“For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not loving good, treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God,” (2 Timothy 3:2-4)

Have we become immune, desensitized to blatant nudity and sexual provocativeness in our society? I believe so. It seems that more and more in our world that everywhere we turn someone is getting naked, some woman is revealing her private body which is only meant for her husband, for all the world to see. There is no question our country, much less the world, is addicted to sex, more than addicted, we have become drunk on lust.

It seems like every tv show, television commercial or news program is glorifying nudity or sexual immorality today. The truth is we’ve become desensitized to perversion and immoral themes to which once was considered shameful to display, we’ve become accepting of it. The envelope seems to keep being pushed further and further well past the breaking point, so I ask the question which seems to be the only logical one to ask, what’s next? What’s the next “big shock”? Who will be the next celebrity to shock moral America? The fact is, there is no more moral America for the moral code that once guided this nation has been blurred beyond recognition. The truth is, what we’re seeing now in our culture is an “anything goes” mentality. Women display their breasts openly and proudly, men are aroused and the sexual promiscuity becomes worshiped as once more our society takes yet another step to Hedonism.

Even in the church, preachers and even popular pastors are using nudity, elements of sexual stimulation (visual) have found itself in many of the pulpits across America. Even a popular TBN preacher is now on a reality tv show called “Sex Box”, (source) where couples go inside a small enclosed area (box) and have sexual intercourse while the world watches, they come out to a 3 judge panel, one of which is a TBN preacher, who gives “advice” to the couple AFTER they have just had sex before a live studio audience – you cannot make this stuff up. The reality is this is where we are at today both in our nation as well as in the church.

When young preachers state that they don’t believe oral sex (or other sexual experimentation) is not sinful, when young preachers state that being gratified by their girlfriend is covered by the blood under grace, we have got ourselves a problem! This is the result of what I call “quack theology”, which is a theology being taught by quacks who call themselves “pastors” who have a liberal foundation of Christianity and who give license to sin, all under the guise of grace. This is heresy.

The truth is, anything sexual between a man or woman who are NOT married, be it oral sex, heavy petting, french kissing, “copping a feel” – is SIN! Any young preacher who considers himself called of God better take extra care how they conduct themselves, for even Paul reminded us in his letters that there is to be NO sexual immorality found in the body of Christ, especially preachers who know better.

These things that we’re seeing right now are actually symbolic of a more deeper issue and that is the spirit of antichrist. The spirit of perversion where this culture is celebrating homosexuality, where we are no longer shocked when a young girl like say Miley Cirus takes her top off for all the world to see, where walking into a shopping mall to see Victoria’s “Secrets” exposed is destroying this nation’s youth, it’s destroying men who stumble at the drop of a bra, where it devalues the image of woman and treats women as objects to be objectified and sexualized as nothing more than sexual gratification for others and cast off when someone else younger comes along. We reap what we sow. This nation is reaping the sins of its youth which can be traced back to the sexual revolution of the 60’s, and now its affecting the church.

Ours is to follow Christ. Ours is to follow modesty, morality and reject anything which is provocative, immoral, lustful and which would lead the believer into sexual sin. There must be a line drawn, there must be a mandate for us all to follow, and that line, that mandate is the word of God.


american bible

“You shall have no other gods before me.” Exodus 20:3

Anything which takes the place of the cross, the focal point of Christ as the object of our faith is sin. Such though has been the case of many in the American church presently as many are becoming swept up in the sin of American Patriotism. Make no mistake, there is no sin in being born in a country or nation which allows one to have particular freedoms, nor is it sin to honor such leaders who formed a nation that the people would be free. However, where sin comes into play is when we attempt to place our faith, our allegiance to anything other than Christ and the cross, not a flag, not a Constitution, not a political agenda, regardless how wonderful it was written, unless it was rightly and divinely inspired by God and blessed by God (which neither the American flag or the Constitution was) it must be rejected simply because it does not set men truly free, nor can these things which were made and created by man are able to do – only the cross sets men free. This is why, as difficult to many to consider, especially Christian, that we who are in Christ do not pledge an allegiance to anything outside the cross. This is the problem with American Christianity.

Such is the case with the life of Chris Kyle, an American veteran who was considered the most lethal sniper in U.S. military history. I will not speak of the late Kyle’s acts during war time, that is not my call nor can I make any judgment on his actions, yet let me say that there is a spiritual law which says if one lives by the sword one must die by that same sword. Mr. Kyle was ironically killed by the same vehicle he had been famous for – at the hands of another killer. Thus, the words of Jesus in Matthew 26:52 were fulfilled.

Yet this is not about Chris Kyle, someone who has now went into eternity, and by all accounts had no personal saving faith in Jesus Christ. Although Chris mentioned he had a strong belief in God, although Chris carried his Bible with him into dangerous territory, he openly mentions that he never read really the Bible. His “faith” (whatever that was) unfortunately was superficial as his widow (Bailey Kyle) states herself in a recent interview (source) where she stated that her husband (Kyle) did not consider himself a genuine “Christian”. How tragic that men have a form of religion, but at the heart of it they deny him in word and in deed. It’s not enough to simply say “I believe there’s a God” for even Satan believes, even the demons believe, it takes a genuine act of faith, repenting of our sins and then walking in the path of Christ that one is saved, not by works, but by faith alone. (Romans 10-9-10)

Yet the church has found a new hero in the life of Chris Kyle, similar to the past worship of another American “hero” John Wayne. It was Wayne who literally became the face of America, yet Wayne, a non-follower of Jesus Christ, who only two days before his death of cancer, converted to Roman Catholicism, made his life’s work of the religion of American Patriotism. And sadly the modern church bought it hook line and sinker. Today many Christians (when asked) view themselves both a Christian and a patriot. They call themselves a follower of Jesus Christ and a Nationalist. But what does the word say? Jesus answered it in Matthew 16:24 “Then Jesus told his disciples, “If anyone would come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me.”  Part of denying oneself is denying the things of the world, its ideology, its philosophy, its beliefs. This is why that for a Christian, it is impossible to pledge their allegiance to anything other than Jesus Christ and what he did on the cross, for to take a vow of allegiance goes against the teachings of Christ. This is why following Christ puts us at enmity against the world, because we do not follow the path of the world but the path which leads to the cross.

The world celebrates its patriotism because it cannot attain the same level as the way of Christ, but Christ would have none of it for those who would follow him. It’s all or nothing. A young man came to Jesus and told him he kept the law perfectly, was there anything else he could do? Jesus told him to go and sell all he had and come back and follow him, the young man, saddened by the response given by Jesus, turned and walked away never coming to the truth Jesus so desperately wanted this young man to have. Why could this young man not pull himself away from the world to such a degree and follow the one who could give him back all in return? Because his heart was captivated by “things” and not Christ. Such is the case in many a Christians life. That is the problem. The modern church accepts everything except the cross completely. This is why we find false doctrine in the pulpit, false prophets running from church to church – because many Christians have tried to add something to the finished work of the cross and not Christ alone.

It must be understood that when we come to Christ we are a new creation (2 Cor. 5:17), old things have passed away, behold all things are brand new. To bring into the realm of the finished work of the cross, such as Nationalism, Patriotism, and anything else for that matter is idolatry. To worship at the altar of Patriotism is an affront to the gospel message, it is false for one cannot claim a national belief or motto and claim Christ, it’s one or the other. It cannot be both. When Christ calls us OUT from the world he calls all of us, even our allegiances. Can a Christian live and work within a country such as America? Of course, but it should be only to dwell peacefully with others, but never to follow the masses. Some would say those who fought for our freedom should be honored, but I tell you that there is but one in whom we must honor and that is God the Father – all others who died did so under the spirit of this world, not the spirit of Christ. While God has most certainly used the United States to help those who are hurting, God uses nations to get his will accomplished, even sinful nations – and we (as a nation) is sinful. To date America has killed 57 million children on the altar of abortion. This nation continues to approve of perversion through the means of same sex marriage. The nation continues to reject the cross and instead embraces false religions. God’s patience with America is coming to a close.

God is calling a people out of this world and its system. There can be no room for Patriotism in the life of a Christian, for there is only room at the cross for one, he (or she) who is willing to be crucified unto Christ and that crucifixion must allow everything that is not of Christ (Nationalism, Patriotism, dogmas and creeds) to also be crucified unto death so that there is nothing left other than that which Christ can use. To try to live another way is not dying to self, and that includes the worship of so called American heros.



Since 2008, God has been giving me dreams and visions as well as the spoken word of things which are coming to this world, many of which has already occurred, things like the election of 2012, the Japan earthquake and other significant events in the history of the church as well as the world. But now I’ve complied them all into this new book called “The Prophecy”.  Here I go into detail that would take months to people to search and save once they found them. I believe this is what God has been warning me that is coming and which we need to be prepared for. The link to ordering this book can be found [here] and I pray it is a blessing for you.


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In a joint statement yesterday with British PM David Cameron, President Obama stated the following, “There are parts of Europe in which that’s not the case… it’s important for Europe not to simply respond with a hammer and law enforcement and military approaches to these problems.”

This is not new with President Obama and defending Islam. This man has done less to tackle radical Islam while at the same time has done more to defend Islam in all her notorious acts as nothing more than a peaceful, loving religion. This is the same President who stated just last year in a speech at the United Nations, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” (source)

To be clear, President Obama was raised (and quite possibly born) outside the continental United States. It is quite known by Barack Obama’s own accounts in past reflections on his early life, of living Kenya, going to school in Indonesia, as well as participating in a Muslim Mosque. The truth is, Barack is a divided man, on one side he is attempting to navigate his upbringing of earlier Islamic teachings and training, while the other side, his political side, he is doing his best to present what Christian American society wants. But it’s causing him to react in ways which is clearly revealing his truest heart and desire.

The Bible speaks that what a man’s heart many times, yet it also indicates what’s in a person’s heart by what comes out of his mouth (it’s really basic spiritual truth if you want to know what’s really going on) as found in Luke 6:45 “The good person out of the good treasure of his heart produces good, and the evil person out of his evil treasure produces evil, for out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.”

So with that said, I want to share with you (the reader) of a dream that I had recently which I believe was God revealing to my spirit to what is happening with this President and his continual defending of the Islamic religion.

In the night vision, I stood inside a large room, it was decorated in such a way that it resembled a mosque, there was no question in what I saw that where I was standing in was a Islamic Mosque. I saw men, both young and old kneeling down facing one direction, they were chanting in one accord. I noticed the men all were wearing a single black glove on their right hand as they all each made a fist, forcefully motioning into the direction in which they were praying.

Above, in what was an overlooking area where one would stand to view down upon the main floor of the Mosque stood President Obama. As the men were chanting and praying, he watched as if approving. I did not fully understand the meaning of what I saw, until I dwelt on the matter the following day. What I believe the Lord was showing me is that President Barack Obama is indeed a Muslim, not only that, but my spirit tells me that privately (and we will never know until years after his departure) this man has a place within the White House where he prays towards Mecca. Yet I believe he is being revealed for who and what he is for all the world to see. But I believe the price for his deception as well as his ignorance shall cost him, for six years ago I was given a dream in 2009 where I saw men in black dress, which then did not make sense to me, but today I recognize as members of ISIS who attempted to assassinate the president. Only time will tell, but my spirit tells me something bad is going to befall this President and the entire nation will mourn what is coming. I could say more, but at this time I do not feel it’s the right time. But only that there is no question this man tolerates the nation of Islam and those who defend it.


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I was given a dream during the night where I saw a beast standing not far from me, it stood within a series of tall buildings which seemed to present itself as a gate. The beast had the shape of a man, and was determined to break through the walls of the gate and into the large City to cause it’s ruin. I watched as this beast broke through the gates and began to crash into the City. A voice spoke to me, not a loud voice, but a soft voice and said, “The destroyer has come”.

I awoke, perplexed of the meaning of the night vision I had received, not sure what I was being told. On my way this morning to the gym the Lord began to speak to my spirit the meaning of what I witnessed; the destroyer (beast) that I saw was Islam, it shall spread upon the world, but the world’s nations shall rise up against it. Much by the way of people will be lost, but Islam shall suffer its great defeat, for it is lifted up in pride. God shall keep America, for he still has a plan for this nation in the last days, it shall not fall under Islam, but America will see terrorists attacks on her land. The United States and her allies and much of the world shall unite in one great, world war against Islam, this war is coming, but out of the ashes shall come the final kingdom which will be darker, more wicked than all the others before it. The nations will not be able to hinder nor resist its rise, but will fall under its grip under strong delusion. Then he which has been foretold to come will come and occupy the land.

“The destroyer shall come upon every city, and no city shall escape; the valley shall perish, and the plain shall be destroyed, as the LORD has spoken.” (Jeremiah 48:8)



Nothing has caused more debate, more confusion, more doctrines as it relates to the timing of the removal of the church in the last days than 1 Thessalonians 5:9 “For God has not destined us for wrath, but to obtain salvation through our Lord Jesus Christ,”  Yet is this true? Is the church appointed to wrath? Or has certain men, clinging onto tradition purposely twisted the word to promote their own slanted view of scripture? Or more importantly, their view of the removal of the church which is called “The Rapture”?

It must be understood that scripture interprets scripture, not based on opinion, not based on traditional views of others who “believe” they had the truth above others, scripture is the final authority, and that scripture must not ever be contaminated by opinions of men, but by the word itself. So with that in mind, I would like to respond to those who persistently suggest that 1 Thessalonians 5:9 is a definitive argument for a pre-tribulation rapture.

Now, some would ask is this truly important? Do we really need to examine teachings which use scripture to base a particular claim on? The answer is YES! 1,000 times yes! The word tells us to ‘test all things’ as it pertains to doctrine, so when something presents itself as truth, we must look past the person presenting such truth and see what exactly does the word say. Does their truth line up with scripture? Or does it add to scripture?

As in the case of God’s wrath and that the church is not appointed to wrath, the argument used for suggesting the church could never go through great tribulation is based on Paul’s suggestion that the believer is never the focal point of his wrath in the final last days of judgment, where God pours out his anger upon the world because the world rejected the cross. The problem is, what is being applied to this particular doctrine has nothing to do with the coming tribulation nor God’s wrath. The most important thing when we read scripture is context-context-context.

Let’s look at Paul’s verse which has many being led to believe something which sounds nice, but isn’t. The Greek word for “Wrath” is (orge‘) or-gay’ which renders itself as anger-indignation. It has the meaning of 1. Human emotion and 2. The wrath of God as it pertains to those who fail to come to Christ: of the divine reaction towards evil. In order to understand Paul’s reference to “wrath” we need to allow scripture to interpret scripture, and we find this reference in John 3:36 “Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life; whoever does not obey the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God remains on him.” Here we have Jesus referring to the actual meaning of Paul’s reference to the word “wrath”, it has nothing to do with a period of time in the Great Tribulation as some proclaim, but instead, Jesus himself is speaking about the state of those who persistently reject God’s grace and favor, they are continually under the judgment (wrath) of God until they see the only answer to their sins – Christ thru the cross. The word “Wrath” mentioned in John 3:36 is the same Greek word (orge’) as it is in 1 Thessalonians 5:9. So if Jesus himself is not referring to the time period of coming tribulation, then why on earth are men using this wording to twist the scripture to fit it into their own doctrine of end time events? It’s because of pride – religious pride.

Since the dawn of time, those who lived for God under the Old Covenant saw persecution, and clearly those who lived in the time period of the early church as seen in the book of Acts saw persecution. The truth is, believers have always and will always come under intense persecution for that they believe. Tribulation (contrary to what some might teach) is for believers – even the Great Tribulation. When we understand what tribulation actually means (thlipsis) or pressure, then comparing that word to (orge’) wrath, then we realize two things, 1. Paul, nor Jesus is referring to God’s wrath being poured out upon the world or sinners in this context of the word or meaning (although that will indeed come after the Great Tribulation of the saints), and 2. Tribulation is actually rendered as pressure against the church – the saints of God. So we can say that the end time event known as the Great Tribulation is a time of pressure against the church, which would be scripturally correct.

So what do we come away with when we go back to 1 Thessalonians 5:9? We read something very different altogether as it now becomes more clear as to what Paul is speaking about, he’s referring to the judgment of God being upon sinners who do not come to repentance individually, not in a collective reference to some point in time where God’s wrath will be poured out as many who hold to a pre-wrath position would claim. In other words, Paul is not saying we who are in Christ are not appointed to God’s “wrath” because the anger of God is seen only to those who reject the atoning work of Christ and the cross. When we come to Christ, we are a new creation, a new being transformed by the Holy Spirit because of the finished work of the cross – that is what Paul is referring to. In other words, one cannot hold to the position that says people will be saved but still experience the “wrath” of God. It simply does not work. So what are we talking about then if we’re not speaking about God’s great wrath? We are speaking about the wrath of Satan and his kingdom being set against the church, the saints of God.

Is there a time where God will judge the world? Absolutely, however, we are not speaking about the events which will come upon the world at the end of all things, we are examining the usage of a scripture which says Christians are not appointed unto wrath (God’s final fury against the world, Satan and his armies and kingdoms) those are two distinct and separate events and can not be combined, nor can 1 Thessalonians 5:9 even be remotely used as a means to prove a pre-tribulation belief. Bottomline, it’s a misapplication of scripture.

So what about facing these things in the future? We again go to the word found in Revelation 7:2-3 “Then I saw another angel ascending from the rising of the sun, with the seal of the living God, and he called with a loud voice to the four angels who had been given power to harm earth and sea, saying, “Do not harm the earth or the sea or the trees, until we have sealed the servants of our God on their foreheads.” Notice that? God SEALS his servants BEFORE the angels of God pours out their viles of justice upon the world. Who are God’s servants? Matthew 24:22, 24,31 clearly tells us who they are – the elect. Who is the “elect”? The church. “And he will send out his angels with a loud trumpet call, and they will gather his elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other.” (Matthew 24:31) This is the rapture (removal) of the church, all those who have confessed and believed upon Christ who endured unto the end against the persecution (pressure) of the antichrist and Satan. Then shall the final judgment of God is poured out and the end of our world will come. Not an end of the world as it pertains to destruction, but the end of the age.


When we finally examine the words of Paul, as well as Jesus, we clearly understand (without commentaries slanted toward a popular belief) we finally understand what “Not appointed unto wrath” is actually referring to – the judgment of God upon those who walk in disobedience. God has always protected his people during times where he judged the world. He protected Noah, he protected Lot, he protected the people of Israel in Goshen which was within Egypt. God has always been able to protect his people when he himself begins to move against the world. That is the love and grace and mercy he extends to those who call upon him even in times of great trials. This is the result of God’s measure of grace to those who have placed their complete faith in what Christ did for them on the cross. We need not be afraid, for as long as we hold to the nail scarred hands, we shall endure to the end and the same shall be saved.



One of the hardest things those who deal with the loss of a loved one is the absence their passing will bring in the lives of those who loved them. Yet one of the more dangerous aspects of someone who has parted this world is the door that death will often bring as it relates to the spiritual aspect of death and dying. We must understand that we live in both a natural world as well as a supernatural world, one is seen while the other is unseen, and there are times whereby Satan will use the unseen to affect those living in the seen world, i.e., our current physical reality. I get disturbed whenever I hear comments by believers who say that whenever their family member died that things began to occur within the house which gave them comfort, that it was “Aunt Susie” or “Uncle Charlie” or “Grandma Ruth” or a Mother or Father who came back and did something to let them know they were “alright”. This my friends is witchcraft.

It needs to be said, not out of spite or to be unkind, but that when someone dies, they are no longer present in this life, they are, to put it bluntly, in heaven or in hell. There is no coming back in their spirit to “do” something to allow you to know they have made it to the other side. The fact is, Luke 16 tells us a story of a rich man and a poor man by the name of Lazarus, who died and went to heaven, yet the rich man (name unknown) opened up his eyes in hell in torment. The reality is this, every man, woman and child born in this world will die, either at an old age, middle age, young age or, sadly still, infant age. The consequences to original sin brought us under judgment, and that judgment has determined man’s longevity, meaning, that at some point we all must go by the grace, unless the rapture of the church occurs, we will all die.

Yet Satan knows no compassion, nor does he care you are hurting from the loss of a loved one, his intention are so great to such a point that he will in fact attempt to not only deceive someone who has lost a loved one, he will send a familiar spirit to cause things to occur for one purpose, to draw the person from Christ and instead focus on the “mysterious movements” and occurrences which would give someone a false sense of peace.

There is but one peace, the peace of Jesus Christ. We must keep in mind that when someone dies, their spirit and soul either goes BACK to the Lord, or, tragically, they go to hell to await judgment. But they never come back to the earth to send someone a message they are alright. So what is happening when a tv shuts off and comes back on? Or a clock stops the moment someone dies? Or a strange soft breeze occurs within the house yet all the windows are closed? It’s nothing more than a lying spirit desiring to deceive. This is why we do not seek those lying events, because they are just that – lying spirits.

God does not work in mysticism. Nor does God cause things to move, turn off, send a soft wind, or cause the lights to flash off and on. Those are tactics of the enemy. God works through two means, his word and the Holy Spirit. We find comfort from the death of a loved one in his word, we also find comfort from the Holy Spirit. Anything other than that is demonic and needs to be rejected.

The word in Hebrews 9:27 says it all “And just as it is appointed for man to die once, and after that comes judgment,” The fact is, every person born into this world will live and die, but after death they cannot, nor will not ever return to send anyone a message, they have been judged. Yet there is hope for those who die in Christ. For we know that one day we shall see those whom we have lost in this life in eternity in our heavenly home because of their faith in Christ and our faith in the same. That is the only hope the living have who walk in Christ. It is that hope which keeps us, guides us, comforts us when a loved one dies, knowing that they are in fact home with the Lord, where no pain, no suffering, no trials or tribulations can plague them any longer, for they are truly at rest – in Christ. Yet why even more so that they cannot, nor would not ever come back to tell us anything, for we have the Holy Spirit to give us all we need, but not a departed saint or loved one.

Yet sadly to those who lost a loved one who did not die in the safety of Christ, there is no further hope of reconciliation, there is no more hope of reunion, no hope of another embrace, for that was ended when they died without Christ in unbelief for all eternity. Never again will they be seen or heard from again by another loved one, for all the hopes of an eternal reunion day was destroyed the moment someone died in unbelief. Such is the price for sin, great is the consequences for death without Christ.

No spirit guides, no messages from the beyond from dead loved ones, they have been judged. Only those who die in Christ and those who live in Christ in this life who wait patiently for that blessed day will ever see someone again, but in heaven, never again on earth in this present life.


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