another place is opening for the gospel.

Jesus had the same issue when he went into Nazareth, they didn’t want him, he even cursed Chorazin as well as Bethsaida (Matthew 11:21-24). This why the Lord told his disciples that if a city would not receive the gospel they were to shake the very shoes from off their feet and move on to another place. There is no question that today America is turning a deaf ear to the gospel. The fact is, the nation simply does not want the genuine sincere word of the Lord, they want something other, another gospel. This is why I believe certain evangelistic methods in this nation no longer work, because people’s hearts have been hardened, and the recent statistics from both Barna as well as Pew Research prove it. The truth is, America has become saturated with Christianity to such a degree that we’ve taken having our faith around us for granted. There is a church on every street corner in America. We have Christian television, Christian radio, Christian books, Christian merchandise and still our nation is turning away from the roots of our faith in great numbers. So why do we continue to use methods which are simply not working today compared to 25-50 years ago? I believe it’s because on some level we’ve lost our desire to go further and farther with the gospel and have not changed the way we reach the world.

It’s comfortable to stay at home. It’s comfortable to drive less than 10 miles to an inner street area and witness to a few people, but are we really making an effort to reach the world? I don’t believe so. This is why world missions are facing a significant drought in global missionaries today, because the church as a whole has lost its missionary heart. The only solution is to begin pushing outward and start thinking globally. We did it 100 years ago with great success. Men such as Lester Sumrall, Hudson Taylor, Livingston, John G Lake, and Evan Roberts all paved the way for missions and saw multitudes come to Christ. So why are we not seeing the same affect today in our own backyard? The reason is simple – outdated methodology. Even Jesus told his own disciples “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.” (Acts 1:8)

Of course there will always be a need for local and regional inner city mission work, but if we are truly going to reach the world for Christ, then we must take stock of where we are at today, what is working and what has not worked and seek the direction of the Lord. Again, some will take issue with this, but I truly believe that due to the lateness of the hour and the rise of anti-christian beliefs in America, what worked then will not and is not working today, and we need to recognize it and correct it. The 10/40 window hasn’t closed, and is still very much open, but will we go through it? The world is waiting.



for God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control.” (2 Timothy 1:7)


Seems like every other day there’s a new “Breaking news” about something, be it Obama’s coming martial law, or Israel is about to be invaded by ISIS (which is untrue) or that North Korea (let alone ISIS) is about to set off a EMP across North America, even though our nation has the most sophisticated iron dome from Alaska to Miami that nothing remotely from a struggling third world rated nation like North Korea could penetrate our defenses. Yet, if we believe the current internet rumors about the latest “invasion” and how it will come about, it would make most scared to death to step outside their front door.

Are we living in dangerous times? Yes we are. Are we living in the times the bible tells us will occur just prior to the second coming of Jesus Christ? Yes, in fact we are. However, does this mean we take every latest or current word of fear from the latest prophet of doom, who by their own right are not even born again? It astounds me that not just regular American citizens are believing much of what is being circulated on the web, but many Christians are believing them as well. My question to many who listen to those such as Rush Limbaugh or Glen Beck is, why are you gleaning from sinners to begin with?

I recall when in the 2012 Presidential elections came, how that many were already planning on President Obama’s Government order to start herding Christians into FEMA camps, (have you noticed that there’s hardly any more discussions now about FEMA camps?) and how the President was going to start WW3 and become dictator. That was three years ago and still President Obama has not declared martial law nor even hinted at a third term (which is unconstitutional to begin with). Yet rumors and gossip began to circulate around the nation among patriots, conservatives and even Christians that they better start hording food and gathering up weapons for we are about to be shipped to some mysterious camp in some vacant and isolated American concentration camp. And still the world continues to spin and people are continuing their daily lives.

I often get asked in recent weeks about the current “secret” events taking place in the south with the Jade Helm 15, one which some within the patriot movement, along with Glen Beck, are suggesting that the military is scheming to overthrow the U.S. Government. My answer remains the same – who says? I’m not suggesting that there is not an underlying theme taking place within our own Government, but let’s keep things in perspective, it was the Government itself who leaked this information, not some insider who wanted his 15 minutes of fame, but the Government. Can we honestly state for certain that the Government is not planning something for the future? Of course not, but what can we do? Even if our own Government is planning on something in the near future, can we honestly do anything about it? I think not.

The problem I see with some within the church is that they would rather cling to fables, myths and conspiracy theories which literally have no impact upon the gospel, when in reality we need to be focused on preaching the gospel. Should we take interest in the affairs of men and their evil plans for this world? To a degree. Yet that is not our commission nor should it be our concern. That’s not to say that we should totally ignore these things when the world begins to turn on the church, for even Joseph was awakened in a dream by an angel telling him to leave with his new wife (Mary) and flee to another City, why? Because God knew the heart and plan of an evil King, but God was in control.

To the Christian it should not matter the plans and schemes of wicked men and the reason is ours is to confront the evils of this world which are being influenced by Satan, we are to confront, not flee. We are to reveal, not hide away in fear. We are to warn and not shy away from the gospel. But it is the gospel that we are to concern ourselves with and not the latest internet rumor. The apostle Paul stated his warning in Ephesians 4:14 “so that we may no longer be children, tossed to and fro by the waves and carried about by every wind of doctrine, by human cunning, by craftiness in deceitful schemes.

Paul was making it clear that we should be rooted in the cross of Christ, firmly planted in the word of God to such a degree that when another teaching (or conspiracy theory) comes upon the scene that it should not move us nor shake us, for we who are in Christ should have no fear of what will come. The truth is, dark times are indeed coming, 2 Timothy 3:1 gives us an account of this “This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

Yes, the world is racing toward its reckoning with judgment at the hands of an angry God. Yes, the rise of Satan’s army is mounting upon their steeds, and soon the world will become overshadowed by the powers of darkness. But for the believer who has placed their faith in Jesus Christ, this is our greatest opportunity, our greatest moment, not to fear what is yet to come, but to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ and him crucified. Let fear no longer have a hold on you or some latest news release of secret meetings, but instead take peace in knowing that whatever may come, we are overcomers through Christ our Lord.




When the serpent tempted and deceived Eve under the guidance of Satan, he did so not by a accusation, but a question – “Did God really say?” It is an age old question that has brought more departure from the written word than anything else conceived. It has created confusion within much of the body, causing many to become blinded by a clever deception and that deception goes back to the original source – Satan. It was Satan who was the first to challenge God and his holiness, his righteousness and his throne. It was Satan’s desire to unseat the most high in his own pride which led him to rebel against God, thereby taking with him in his attempt to wage war in heaven, one-third of the angels. Yes, the first liberal was Satan.

What is Liberalism? In its truest form, liberalism is the philosophy of personal liberty without need of personal responsibility. That man is the sole end to ones own particular view, if it feels good to one, but not necessarily to another, to each their own. There is no absolute right nor wrong. That is classical liberalism in a nutshell. The departure from conservative social values which would garner the individual to align themselves to a greater collective thought that is rooted in both social and religious belief.

But classic liberalism has been actively infiltrating the modern church since the radical 60’s sexual movement. When liberal professors began to be placed within our nations Universities and Colleges, it was to begin the process of social liberal indoctrination to undermine the past values and beliefs which were all based on traditional Christian values. It’s the age old question, “Did God really say?”

Now we have another form of liberalism and it’s called Liberal Theology. Liberal theology is the belief which states that the bible is not the final authority, nor is the bible to be taken literally, nor is it to be deemed relevant to man’s current place in society. The belief which says the miracles which occurred in the bible, from the creation event where God formed man from the dust of the earth, to the great flood which covered the earth are not to be considered believable. That is in fact Liberal theology. Liberal theology states that Christ was not born of a virgin, that the resurrection did not occur, that Jesus was not God in the flesh, but just another man whose teachings, although good in its principles, are not to be taken completely as sole authoritative. Liberal theology.

Yet liberal theology doesn’t stop there, it can be found in many popular teachings that are rampant within the church today, such as man is not a sinner, man is not lost in sin and is not doomed to some future judgment without a relationship with Christ through faith. Man can help himself; no sacrificial death by Christ is necessary since a loving God would not send people to such a place as hell and since man is not born in sin. Liberal theology states that Hell is not real but just another creation by the Catholic church to control the people, that ones own existence or mortality is simply determined by the quality of life one lives while they are on the earth, did they do good while they were alive? Did they help others? Were they kind to nature and the planet? These are attributes of Liberal theology and they all stem from the original question which was asked so many ages ago, “Did God really say?”.

In many churches today we see Liberalism raise its ugly head whereby it questions the role of the pastor in the church, or the need of assembling together in unity. This form of liberalism rejects the cross, it rejects the infilling of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues. This spirit of deception which comes under the banner of Liberalism suggests that human relationships such as same sex marriage can be mutually acceptable in this new Christian philosophy where the idea of homosexuality and traditional Christian beliefs can be compatible with one another. Again, “Did God really say?”

Today modern popular pastors and preachers find no problem associating with secular teachers and new age proponents who by their own admission discount the authority of the written word, yet the people come by the thousands to hear what the latest buzz word or slogan, all under the guise of a “prophetic word”, will say to them. Liberal theology. This is the deception which Jesus warned us about many times throughout the word, that in the end times, people would fall for the lies of the enemy, rather than accept the words of God, they, like Eve, will harken to the question, “Did God really say?” Hear the words of Paul on this matter – “For the time is coming when people will not endure sound teaching, but having itching ears they will accumulate for themselves teachers to suit their own passions, and will turn away from listening to the truth and wander off into myths.” (2 Timothy 4:3-4)

Liberal theology gave us teachers who now tell us that we can have grace without repentance, Heaven without Hell, the resurrection without the cross. These liberal teachers who are now occupying our pulpits openly dispute the word of God and instead embrace evolution, false religions such as Mormonism and Catholicism all under the guise of religious unity. But God calls it a fools endeavor. Liberal theology has not only its preachers, but its own bible, from the NIV to the popular Message Bible. Liberal theology has done more harm to the modern church than anything Communism could have done. But where is it leading those who embrace such teachings? I can point to one person – the coming man of sin. For it is Satan’s goal to produce his own image and that image will be found in a counterfeit representation of Christ, and he will need a foundation to stand on, and it will have been paved by liberal theology.