full moon


“People will be terrified at what they see coming upon the earth, for the powers in the heavens will be shaken.” (Luke 21:26)

I’ve mulled what I am about to post for most of the day, listening to the Spirit of God and seeking his path in understanding of what I would post would have upon people, namely the severity of the following glimpse into our future. Yet, I have to be obedient to the nature of the spirit of prophecy and what the Lord, as I believe, showed me in a night vision yesterday evening.

In the vision I stood outside the church, a church which I grew up most of my early childhood days as a young boy until my early 20’s. In the vision I was standing in the parking lot (it was night) and for whatever reason, I felt compelled to look up into the night sky. It was a beautiful clear night, when I noticed that the moon was full and very bright. Yet something in the spirit realm kept telling me “Pay attention” because I wanted to turn and look away, and within seconds, I saw a red image which looked like fire, it seemed to come from another direction, striking the moon from behind.

My spirit grew cold, fear overcame me as I watched the moon literally be torn into pieces. Then, seeing the explosion, the moon (at least most of it, or a large chunk of it) was gone. A bright flash of light flooded the night sky, turning the evening into day, then into night again. I immediately ran into the church and shouted “The moon, the moon is gone!” As we walked back outside, the sky was filled with dark or gray material which acted like snow. Then the dream ended.

When I awoke, I heard in my spirit this word, “What you saw was a shadow of things to come in the future.” Yet, even as I recount in this brief letter, I find it hard to fathom of what I saw, yet I know my spirit and I know the gifts when they are at work. The problem is, much of the church world has forsaken the end time events as something of folklore, in simple terms, we just cannot believe God would allow the world to experience things as this. Yet as I pointed out in Luke 21:26, fearful things, horrible events in the world above us and even below us will shake under such measures that men will literally die from what they see. This is why we must be ready.

Am I certain that I saw right? I am. Am I certain what I saw will come to pass? I do. Why? Because as hard as my human mind can fathom, things in this world, eventually are going to get worse to such a degree that millions will die. Even when I researched what like would be like with little to no moon, I was astonished to see that NASA right now is very worried about the stability of our moon and being hit by a great object, the consequences, although not extreme, would play significant roles in our every day life.

What I do know is this, whatever is coming, God has planned it, orchestrated it and will fulfill it in time. It’s all in the word of God if we just read it.




Recently it was announced that a popular Christian singer who had been battling cancer, was now on her last journey upon this Earth and is (at the time of this article) saying goodbye to her friends and family, as well as the countless fans across the world who share in her family’s grief that death is coming to take hold of this young woman’s life. Yet it begs the question many have asked, and will be asking in the future, not just for this particular woman, but for all who never see healing come in their life – why?

I do not know as to why not everyone who asks to be healed is never healed, I do not, nor would I ever perceive to know the mind of God. However, that being said, I can give my opinion backed by the word as to why God does want to heal us, and why healing is for all and not just for some. When we look into the word of God, it is clear from the past (old testament) to the present (new covenant) that God does indeed heal his people when they call out to him. In Exodus 15:26 God specifically tells Moses the following as it regards healing, “He said, “If you will listen carefully to the voice of the LORD your God and do what is right in his sight, obeying his commands and keeping all his decrees, then I will not make you suffer any of the diseases I sent on the Egyptians; for I am the LORD who heals you.” God specifically tells the people of Israel that not only would they not suffer from any disease, but God will heal the sick among them. Yet God firmly reminds his people through his prophet that the people had to do one thing and one thing only – obey. They were to simply obey God’s commandments, keep his decrees and do what was right in his sight. But God doesn’t end his promises with only one particular verse.

In Exodus 23:25 the Lord says, “You shall serve the LORD your God, and he will bless your bread and your water, and I will take sickness away from among you.” Once again, God tells his people by the mouth of the prophet that if the people serve the Lord with gladness, he will keep sickness away from them. Another specific promise. Notice that in just these two verses alone, not once does God ever say “If it is my will…”? Nor does God imply that he might heal his people (as some preachers like to imply). No, God specifically addresses two things as it regards to healing, 1. That God wants to heal his people and 2. God only asks that his people serve him with their whole heart, that includes keeping to his word.

Throughout the entire Old Testament, God not only reminds us of his love for his people, but when sickness came, God made a way for people to be made whole. One is the cleansing offering (Leviticus 14:10-32) that was made for someone who had leprosy. When a person who had this particular skin disease was sick, a lamb was offered and slain, the blood was applied to the right ear and right toe, signifying Christ and restoration. The offering was burnt to ashes, which signified Christ’s work on the cross being completed. The priest would then lay hands upon the sick man and declare him clean – and he was healed.

Now, if God did not want that man clean, or anyone else, then why go through an entire ritual to become clean?

When we go into the New Covenant, it is clear, based on the teachings found in the old (Isaiah 53, 4-5, Isaiah 59, 1-2) that by the finished work of the cross, God has afforded us healing. The problem when it comes to healing and what is being taught is not because of the word, or a genuine lack of understanding the word, the problem comes directly from man himself, namely religious man. Let it be understand by all, that some men who hold the title of “preacher, pastor or bishop” do not want people healed. We can see this clearly in the word when Jesus healed a blind man and the religious leaders were upset by the actions of Christ. Still, it proved that religion does not want people free, but people to remain bound to a system of fools folly. In other words, only a select few can receive healing at the discretion of those who are in control. Yet many never see that healing come – so why not?

Is it still the will of God, as in the past, to heal all who have need of healing, and to fulfill the number of their days? I believe the answer is – yes.

The greatest barrier to the faith of many seeking bodily healing in our day is the uncertainty in their minds as to it being the will of God to heal ALL. Nearly every one knows that God does heal some, but there is much in modern theology that keeps people from knowing what the Bible clearly teaches – that healing is provided for all. Some attempt to add the words “If it be thy will” but that is adding to scripture. If God did not want us healed, then why did God in the past, provide a sacrificial ritual for those who were needing healing for leprosy? If God is the same yesterday, today and forever, if Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever, did not want us healed, then why did the apostle Paul, under direct inspiration by the Holy Spirit, write in 1 Corinthians chapter 12 of the nine gifts, one of which is the gifts of healings? It is impossible to boldly claim, by faith, a blessing that we are not sure God offers. The power of God can be claimed only where the will of God is known.

If it was not God’s perfect will for us to be healed, then It would be next to impossible to get a sinner to “believe unto righteousness” before you had fully convinced him that it was God’s will to save him. Faith begins where the will of God is known. If it is God’s will to heal only some of those who need healing, then none have any basis for faith unless they have a special revelation that they are among the favored ones. Faith must rest on the will of God alone, not on our desires or wishes. Appropriating faith is not believing that God can but that God will.

Some would say that if God heals us each and every time we ask for every sickness and disease, then we will never die. Really, what thought process came up with that sort of idea? Divine healing goes no further than the promise of God. He does NOT promise that we shall never die, but he says: “I will take sickness away from the midst of thee, the number of thy days I will fulfill.” (Exodus 23:25-26) “The days of our years are threescore years and ten.” (Ps. 90:10)

Truth is, God specifically has a time and place where all of us will pass from this life to eternal life. We are going to die, unless Christ returns and how God chooses this is simple, God stops the beating of the heart. It is God’s original purpose that man die NATURALLY! It is NOT God’s will that people die sick, diseased and reeking of vile infections. This is not God’s design nor plan for us. The reason though many do die from sickness and disease and infections, who are born again in the faith, is because they truly never understood the promises of healing.

Regarding dying, have you noticed that those people whom Christ brought back from the dead were YOUNG people? Who had not lived out their fulness of years; and in that fact we may see Christ’s own protest against premature death. The truth is, if our allotted time has not been spent, then we have the right to claim God’s gift of health.

The early church took Christ at his word and prayed unitedly for signs and wonders of healing until the place was shaken where they were assembled together. Then people were brought forth and ALL manner of sicknesses and diseases were healed. We now end up back at the problem as to why some are not healed, and I believe it has more to with teachings of men and less to do with the promises of God.

If we examine many of the popular ministries today, we will find many who advocate a less than promising belief, nor even hope, in the healing promises of God. They hold to the view which says that healing, miracles and the like which was clearly evidenced during the time of the Apostles have ended, that God does not, nor will not move in such a way with his people today. In other words, to these men who hold power over many, one is simply out of luck if they get sick. To these men behind many of today’s pulpits across America and the rest of the world, it would be far better for the sick to die than to ask them to pray according to Mark 16:17-18, than to seek healing. Why? Because it is their religious teachings and reputation that is at stake and not the genuine concern for those who are coming in desperate need of prayer.

Then, there is the other aspect of healing which we cannot explain, the ones who die without never seeing God’s promises. Yet I must go back to my original point that says we have a written promise found in the word which we can lay claim to, that declares because Christ bore the stripes upon his back, because he shed his blood at the cross, I and every believer who trusts in the word of God, has a right to stand before the throne room of God and demand healing for our body. Some might never be healed because of sin – personal sin, or rebellion (they don’t want to do what is right), but Christ says if we keep his commandments (faith in the cross) he will answer us when we pray. That my friend is why healing must and will come when we declare the legal and spiritual right given to us found in the word of God.

Why are you not healed then? I would ask, why have you not simply trusted and believed God and keep him at his word? No one ever said faith would be easy to cling too, even in the face of certain death. Yet I know God works thru our faith, and our level of faith, and if we have the faith, even as small as mustard grain, we can claim perfect healing for our body, even defying nature itself, so that not only will we be healed, but we will see the healing on this side of eternity and not on the other side. God never gets glory from your sickness and ultimate death, he gets glory from those who trust him at his word to deliver us, even when we don’t understand, we trust him completely, for the age of miracles and gifts of healing have not ended, but are alive and remain. We just need to believe it and accept it.



95 theses

“For my people have committed two evils; they have forsake me the fountain of living waters, and hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns, that can old no water.” (Jeremiah 2:13)

I’m tried. Sick and tired. Not physically mind you, no, this kind of tired is about what I see occurring in the modern church world today and why I’m simply sick and tired of what I’m seeing.

The church is literally drunk on success, be it personal success, business success, success in marriage, life in general and a better “you”. You will be hell bent to find one major ministry today who tackles on a daily basis about sin, persecution, troubles and the coming tribulation against the church. Why is that? It’s because I believe Satan has rocked the church asleep with the cares of this life to such a degree that many in the church today are not one bit concerned about Christians being beheaded in the middle east, or the past persecutions against the church in China, or the rise of militant Islam.

We can prove this by simply doing a random examination of every major evangelical conference under the sun today and see that the churches focus is no longer about world or global evangelism, but about materialism. It’s the seduction for having wealth, having fun, having a nice house or nice car that we care about these days. And this is what is caused the church, in my estimation, on becoming a non-issue as it relates to the world today. Because we have become drunk on excess. We have become drunk on ego and pride, we have become drunk on self that we no longer care about the state of the world, the state of sinners, the state of God’s righteousness. We are drunk and we refuse to wake up while the rest of the world, including Christians in other nations suffer. But the American church simply does not care.

When Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses at the door of the church, he did so with the understanding that it would might well cost him his life – and he was right, it did. The fact is, Luther had it right then and I have it right now, the American church, for whatever one might one to call it, is drunk, drunk on sin, drunk on worldliness, drunk on self, drunk on the cares of this life. We are drinking in the bed of the harlot and we want it so. Simply turn on any major Christian (entertainment) channel and you’ll see exactly what I am referring to, a gospel of greed, excess, vanity, lucre, self, gross entertainment of all sorts and least but not forgotten – false doctrine. It’s like the church has openly and willingly embraced idolatry – and still we claim supremacy to scripture over other nations. But we would be wrong – dead wrong.

Right now there is a Christian revival happening in Russia, China, India, Burma, Africa and even in parts of Muslim controlled nations such as Turkey and Iran. Even in North Korea, where carrying a bible will either get you an immediate death sentence, or a trip to the death camp for forced labor, either way, it’s a death sentence. Yet Christians are still praying, still seeking God in this last hour – but does the American church care? Not at all. We’re too busy asking God for more money, more stuff, more “glory” when we are not willing to pray 5 minutes let alone seek his word. Yet we still boast in our numbers at church Sunday morning and our shout Sunday night. It is a strange fire the modern church in America is offering at the altar of many popular churches and God wants nothing to do with it.

Yet many today claim revival is happening in our nation – really? Where? The truth is, what is being passed off as “revival” is nothing more than built up emotionalism by a mixture of secularism and false worship. The truth is, if you want to see revival come to China where I am and you won’t see a light show or rock music blaring, but men and women, boys and girls crying out to God in a small house church, their hearts desiring for more to come into the fold.

What I hear in my spirit, from the Ecumenical movement by some in the Charismatic church (Copeland) and the sign seekers and omen watchers of the blood moon hype, to the more heretical teachers such as Jonathan Cahn, who is leading many astray with a return back to law and keeping to shadows of the past such as The Shemitah, and other Hebrew Roots foolishness, is a shaking is coming. Yet I also hear the word ICHABOD. Still, God has a remnant of faithful believers. Yet I know something is coming to the American church and one which I fear will send many into error.

it is time to hold the false prophets accountable for their false words. It is time to hold popular pastors who manipulate the people of their money claiming supernatural blessings if they sow a generous seed (God does not require a seed, just faith). It is time to call the state of the modern American church what it is – pagan. Because it has replaced the cross with another god, a false god. It is time to render judgment and a time to expose the falsehood of so many who are weighing the people down by their greed and desire for control. It is time for a second reformation and one which is long overdue. May it come quickly.




“And Jesus answered and said unto them, take heed that no man deceive you…” (Matthew 24:4)

Recently, several top NASA scientists as well as well known evolutionists (such as Dawkins) made ripples throughout the science world as well as the political world, when NASA stated that within the next 20 years we will find evidence, or make actual contact with another alien race – in our lifetime. Such bravado would have almost seemed news-breaking to hear, yet amazingly only a select few news media outlets even bothered to either report such comments, or, as most did, simply pushed it back to a side line after thought while the world focused on the latest news items going on in the world, i.e., ISIS, Syria, Russia as well as political turmoil.

Isn’t it interesting that NASA, along with the world’s top leaders, all chose this time of season when the world is already being shaken by events all around us to make such a grand announcement? Wars, political and social unrest, civil wars, terrorism as well as natural disasters, these events are shaping our news daily, still, what better way to skim past the public eye than to announce something of global interest by stating (for fact) that within 20 years, mankind will make contact with something outside our small planet? Consider for a moment that had this been the early to mid 70’s, the news of alien contact would have made headlines around the world, it is that big of deal. Yet once again, timing was essential in this news being leaked out in the hopes the public would not yet take hold of what is to come – deception.

To add more gas to the flame, NASA announced one week ago (at the time of this article) that they have found water on mars. This added fuel to the fire of conspiracy among many that there is in fact something occurring within our world to bring us to a point in the near future where our world, our way of life, our very belief system – including religion, will find itself facing something that only a select few have known, that something, or someone is about to make themselves known to the world, and with that arrival, will come the great deception the word of God tells us is in fact coming, and NASA is contributing to the frenzy.

Recently, China announced two specific revelations. #1, they have built a fully operational telescope on the moon, #2, China announced to the world that it is building a massive Antennia on Earth which, by 2020, will be completely ready for operation, it’s specific goal? To seek alien contact. That’s not my declaration, that is China’s own Government, which can all be easily proved by doing a simple word search on Google. Why would China, a Communist nation spend hundreds of billions of dollars to specifically search for alien contact? Because I believe, in some measure, the world’s Governments have already been contacted and are simply playing a game of smoke and mirrors with the people of the world. The truth is, Satan himself is behind this work and he’s doing so for one reason alone, to deceive mankind into submitting their will, their religions, their desires for something greater.

All of this leads to my original point, which is that I believe NASA is in fact playing a significant role across the world to prepare not only world Governments, it’s leaders and it’s peoples for something much, much evil, but to prepare the world for the arrival of one who will be worshiped as god – the Antichrist. His arrival will be heralded as an alien savior, but he’s been on this planet before, but currently is confined to the pit, waiting for his release (Revelation 9:1-3). It is my belief that says that in the last days, fallen angels will make themselves known to the world via as an alien race, its news will change the way the world looks at religion and its faith. Even the Roman Catholic Church is openly preparing for their arrival as the Pope has stated several times that there is alien contact waiting to me made. All of this is leading to a point in time where things will never be the same again, and they are pushing for global control.

The bible is full of examples of fallen angels, beings who manipulated mankind for not only control, but to destroy mankind as well as the bloodline so that the future Christ child could not be born. From the Genesis 6 account where fallen angels mingled with the race of men, to Goliath and his band of brother giants propped themselves up as gods. These are all reflections of the soon coming deception which will be in fact so great that Jesus himself stated that the very elect might be deceived.

Recently British scientists have announced technology by which it is now possible, through the use of micro-implants to erase the concept of God in the life of a person, once again proving we are nearing the point where the mark of the beast, as well as its imprint, will be openly embraced by the world, for this mark is not a simple tattoo, or stamp on a forehead as popularized by Christian books and movies, but it is a genetic (Satanic) device (alien technology/demonic) which will change the very DNA of those who take the mark, thus damning the person forever, because the mark will literally erase the concept of Christ and the cross. The person who takes such a mark will not only be unable to repent, but they will have no desire to repent – because their very genetic imprint will have changed. Think this is far fetched? Read the book of Genesis and notice the world during Noah’s day, how that only Noah and his immediate family were not touched by the darkness and evil which was occurring during his day. It is coming friend.

The facts are the facts. NASA is preparing our world, along with our leaders, and yes, even the religious world to accept what cannot be imaginable, that something far beyond our imagination is coming, and that coming will usher in a darkness that only Christ and his coming will be able to destroy. Come Lord Jesus – soon.


I believe what

church silence

September has come and gone, and so with it all of the so called “prophets” who declared in their books, on the talk show circut and guests on Christian television that something “big” would occur following the Shemitah and/or the blood moons. From WW3 to Obama taking over, even the rapture, all of these events were supposed to happen during or right after one of the so called “prophetic” events. Yet, at the time of this writing (Saturday October 10th, 2015) nothing even remotely that should have happened – did. So why are these individuals getting a free pass as if they had their own personal “get out of jail” card when it came to their so called “prophecies” and/of predictions? The answer is simple, they are protected by the church under the guise of political correctness.

Under the old covenant, God made it abundantly clear for those who would, or suggested that they not only walked in the office of a prophet, but claimed to speak for God, a clear warning, if that man claimed to be sent from God and whatever dream or prophetic word they uttered did not come to pass as stated, that man, no matter how genuine he might claimed to have been in his own eyes, if that person’s prophecy failed to come to pass, he was to be put to death. No second chances, no forgiveness.

Some might suggest that God was being too harsh on those who might have “missed” it, but when one examines the seriousness of the calling of the prophet during and under the old covenant, they fail to understand that one word, one utterance to a nation that was or was not from God would have serious consequences for an entire nation. The prophet was the only source for the people to hear directly from God, there was, at this particular time before Saul, a King, nor a priest, there was simply the prophet. It was the prophet who led the people. It was the prophet who guided and instructed the nation toward the things of God, simply because the prophet was in tune with God throughout his message, to even miss one word, to get something wrong could have serious repercussions on the nation of Israel. This is why God stated that IF a man’s words did not come to pass, OR that man’s dream did come to pass, but he desired to lead the people astray to worship other god’s, that person was to immediately put to death.

Yet that was under the old law, today we have grace. But what should our stance be (as Christians) toward those who miss the mark as a prophet, claiming one thing and it never coming to pass? Or what of those who trumped up fear and worry over mystic omens and astronomical events which never panned out as factual, yet they claimed it was from God? Should we call them out for it? Or do we remain silent? What does the word say?

There are many particulars when it comes to prophecy that many fail to realize, mainly being that the difference between God’s instruction to Israel and Christ’ instruction to the church thru either his words or those of others such as Paul or Peter or James was simple, if what they were saying did not measure out, nor line up with the word of God, we are to mark that person and leave them alone. (Romans 16:17)

The issue today (unlike Israel’s day) is not so much of dealing with those who are clearly false in both words and teachings, instead, the issue with the modern church as it is right now in this particular day and time is, they don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings to the point of falsely accuse someone of being wrong. The truth is. we’ve grown accustomed to being nice at the cost of the sheep. In other words, our feeble excuses of not calling out those who were clearly wrong, or holding them accountable not only sends the wrong message to those speaking falsely, it is allowing the sheep to be taken advantage of. This is the real problem for the church and why I believe most, if not all, are hard pressed not to rock the spiritual boat out of fear they will be seen as hurtful, or not understanding. When the fact is, if someone is claiming to be sent from God, not only do we as believers have a duty to test what they are saying with the word, but equally hold them accountable for when their specific words never come to pass.

Political correctness is not only an influence upon secular culture, but it is as well having a direct influence upon the church world in major areas of teachings, beliefs, doctrines and worship methods. It is this same liberal, antichrist spirit (political correctness) where Christians, good natured, bible believing people must endure week after week, revival after revival of men (and women) who fly in teaching and preaching falsehoods, uttering profane words all under the guise of “prophecy” and when they have collected their ill gotten gain (money) from the church, they fly back home and leaving behind a wake of spiritual casualties like an Oliver Stone movie. Yet the pastor remains silent.

How many times have I seen good pastors sat quietly in their seat, squirming inside with every crazy prophetic declaration, yet not being able to stand up in their own church, the very church God sent them to pastor, but because of political correctness within the body, they have to smile and struggle on simply because certain people like a particular preacher or prophet, or that particular person is the flavor of the month within the Christian media circus? Yet the silence continues.

There is one thing we can certainly learn from the whole Shemitah, blood moon craze and it is this, the church has proven, by allowing certain men who boldly stated with certainty that something was going to occur – but didn’t, that they (the church) have become more seduced by the spirit of this age than ever before. When we are no longer permitted to judge, or allowed to question the teachings of someone who claims to be of God, speaks for God, and writes their books declaring what God gave to them alone and never question it, or even line it up with the word, then we have reached a point in time where the church has become more sick than realized. The fact is, political correctness within the church is a doctrine of demons, it has cast a spell upon those who would otherwise be of sound mind, but because of outside, social influences, have become weak, tolerant, and even apathetic to the wolves who are swiftly making their way into the fold. Until the church gets back to calling out those who would divide the flock as Paul publicly did, then the body of Christ will continue to suffer violence. Yet I believe someone will begin the task of shaking themselves from the spirit of seduction that has come upon so many today, and begin to hold many accountable for their words said as from God. And I long for that day.




Let me start by stating that in no way, shape of form do I believe a Christian should (in a perfect world) celebrate, or allow their children to celebrate Halloween. By its very nature, this particular day has been marked (rooted) in the very bowels of hell. Having said that, we simply do not live in a perfect world environment where people will live 100% of their lives according to the word of God. Instead, we live in an imperfect society, filled with Christians who are imperfect, frail, weak and often times seduced by the cares of this world. But does that equate the loss of their salvation if they decorate, hand out treats for trick-o-treaters or dress their child up as the latest favorite fictional character? The answer is no. They will not lose their salvation.

We like to quickly judge whose saved and whose not. Whose living their life for Christ with impunity, and whose simply not living up to our measured standard of righteousness. Christians love to boast in their own self-worth and ridicule and demean others who we tend to believe are not saved simply because they might act or behave (or in this case celebrate) something which we proudly point out is spiritually wrong. Yet what of the things that we ourselves might tend to do that equally is just as bad, if not moreso, than someone celebrating a day which has its origins in the occult? Things like gossip? Being angry. Backbiting. Slandering another brother or sister in Christ. Or even gluttony? How many times have we, who are in Christ did one (or more) of these things and yet never once questioned whether or not we were saved (born again)? Yet how many so called “Christians” are going to use these next few weeks, and even the months following (November and December) as a rallying call to condemn others for taking part in festivities that they don’t agree with, and justify themselves by claiming perfection?

Here’s a general rule I happen to live by which time and spiritual maturity has brought me over the years, and that is sometimes it’s best to leave the spiritual condition of a fellow Christian to God and him alone, rather than use a situation or act one might not happen to agree with as a measuring stick to deciding if they are saved or not. The truth is, one is saved simply by placing their trust in what Christ did on the cross and keeping their faith planted firmly in him and him alone. This then justifies the person before God (Colossians 1:22-26) which is what justification by faith actually is, a person being justified (made righteous) simply by faith alone (Romans 5:1, Galatians 3:24). Being justified is neither earned thru a series of a works based system of religious creeds or dogmas, nor is it imputed upon us because of what church or Denomination we belong to. Justification is the initial result of having ones faith placed solely into Christ because of what he did on the cross.

So we go back to the argument some would claim that says if one uses this time of season by partaking in a festivity such as Halloween (or even Thanksgiving or even Christmas) aren’t they sinning against God and are condemned? The answer is once again a resounding no! Let us examine the word carefully before we execute those within the faith. The apostle Paul states in 2 Corinthians 4:7 something very important about the believer, “But we have this treasure in jars of clay, to show that the surpassing power belongs to God and not to us.” Paul is making it quite clear that the treasure Paul is speaking of is the power of God in the heart of the believer, but notice Paul reminding us that that same spirit of regeneration is embedded in jars of clay (the KJV says earthen) meaning, we are prone to error, we are people who are frail, imperfect in our lives before God, yet God loves us enough to see the heart, and that same love to those who place their faith in his son, covers a multitude of sins.

To suggest that a believer who would allow themselves to partake in this, or any other festivity which has its roots in early paganism will lose their salvation, negates the message of the cross. Unbelief is the only thing which will separate a person from Christ. But there must come a level of spirituality and maturity in the believer so that they would not desire to do those things which the world would do, Paul mentions this several times by stating that we are to be renewed in the spirit of God daily (Ephesians 4:23), allowing the Holy Spirit to lead us and guide us in all of lifes many challenges. Yet let’s be frank if we will, the truth is, people are people, no one is going to live perfectly in this life, even if they are a Christian, the simple fact is, some do not see this particular time as being anything other than a time where families enjoy the mood of the season, the fall colors, or the colorful lights on a tree, the fact is, they don’t see any genuine harm in any of these past holidays, and this yet brings up a point we must understand, that most people who are in Christ are immature and have not outgrown their desire for milk and instead, had a desire for meat. Yet we do not discount them, nor forsake them as one of our own, the simple truth is, people make mistakes all the time without celebrating Halloween, I have, you have – we all have. That is the plight of every believer, we live in an imperfect body in an imperfect world.

Some would argue using the law and God’s commandment toward Israel not to partake in the celebrations of the pagans of their time, but once again they would be thwarting the word of God by way of the cross. The fact is, the cross is the beginning of grace, not the end, it is not a place to sin willfully, but it is afforded to us by justification thru faith, that the believer is still made righteous before God, in other words, there is no sin that grace has not been afforded to us who are in Christ. For if God removed our candlestick for one minor action, he would have to remove all candlesticks for the greater actions which those in the past who walked in Christ committed. The truth is, not every action or deed done is sin, bad decisions (maybe) but sin? I do not believe so. If that is the case, then wearing wedding rings is a sin as the symbol of the marriage vow (wedding rings) was rooted in paganism. So too would be the use of birthdays, for the origins of birthdays were rooted in early paganism. Again, a slippery slope. But God’s grace is greater than sin, even those sins that we do not take into account daily that we might do that we have no knowledge of.

Of course this does not refer to clear, outright sinful accounts the word clearly states is wrong, however as John points out in 1 John 5:17 “All wrongdoing is sin, but there is sin that does not lead to death.” there are some sins which do not lead to spiritual death (eternal separation from God). But allow me to remind us all of Paul’s admonition to every believer in his own words found in 2 Corinthians 5:10 “For we must all appear before the judgment seat of Christ, so that each one may receive what is due for what he has done in the body, whether good or evil.” Each person who is in Christ will stand before our Lord and give an account for every GOOD thing done in our own personal lifes walk, or BAD thing done, meaning evil (sin), not sin against God by unbelief, but by our actions while on this earth, where we will either lose rewards or gain them. But it must be understood that Paul makes it clear in this one verse that Christians will do bad things in this life which are not always good, but one day will have to answer for it, yet remember, But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound. (Romans 5:20)

While the dangers of Halloween are very real and have been proven over the course of time to be bad, still, we must exorcise caution how we deal with other believers who we might not agree with who, for whatever reason, chooses to celebrate this time of year. This is where we must not judge (Matthew 7:1) but allow grace to mature in the hopes they will grow and come to the truth, yet understanding God knows whose are his and those who are not.




1 Samuel 18:1-3 – “After David had finished talking with Saul, he met Jonathan, the king’s son. There was an immediate bond between them, for Jonathan loved David. From that day on Saul kept David with him and wouldn’t let him return home. And Jonathan made a solemn pact with David, because he loved him as he loved himself.”

Have you ever met someone that you immediately knew you would become good friends with? Have you ever found yourself being drawn into a friendship where that very friendship was not only beneficial for that particular point and time in your life, but it served as a means to bring you into a deeper walk with God? Or maybe you found yourself seeking God’s will, and finding a bond with a person or group of people who not only became close, personal friends, but that very friendship was what God would use to fulfill the very call he had for your life? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then you had what I call a God Connection – a divine appointment in your life.

I can point you to specific places in my life where God not only developed a deep friendship with a brother or sister in Christ, but used that individual to meet a particular need in my ministry to further his will for me for my life, and establish a friendship that would cross many periods of our lives. These were God connections, people in whom God placed in my life at a particular point in time for a future event. Several years ago I met a new friend in the southern states, it was an immediate bond, as we both quickly gleaned from each other our take on the word. But it didn’t start off that way, it started off with him being led to meet a particular financial need in my ministry at that particular time.

For several months I had been praying for specific needs, one in particular was to go further with my then tent ministry. This is where I began to seek direction. The Lord began to speak into my spirit of expanding my work as an evangelist and traveling further in my evangelistic work. I received an email from a friend whom I had just met, he asked if I had ever, or would ever consider coming to Louisiana to hold a revival in his area where he and his family lived. I said I would pray over the matter, again, we had only known each other via social media for a short time, so I didn’t have much information to go on, but a inner feeling that God was pressing me to go. So I explained my situation, that I was in fact seeking to broaden my scope and territory and that going to Louisiana seemed not only appealing, but one the Lord was drawing me to. We agreed on a time and month and I began to pray.

I told the Lord that if he wanted me to go to Louisiana, he would have to meet the need. I had just preached a one-week tent revival and saw little in finances when the revival was over with, yet I was undeterred. I had $200 and told the Lord that I would go, yet I remembered as I was praying that I should be very specific with the Lord in my request, since God desires us to seek him for all things. I pleaded my case before the Lord, asking him to give me $1,200 dollars as I told my heavenly Father that that was the amount I felt I needed to not only go to Louisiana, but to keep my stay in that area for the term of the revival. The next day, I received another $100 dollars from someone as a gift. That made me $300, and with that amount, I packed my car and headed south, trusting God for the rest.

There are times where we must trust God completely, even blindly. It is those times when our faith is put to the test, that we begin to see the glory of God beginning to develop in our life, but it all comes by faith. When we reach out by faith, God reaches out to us and begins the process of unfolding his eternal plan for our lives. But it has to come by faith. Shallow, or weak faith will never breed success in whatever God has called you to do if you yourself don’t believe it. It’s neither presumption nor arrogance to expect God to move, it’s simply trusting in the fact that if God has told you something, it’s believing it by faith that he will make a way where there seems to be no way. That is walking by faith. That is the only faith God will honor or bless. Anything less is arrogance.

By the time I arrived in Louisiana, I was met by my friend David, and as we greeted each other and shared the joy of meeting each other for the first time, I happened to place my hand upon my pant leg pocket to place my car keys inside, when I noticed my wallet, and my thoughts raced to the fact that I had only $100 left because of traveling expenses required to make the 17 hour drive. Needless to say I was walking by faith, but I trusted God. As I was unpacking my things from the car into the church cabin arranged for visiting ministers and guests, my friend told me he had something for me, something that the Lord had placed upon his heart to give me. Out of his pocket he began to lay out eleven one hundred dollar bills and then proceeded to place it into my hand. When I looked at the money, then it hit me, I had $1,200 dollars! Exactly the amount I had prayed to the Lord that I needed. God showed me favor through a divine appointment, a God Connection that not only met my financial need, but that very friendship has lasted for these many years now.

When we examine early relationships found in the Bible, we can see many divine appointments which I refer to as GOD CONNECTIONS. These are divinely inspired friendships which were birthed from a divine appointment which developed not only a mutual friendships, but a deep agape love for one another that saw that person through very difficult times. Some examples of divine appointments can be seen in the lives of the following people:

  • David and Jonathan
  • David and Abiathar
  • Ruth and Naomi
  • Rahab the harlot and the two spies
  • Elijah and Elisha
  • Paul and Barnabas
  • Paul, Priscilla and Aquila
  • Paul and Timothy

In each of these relationships, we see a divine appointment by God that served not only as the basis for a mutual friendship, but in some situations brought life changing events in their future. Rahab’s divine appointment with the two spies saved her entire family, Jonathan’s love for David saved him from the wrath of his Father Saul. Paul’s relationship with Barnabas was instrumental in Paul being eventually accepted by the early church who would not originally receive Paul, yet it was Barnabas who spoke of Paul’s preaching in the temple at the very risk of his own life. In each of these appointments – Connections, we can see God’s handiwork.

So how does one recognize a divine appointment?

Here are several ways of determining a divine appointment:

  1. By the leading of the Holy Spirit.
  2. Being obedient to God’s will. (This opens up the door for God to use someone in your life.)
  3. Recognizing why that person or people are in your life.
  4. Learning to allow others to minister to you which then leads you into the next phase of your walk, or ministry.
  5. A genuine God Connection will come at a specific time in your life to help you through a current situation.

There have been many, many times in my life and ministry where God used a person or group of people to get me through a point in my life where I would have been lost had they not been there for me. This is an aspect of that divine appointment we must establish if we are to recognize and nurture that friendship. And while some relationships might fade to a lesser degree, it must be understood that in each and every Connection that God brings about, it is to serve as a reflection of his love toward us and to see us reach that place he has for us in our spiritual growth, but it our daily life, or our ministry. Whatever the case may be, recognizing and understanding a divine appointment – God Connection, will help you achieve the next plan God has for you. So don’t be too quick to brush off the next person that befriends you, but understand that God is a supreme God, and his desire is for you to grow and nurture in his perfect will, and that can only come by placing our complete trust in him and what he did on the cross, and recognizing those individuals he has placed in our lives to get us through our season of expectation. That is the God Connection.